Mount mercy university scholarship

Guide on how to apply for Mount Mercy University Scholarship

 Overview of Mount Mercy University Scholarships

Mount Mercy University Scholarships are awarded to eligible students in the University as a medium of encouragement, relief, and motivation to achieve their academic desires.

The Scholarships are open to new, transfer, and returning students of Mount Mercy university. However, not all applicants receive scholarships because they are competitive and need base. 

In addition, Mount Mercy University Scholarships are worth up to $22,000 per beneficiary for a maximum of 8 semesters on a renewal basis. Most  Mount Mercy scholarships have partial funding and are available for graduate and undergraduate programs.

Who sponsors Mount Mercy University Scholarships?

Funding for the Scholarships comes from different sources listed below:

  • The University 
  • Individuals 
  • Non- governmental organizations
  • Government
  • Companies 
  • Profit-making organizations

Overview of Mount Mercy University 

Mount Mercy University Is a Catholic-originated university known for academic excellence and world-class learning facilities. It is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a beautiful and conducive environment for learning.

Mount Mercy University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers more than 40 undergraduate programs. The program includes Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Adult Accelerated Programs, Online Programs, and Graduate programs, which are part of the academic programs offered at the University.

Mount Mercy University has a population above 1600 students and faculty to student ratio of 14:1. This enables the school to deliver interactive and career-based knowledge to students within the shortest time frame. The university has several learning facilities, including classrooms, libraries, and computer labs. Mount Mercy University also has several online resources, such as the Online Writing Lab and the Online Math Lab. Mount Mercy University is constantly expanding its learning facilities to meet the needs of its students. Recently the University also received a gift of $1.25 from CRST transport solution to establish a Data Intelligence Lab and to support scholarship funding.

Having the university campus in a safe and conducive environment makes the student’s life Interesting and full of life. The students have a lot going on in their lives; from classes, homework, and jobs to extracurricular activities, they have to juggle several balls. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. Mount Mercy is more than just a university; it’s a community. And the students here are more than just classmates; they’re family. The University has more than 25 student clubs which allow them to recreate, refresh and interact as a family.

While ensuring the students get the minimum academic standard, their moral and spiritual life is strengthened through church fellowship and other religious activities.  

Mount Mercy University offers numerology Scholarships, grants, and loans through financial aid to make the payment of tuition and other needs convenient. The university’s tuition fee is $36,606, and accommodation is $580/ month.

Scholarships available at Mount Mercy University

First-year students Scholarships

These Scholarships comprise the followings :

  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Distinguished Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Collegiate Scholarship

The worth of these Scholarships ranges from $16,000 to $22,000. They are awarded to new entry students to the University with outstanding performance in their high school academic programs. The Scholarship is renewable for another three years. Students with the under-listed scores and has applied for a full-time program are eligible for consideration.

Presidential Scholarship: minimum GPA of 3.8 with SAT score of 1300 or ACT of 28. It is worth $22,000 per beneficiary.

Distinguished Scholarship:  Applicant should have an ACT of 24, equivalent to SAT score of 1160, and a GPA of 3.5 at least required. Each recipient will receive $20,000

Dean’s Scholarship: Students with a Minimum GPA of 3.0 OR ACT of 20 (SAT 1030) are eligible. $18, 000 will be given to each beneficiary.

Collegiate Scholarship: Eligible students should have GPA less than 3.0 OR ACT lower than 20 (SAT 1030). Each beneficiary gets $16,000.

Note that transfer students can apply for these Scholarships though the worth of recipients is not the same as the new students.

 Other available scholarships at Mount Mercy University are:

  • Catherine McAuley Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Music Scholarships
  • Creative Talent Scholarships in Art & Design and Writing
  • Sustainability “Green” Scholarships
  • Holland Scholarship
  • Honors Scholarship
  • Social Work Scholarship
  • Waldorf Business Scholarship
  • Wente Endowed Education Scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa Award
  • Veterans’ Scholarship
  • International Transfer Scholarship
  • Special Talent Awards


Scholarship Benefits

How many Students benefit from Mount Mercy University Scholarships?

The number of beneficiaries varies from one Scholarship to another. However, the Scholarships for new students award more students.

How much are Mount Mercy University Scholarships worth?

A beneficiary will receive a minimum of $1000 and up to $22000

What do Mount Mercy University Scholarships cover?

Most of the Scholarships cover accommodation, monthly stipends, and textbooks. Also, a few others cover full tuition for the year.

Can I renew my Mount Mercy University Scholarships?

Yes, most of the Scholarships are renewable each year for up to four years if you meet the requirements for renewal.

Applicable Courses

Students enrolled in any graduate or undergraduate courses in the University can apply for Mount Mercy University Scholarships. Meanwhile, the athletic and Creative Talent Scholarships require the applicants have skills or talents in sports and music, creative arts, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Mount Mercy University Scholarships are competitive despite some being need-based. Therefore, the applicants must satisfy requirements before the Scholarships are awarded to the beneficiaries. Meanwhile, some criteria are strictly for each Scholarship, while others are peculiar to all applicants. Here are the general criteria listed below:

  • You must be a student of Mount Mercy University 
  •  Have good grades in your high school program 
  • Be committed to community services and other voluntary activities

Fees & Funding

Is Mount Mercy University expensive?

No, Mount Mercy University is not expensive. It is a private Catholic university and one of the most affordable private universities in Iowa.

Why should I study at Mount Mercy University? 

There are many reasons to study at Mount Mercy University. The school has a unique academic reputation and offers graduate and undergraduate programs. The campus is beautiful, and the location is convenient for students who want to be close to the city. Mount Mercy also has a friendly community feel, and students can get involved in several activities and organizations.

Does Mount Mercy offer athletic scholarships?

Yes, Mount Mercy does offer athletic scholarships to students eligible to participate in NAIA athletic events.

Is it hard to get admission to  Mount Mercy University?

No, it is not hard to get admission to Mount Mercy University because the school has an acceptance rate of 76%. However, you should meet the minimum requirements for admission,

Application Procedure

Most Mount Mercy University Scholarships do not require separate applications once you have applied for admission to the school.

However, if you choose a Scholarship with additional information; the application link will be provided. In addition, some sponsors do not require an online application but require the applicants to mail their documents via their official email addresses.