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Acquiring a position in Momentum Worldwide Internship Program is generally tricky. Why intern at Momentum Worldwide? An internship at Momentum Worldwide does not only guarantee a learning experience but also an enjoyable moment.

That aside, the payment rate and perks of interning at the company are fantastic. Unfortunately, these and many more factors make securing an internship in this company a little uneasy. Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can tweak your internship application to stand out and gain a higher chance of recruitment. Learn more from this article.

About Momentum Worldwide

Momentum Worldwide is a global experiential advertising agency that offers services including but not limited to ICT and marketing. In addition, this company provides its services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer businesses.

Built on the truth that it is not what the brand says that matters but what they do, Momentum Worldwide delivers new an out of world brand experiences by blending creativity, technology, strategy, insights, and flawless execution. Momentum Worldwide values diversity and the uniqueness of all people and so thrives in inclusivity.

In addition, it has a policy of recruiting and promoting creative talents regardless of race, sexual orientation, citizenship, or religion.
Its services include:

  • Advertising and Creative
  • Brand Activation
  • Branded Content
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Data and Technology
  • Event Management
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Overview of Momentum Worldwide Internship Program

Momentum Worldwide Internship programs are for creative and innovative ICT, business, and marketing students. This internship gives students who love branding and bringing their innovative ideas to life an environment to thrive and explore creativity.

Interns at Momentum Worldwide assist in building relationships that result in advocacy, revenue, and customer loyalty. They also participate in strategizing and creative productions that help brands do extraordinary, unprecedented, wild things alongside creating experiences that people will never forget.

As a prerequisite, only students above 18 years and in their third or final year of academic studies are eligible to apply for this internship. In this 9-week summer internship, interns advance their skills by engaging in various challenging tasks while helping the agency create innovative experiences.

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Benefits of the Momentum Worldwide Internship Program

An internship at Momentum Worldwide has its perks. The following are the benefits interns enjoy while interning in the agency;

  • Interns at Momentum Worldwide are taken on a long course of career advising by talented and experienced career experts in their fields.
  • During the internship, partner with teams to take up hands-on projects. With this approach, they build their experience level and enter into meaningful collaboration and teamwork.
  • Additionally, Momentum Worldwide grants employees flexible work schedules, and interns are no exception. Also, most times, the agency rotates the tasks and roles of interns within its departments. For the interns, transfer within departments affords them more mobility, flexibility, and reach.
  • Furthermore, Momentum Worldwide pays interns competitive salaries. The agency also includes some beneficial packages, including insurance and stipends for feeding and transportation throughout the internship.
  • Despite being strict with its employees, they can access many employee support activities and programs. Momentum Worldwide Internship, like most well-meaning internships, prioritizes the total well-being of its staff. The agency further supports its interns’ emotional well-being by granting them access to confidential counselors to help them anytime they feel overwhelmed.
  • Last but not least, interns who performed outstandingly at Momentum Worldwide will be privileged to transition into actual Momentum Worldwide staff.

Expected Salary of an intern at Momentum Worldwide Internship Program

The salary range for interns at Momentum Worldwide is between $15 to $18 per hour. However, this salary amount interns qualify for will depend on, among other factors;

  • actual ranges for employees in the subject position
  • market considerations
  • location and region;
  • budgetary considerations
  • employee’s background,
  • pertinent experience
  • qualifications

Eligibility and Requirements for Momentum Worldwide Internship Program

The following are the eligibility requirements for securing a Momentum Worldwide Internship contract;

  • You must currently be in your third or fourth year of academic studies. To this effect, the applicant should provide proof of enrollment.
  • Must have legal authorization to work in the U.S. without a visa or sponsorship.
  • Applicant must be conversant with working in a hybrid environment.
  • The commuting distance must be within the internship location.
  • Knowledge of PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Willingness to commit 40 hours per week throughout the internship program.
  • Commitment to a 9-week internship term which runs from early June – early August
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the full scope of the agency’s offerings.

Soft Skills must include any or all of the following;

  • Analytics
  • Communication skills
  • Data mining
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Product development
  • Python
  • Research
  • Writing skills

How to apply for Momentum Worldwide Internship Program

If you are ready to begin your Momentum Worldwide Internship application, do the following;
1. Go to the Momentum Worldwide website.
2. Click on the four bars at the left-hand side of your desktop interface
3. Click on “we are hiring,” and the command will take you to the career page
4. Keep scrolling until you get to the “see opportunities.”
5. Click on it, and the command will take you to the available Jobs page.
6. Scroll down to “Job search” and enter internship as the query. Also, fill other query boxes with all categories and send.
7. The command will take you to the available internships. Click on any of your choices, read the job description and duties, then begin your application by clicking the new resume/CV button.
8. When you get to the application form page, enter your information accurately, and upload your CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation, and other necessary documents.
9. Review your application once more and submit it.

Application Deadline

The Momentum Worldwide Internship Program has no specific deadline or entry date. The internship runs from early June to early August. Like every other internship, the application begins one to two months before the start date.
For more straightforward action, contact the agency through email to know about the application deadline for the internship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should one have all the application documents ready before applying to the Momentum Worldwide Internship Program?

Yes, applicants must have all the application requirements handy before applying for an internship at Momentum Worldwide. Also, you must upload all documents before submitting the internship application to avoid disqualification of your application.

How long can an intern work at Momentum Worldwide per week?

As a prerequisite, interns must be willing to commit at least 40 hours to the internship every week. That notwithstanding, the agency applies some flexibility to the working hours, as the case may be.

How does one qualify for the Momentum Worldwide Internship Program?

To qualify for the internship program, you must successfully meet second-year core course requirements, achieve a minimum cumulative 2.3 GPA at the time of hire for internship placement, and be in good academic standing.
You may still apply if you do not meet the requirements; however, your expertise, skills, and creativity will determine if you will get the internship position.

When can I complete the Momentum Worldwide Internship program?

You are qualified to complete the internship program at Momentum Worldwide if you satisfy the following three opportunity requirements;

  • Apply after completing the second year of your study;
  • Also, before starting your third academic year;
  • Additionally, before the start of your fourth or final year in school

Also, after returning from your internship work placement, you must have at least one semester of five courses remaining in the final year of your academic program.

Do you have to be an approved internship student to maintain an employment status with Momentum Worldwide?

Under universities’ non-academic student conduct policy, misrepresentation constitutes a breach of ethics. For example, if you didn’t register for the internship course, you would misrepresent yourself as an internship student to the employer. In most cases, the hiring organization will require proof of registration.


An internship is your first step into your career path. It has to be exceptional, outstanding, rejuvenating, and experience-filled. The Momentum Worldwide Internship Program has all these factors, so you should consider it top on your list of firms for internships.
Notwithstanding, there are other internship opportunities in the marketing and technology industries that are also best fit for you, looking at the above-listed factors. Check them out, and keep your documents ready should Momentum Worldwide Internship not proceed with your application recruitment.