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Have you ever wondered why there is rarely a vacancy for a Moelis Internship role? Or is this your first time coming across this company and internship opportunity?

Here is what you should know about internships in this firm. Moelis Internship is available worldwide but is very competitive. But does the competition mean securing an internship role with the company is impossible? NO!

On the contrary, securing an internship in this company is easy for students with more creative and innovative abilities. Not only that, students who meet the eligibility requirements and follow the laid down application procedures in this article will stand a higher chance against competitors. Read through to discover some juice for an exceptional Moelis & Company Internship Application.

About Moelis & Company

Moelis & Company is a global independent investment bank that engages in innovative business-to-business consulting. It provides its service and solutions across a range of diverse clients, including but not limited to corporations, governments, and financial sponsors.

Additionally, Moelis is a top investment bank founded and still led by the banker Ken Moelis. This firm commits its activities and strategy to creating an all-inclusive culture and a workforce representative of its diverse clients.

As part of its goals, Moelis offers its clients comprehensive, integrated financial advisory and assists them in achieving their strategic goals. Despite the challenges that its clients face with accessibility, Moelis & Company attends to its clients from 23 locations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Overview of Moelis Internship

Moelis Internship program is available for all students of banking and finance, economics, accounting, and corporate finance-related disciplines in their third, fourth, or final years of academic study. As a result of the level of intellectual work the activities of Moelis demand, it specifically and ideally designs this internship for intelligent, motivated, hardworking, goal-oriented candidates who actively seek responsibility.

Due to the unique benefits the internship accords to interns, the firm’s internship program has rave reviews. It is also on a top lead compared to most finance internships. During their internship at Moelis, interns get access to significant live deal experience, senior bankers and clients, and helpful training.

Although interns work for longer hours at this firm, they receive compensation equivalent to the level of their work input.

Benefits of Moelis Internship

Moelis Internship comes with benefits including but not limited to the following;

1. Competitive Monetary Compensation

Moelis Internship rewards its intern for their contribution and works with competition, a competitive salary, and beneficial packages. Interns may also qualify for premium benefits such as savings plans, insurance, loans, and discounted or free Moelis services for their outstanding contribution to the company’s reputation.

2. Location-specific Opportunities

Also, interns are eligible for various opportunities within the firm. However, as working environments vary greatly, so are the options varied. Depending on your job and location, you could benefit from flexible working opportunities, volunteering programs, the ability to bring a pet to work, and much more.

3. Mobility and Flexibility

Due to the level of work demand and type of services Moelis offers, interns will likely not continue in one role throughout their internship. Moreover, in the US, for example, Moelis has branches in New York (Global Headquarters), Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and West Palm Beach. Therefore, the firm sometimes transfers interns within these branches for specific assignments. For the interns, transfer within departments affords them more mobility, flexibility, and reach.

4. Health and well-being at work

At the forefront of Moelis & Company’s priorities are health and well-being. As a result, the firm organizes employee health programs to help employees develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this program, they offer health checks, health care, onsite cafeterias and fitness centers, sport, and other activities for the health improvement of its staff.

5. Employee support

Due to the role employee emotional state plays in productivity, Moelis Internship, unlike other internship firms in the industry, emphasizes emotional support for its staff. This support does not end at the workplace. Moelis further extends support to its interns at home. As such, they provide interns access to confidential counselors to help them whenever the unexpected happens or anytime they feel overwhelmed.

Expected Salary of an intern at Moelis & Company Internship

Moelis Internship pays its interns a salary range between $4,900 to $6,600 monthly. However, this salary amount is subject to variation as job description, location, and skills vary from one individual to another.

Eligibility and Requirements for Moelis & Company Internship

Below are the eligibility requirements for securing an internship contract at Moelis & Company;

  • Applicants must be in the third, fourth, or final year of an Undergraduate degree in finance, business, accounting, economics, or mathematics is preferred.
  • They must have outstanding analytical and presentation skills.
  • Also, they must have a thorough understanding of fundamental accounting and financial principles, the ability to assess and value companies, have experience in corporate finance or equivalent.
  • In addition, they must be capable of Multitasking and rapidly adjusting to changing business needs.
  • These applicants must also have Excellent financial reporting and Microsoft Office suite abilities. In addition, an in-depth knowledge of MS Excel is a requirement.
  • Excellent quantitative analytical skills and experience.
  • Self-starter with a strong drive and work ethic.
  • Excellent problem-solving, troubleshooting, and analytical skills.
  • They must have the propensity to take ownership of a task and see it through to completion.
  • Understanding of investment banking, financial concepts, and associated market activities.

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How to apply for Moelis Internship

If you are ready to begin your Moelis & Company Internship application, do the following;
1. Go to Moelis & Company website.
2. Scroll down to careers at Moelis and click explore open positions.
3. The command sends you to a Moelis web page for available job positions.
4. On the find column type “internship,” the command will list open internship positions at Moelis.
5. Click on any open position to find the job description, eligibility criteria, and requirements.
6. Click on the apply button. An interface will appear with an option of applying through the following options;

  • Autofill with Resume
  • Apply Manually
  • Use My Last Application
  • Apply with LinkedIn

7. Select an option; the command will take you to the application interface. Here you will find an instruction to either sign in or create an account.
8. You should enter your information after creating an account or signing in. Also, the application requires you to upload documents such as a CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation, etc.
9. Upload the documents as required.
10. Review your documents once more.
11. Submit your application and wait for the company to reply.

Application Deadline for Moelis Internship

The deadline for the internship Program is not constant, as is the opening date for application. For the previous year, the application portal for internship closed on 3rd May by midnight (GMT-4)

In light of the internship location, application opening and closing dates vary. If you intend to apply for an internship, follow the company on all its social media platforms, subscribe to its monthly Newsletter, or email the hiring manager directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an applicant reuse prior Internship application’s essay responses for the Moelis & Company Internship application?

Applicants may revise or reuse their answers from an earlier internship application. However, they are responsible for providing responses that address the questions asked. Also, the application system will not automatically load previous answers into a new application. Therefore, the applicant must write or copy and paste responses into a new application.

Should an applicant submit their application and recommendation letters differently online?

Any act as such will result in the application’s disqualification. To avoid this outcome, applicants must request for recommendation letter as soon as they begin the application. They can also send the information of their recommenders to the hiring department. Your recommender will receive an automated email with instructions on sending a recommendation letter on your behalf. You must ensure recommenders send their letters of recommendation online by the application deadline.

Can one resolve an application error after submitting their Internship application at Moelis & Company?

Applicants can change their application only if they have yet to apply. Once they click the submit button, editing any information on the application portal becomes impossible.

During the application process, applicants can save their applications and continue later. Saving your application is a better way of allowing you time to review it for errors. It would be best if you did this within the application interval. Once the deadline reaches, you will lose your application.

Who can write one’s letters of recommendation?

Applicants should ask for recommendations from people familiar with their academic performances and capabilities. And, of course, the best references are professors from your current institution. However, you can also use former high school teachers, lab assistants, teaching assistants, or employers. But it is necessary to ensure these people can attest to their abilities and performance.

How does Moelis & Company choose qualified candidates for Internships?

Moelis & Company Internship, review, and selection process occur in several steps:

First, the recruitment office reviews submitted applications to verify candidates’ eligibility and confirm the submission of required documents. Applications that satisfy all eligibility criteria will undergo the second review and selection process.

Afterward, the recruitment office will send a congratulatory email to shortlisted candidates and then invites them for an interview. During the interview, the office will test the applicant’s logical and analytical ability and the solution they bring to the firm. After all discussions, the office will go on to the third review and selection process: compile the list of applicants who made it to the internship.

The office will finally contact the applicants to complete their final step of registration for internship and give them a date for training and a tour at the firm. After the tour, applicants who are now interns will receive their resumption date.


An internship is your first step into your career path. It has to be exceptional, outstanding, rejuvenating, and experience-filled. Also, the work environment and culture should be able to boost your productivity. The Moelis & Company Internship program has all these factors, so you should consider it top on your list of firms for internships.

Notwithstanding, there are other internships in the banking and finance industries that are also best fit for you, looking at the above-listed factors. Check them out, and keep your documents ready should Moelis not proceed with your application recruitment.