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Would you like to start a career in sports? Are you looking for an internship opportunity with a major professional sports league? If yes, then you’re on the right page.

MLB Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in sports. It is one of the most competitive sports internships. Despite the competition, you can still climb the ladder to intern at Major League Baseball (MLB).

This article explores the benefits, requirements, and application procedures of MLB Internships. Let’s get down to business!

Overview of MLB Internships

The MLB Internship is a ten-week summer internship program for students pursuing a career in sports. It starts on the Wednesday after Memorial Day Weekend, providing a unique opportunity for students to understand how Major League Baseball (MLB) operates.

The internship program also allows students to undertake challenging projects and gain invaluable work experience.

About MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a New York-based professional baseball league founded in 1876 as the National League (NL). They are among the Big Four Major Leagues and the most prominent organized baseball in the US and Canada. MLB is also the world’s oldest major professional sports league.

They hire interns across its diverse departments, including Information Technology, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Public Relations, Finance, and Analytics.

Benefits of the MLB Internships

The following are some reasons to opt for the MLB Internship program:

  • MLB Internships enable students to undertake actual tasks, allowing them to gain knowledge and invaluable experience in the sports industry.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your skillset and a professional network.
  • You will also be able to attend various events, such as information sessions organized by MLB senior management.
  • You will receive a monthly salary and travel stipend. The internship program can also cover your accommodation costs.
  • MLB Internship program also prepares you for entry into the industry and makes you more employable.

MLB Interns Salary

The average monthly salary of interns at Major League Baseball is $3,100. However, the precise amount varies from department to department or according to the intern job position.

Eligibility Criteria for the MLB Internship Program

Below are the requirements for internships at the Major League Baseball (MLB):

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Must currently possess enrollment in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
  • Must be passionate about athletics and the business of the game.
  • Must have an outstanding grade point average in college.
  • Should be interested in working long-term for a professional sports team.

Note: The selection process gives preference to students attending schools in San Diego or who are from San Diego. They must also have excellent bilingual skills.

Required documents:

  • Cover letter.
  • Personal statement.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Medical documentation, such as a proof of vaccination or immunization record.
  • A copy of your CV.

How to Apply for the MLB Internship

Take the following steps to apply for the MLB Internship program:

  • Visit MLB’s official website to search for available internship opportunities.
  • Click on the intern role that you like. Ensure you check the job responsibilities and requirements before proceeding to the next step.
  • Click the “Apply button” to start your registration.
  • Upload all required documents accordingly.
  • Submit your application.
  • Wait for their HR team’s decision and feedback.

Application deadline:

There is no specific recruitment opening or closing date for the MLB Internships. However, we advise you to apply early and note that the internship runs from June through August.

MLB Internship Interview Questions

Students applying for Major League Baseball (MLB) internships must undergo a job interview. It could be a quick phone interview lasting up to ten minutes.

Expect questions about your personal life and work experience, including the following.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • How does your prior experience relate to this role?
  • Why do you want to intern with MLB?
  • How do you cope with stress?
  • What is your greatest challenge?
  • Do you like baseball?
  • What qualifies you for an internship at MLB?
  • How would you contribute to MLB?