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Top 8 Paid Media Internships in the World

Do you wish to participate in one of the best media internships in the world? If so, this blog post would recommend top internship opportunities to enable you to gather relevant experience and enhance your qualifications. Whether you’re a currently enrolled student or a recent graduate, you can take this great chance to progress in your career.

As hundreds and thousands of internship programs are available worldwide for aspiring media persons, you may experience difficulty in choosing which media internship is best to help you attain professional development. Reading this post will clear your doubts, providing a handpicked list to aid your decision.

Let’s get down to business.

Who is a Media Intern?

A media intern is a student or recent graduate aspiring to become a communications or marketing expert. As such, you work for different types of establishments, including media outlets and financial institutions.

Roles of a Media Intern

If you are curious about what media interns do, here are their major duties and responsibilities.

  • Creating different types of digital content for events, products, and services. They may also create content for the company’s brand.
  • Managing the company’s online platforms, such as its website and social media handles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter). These include directing inquiries and complaints to the appropriate department, as well as responding to comments made on the company’s social media accounts.
  • Conducting research and data analyses
  • Utilizing customer feedback
  • Brainstorming campaign ideas

To assume these media intern roles, you must satisfy some criteria without exception, as indicated in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for Media Internship Programs

You must possess specific hard and soft skills to qualify for a media intern job in any company worldwide. Also, consider meeting the following requirements.

  • Be a student pursuing your first degree or a fresh graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications, or a related field.
  • Have impressive communication skills, both in writing and speaking
  • Ability to use social media websites and apps
  • Possess good interpersonal skills.
  • Have creativity and analytical skills.

If you meet the above requirements, you can participate in the media internship programs listed hereafter.

Top Eight (8) Media Internships in the World

Here are the best media internship opportunities for students and graduates of various nationalities.

#1. Amazon Internship Program

A US Tech Giant, Amazon, offers one of the best media internships hosted in many countries, including the United States and the UK. The internship program often runs for six months, allowing you to undertake exciting new challenges.

Benefits of interning with Amazon include reasonable salaries, access to dynamic workspaces, and unlimited in-house training. The average salary of Amazon interns is about $7,700 in the United States and £2,000 in the UK.

#2. MCK Internship Program

If you are okay with traveling to Kenya to intern with a media outlet, this internship program is your best bet. Even though its hosting country is the Republic of Kenya, this internship is open to students of all nationalities.

The Media Council of Kenya Internship Program runs for three months, allowing final-year students from different world regions to intern with one of the media outlets in partnership with MCK. As a paid internship, it compensates each intern monthly with 15,000 KES.

#3. BBB Media Internship Program

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) internship program is a highly recommended media internship hosted in the United States. Even though BBB is a non-profit establishment, participating in this program is financially rewarding. Thus, you can expect a monthly salary of $16 to $18 per hour as you intern to gain relevant experience.

To qualify for an intern position at BBB, you must be in your second year, pursuing a degree in journalism, communications, graphic design, marketing, or a related field.

#4. Toshiba Global Internship

As an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, marketing, or a related field, you can work as an intern at Toshiba Corporation. Not only is interning with Toshiba significantly impactful to your career, but it also comes easily.

The company provides interns with visa application support, accommodation, daily feeding allowance, transportation allowance, and accident insurance coverage. The average monthly salary of Toshiba interns in the US is about $2,500.

#5. Bloomberg Internship Program

Another media internship recommended for students willing to stay in the United Kingdom for their internship is Bloomberg Internship Program. The average salary of Bloomberg interns in the United Kingdom is £2,275.

This internship program runs for ten weeks and is open to students from all countries. Hence, you can apply for Bloomberg Internship if you possess superb analytical, teamwork, and communication skills. You must also prove your interest in the media industry and your prior experience.

#6. AEG Internship Program

As one of the top media internships in the world, consider interning with the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) only if you are passionate about sports and live entertainment. To qualify for a media intern position at AEG, you must be studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

You must also be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and have the ability to work efficiently under pressure. The estimated salary of Amazon interns in the US ranges from $17 to $19.

#7. United Airlines Internship Program

Regardless of your nationality, ethnic group, religion, skin color, and other characteristics, you can intern with United Airlines in the US. To qualify for this internship program, you must be studying toward earning a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communications, public relations, or a related field.

The United Airlines Summer Internship Program runs for 12 weeks. Their average salary is $6,267 per month.

#8. IBrandtv Internship Program

This internship is also among the best media internships in the world, although hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. The program is ideal for youths eager to kick-start a career in content creation, copywriting, social media management, and digital marketing.

To qualify for this media internship program, you must be a tech-savvy person with excellent communication, analytical, interpersonal, and creative thinking skills. The average monthly salary of IBrandtv interns is ₦35,000.

How to Apply for Media Internships 2023

The application procedures for media intern jobs vary depending on the company offering the internship program. Hence, you’ll have to visit the company’s careers website to see the necessary steps.

After completing the application process, you should start preparing for your internship interview to ensure improved chances of interning in the company.

Media Internship Interview Questions

Almost all media intern jobs involve an interview before you can eventually get the position.

Here are some questions often repeated in interviews for media intern jobs.

  • Describe your ability to collaborate in a team.
  • Why do you want to participate in our media internship program?
  • What do you understand by user engagement?
  • How do you know whether a strategy was successful or not?
  • How would you react if you realized that your fellow intern created a plagiarized post?
  • What do you think about our current online presence? What would you change?
  • How can we improve our current social media campaign?
  • Which social media platforms would be the best for our operations, and why?
  • How would you present a new campaign proposal to a client?
  • How would you manage your time if you had to create time-sensitive content and execute multiple tasks in a day?
  • Have your content ever had negative attention? What caused it, and how would you make a difference now?
  • How can we stand out from our competitors on social media?
  • What are the essential skills for a social media internship?
  • How do you follow trends on social media?
  • Can you work with social media analytics tools?

Also, endeavor to ask questions during your internship interview to improve your chances of winning the media intern job.

FAQs about Media Internship Programs

How much do media interns make in the US?

According to many job sites, such as Indeed, Zippia, and PayScale, the average salary of media interns in the United States is approximately $15 per hour or $2,555 monthly.

Can a media intern work part-time?

Yes, most media outlets have part-time intern positions for students and recent graduates who are unavailable for full-time media internships. Such internships occur during the school year, requiring interns to work 10 and 20 hours per week.

How long do Media Internships last?

Media internship programs typically run for three months. Conversely, they could be tenable for an extended period of up to one year.

Are there remote media intern jobs?

Yes, some media outlets offer an opportunity for students and graduates to do their Media Internships remotely. That means such interns may not need to work on-site or in-office.

Where can I work as a media intern?

You can work as a media intern for a blog, newspaper company, television station, magazine company, or radio station. Asides from these media outlets, many financial institutions hire students and graduates for media intern jobs.

Are Media Internships paid?

Yes, most media internship programs come with financial compensation to support interns with their living expenses each month of their internship.


As an aspiring media person, participating in a media internship program will allow you to join a dynamic team and acquire practical experience in a few weeks or months. You’ll also be opportune to expand your skill set, work with professionals, and create relationships with people who can impact your career advancement.

No matter whichever way you want to guarantee your career success, working as a media intern is your best bet. So apply today to begin the journey.

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