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Finding the perfect internship can be essential in launching a successful career. The Mastercard Internship program is among the most prestigious opportunities for those looking to enter the financial sector. With internships across various departments such as Technology, Data Science, and Product Development, there are plenty of opportunities for talented candidates to gain experience in the finance industry.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the industry. Tap into the ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ culture of Mastercard and develop essential skills needed for a successful career.

We have compiled this guide to learn about the benefits, application requirements, and other tips to succeed in Mastercard Internship.

Overview of Mastercard Internship

The Mastercard Internship program offers students, graduates,s and MBA holders the platform to participate in meaningful real-world projects to enable them to become professionals in their careers.

During the internship program, interns can contribute their knowledge and skills and tap from others while driving decency and belonging. As part of the program, interns can also participate in networking events and activities designed to help them build relationships with peers and mentors.

Mastercard Internship is offered in critical areas like software engineering, finance, sales, customer care and solutions, project and program management, Technology infrastructure, etc. The program lasts at least ten weeks and up to one year, with numerous benefits to make it exciting and engaging.

Overview of Mastercard

Mastercard is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks, and governments. It operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers and merchants in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business, and managing finances – easier, more secure, and more efficient for everyone.

The company offers several payment solutions, including debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, contactless payments, and mobile payments. It also provides data-driven insights to help its partners make informed decisions about how to optimize their operations. Additionally, Mastercard offers security services such as fraud prevention and identity verification services to help protect customers” financial information.

Students and new graduates also get involved and gain experience through internship programs in different areas, including finance, technology, marketing, and more. Additionally, Mastercard’s’ student ambassador program provides another way for students to engage with the company and learn about the industry. Student ambassadors represent Mastercard on their campus and hire other students through events and activities.

Mastercard also has several scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.

Benefits of interning at Mastercard

Mastercard offers numerous benefits that make the internship most sought by passionate applicants. Some of the benefits include the following:

#1. Career Growth

One of the significant benefits of interning at Mastercard is the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced professionals in the field. Working alongside these experienced professionals provides invaluable insight into how things are done at a high level. This will allow you to exponentially develop skills and a knowledge base in your career path.

#2. Networking Opportunities

Interning at Mastercard also provides a great networking opportunity. You will have the chance to meet people from different backgrounds working in various company areas, giving you an inside look into other departments and roles within the organization. This helps build connections invaluable for future job searches or career advancement.

#3. Competitive Salary

Mastercard is committed to providing competitive salaries and other packages to its interns to gain valuable experience while being compensated fairly.

#4. Business Resources

As an intern at Mastercard, you will have access to cutting-edge technology and tools that would not be accessible elsewhere. These resources could give you an edge over others when competing for high-profile jobs.

#5. Full-time employment opportunities

You can be opportune to secure a full-time job placement after your internship at Mastercard, especially if your skills and duties are of utmost benefit to the growth of Mastercard.

Eligibility Criteria

You are likely to become an intern at Mastercard if you meet the requirements below:

  • You are a student almost completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree in a recognized College or University.
  • You have excellent communication and organizational skills
  • You are innovative, attentive to details, and capable of taking reasonable skills.
  • You have basic computer skills
  • Must have good customer relations and problem-solving skills and

How to apply for Mastercard Internship

Here are the steps you should follow to apply for the Mastercard Internship:

  1. Visit the official website of Mastercard
  2. Browse through the available internships and select the best for you.
  3. Prepare your documents such that your skills align with the needs of the internship program.
  4. Complete the application form and upload the required documents
  5. Submit your application.

Documents for Mastercard Internship

The documents you will need to provide when applying for a Mastercard internship depend on the specific internship and the country in which it is located. However, you should have the following documents intact:

The interview process for Mastercard Internship

The interview process for a Mastercard internship begins with a phone or video interview. In the phone or video interview, you will be asked questions about your background and qualifications and any relevant experience you have.

After that, you may be invited to an in-person interview if you are selected for further consideration. This will likely involve a panel of people from Mastercard who will ask more detailed questions about your skills and abilities. The final step in the process is usually an assessment of your technical skills and knowledge related to the position. If successful, you may be offered an internship position with Mastercard. Ensure you prepare for the interview by researching the company, networking with former interns, and practicing their past interview questions.

MasterCard looks into the following skills during the interview:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizations skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team player and self-dependent skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Mastercard pay interns?

The amount that Mastercard pays interns varies depending on the location of the internship, the intern’s experience level, and the specific role.

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for a Mastercard intern is around $25 per hour. This rate can vary significantly depending on the role and responsibilities of the position. For example, interns in software engineering roles may earn higher wages than those in marketing roles.

How many interns does Mastercard recruit?

Mastercard recruits a large number of interns each year. The exact number varies yearly, but the company has recently recruited around 1,000 interns annually.

The organization recruits interns from around the world. It offers internships in various areas, such as finance, technology, marketing, and more.

What is the application deadline for the Mastercard internship?

The application deadline for the Mastercard internship varies depending on the type of program. For example, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Internship Program has a deadline of February 28th each year. The Technology Internship Program typically has a deadline of April 15th each year. Additionally, the Global Summer Internship Program typically has a deadline of March 1st each year.

It is important to note that these deadlines may vary from year to year. It is best to check the Mastercard website for up-to-date information regarding internship opportunities and application deadlines.


The Mastercard internship program is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the financial services industry. It provides interns a competitive salary, flexible hours, and the potential to learn from experienced professionals. Not only that, but Mastercard has an excellent track record of helping interns transition into long-term positions within the company. Applying for this internship involves submitting a resume and cover letter online or via email.