Marywood university scholarships

Marywood University Scholarships: Funding & Benefits

Marywood University is a private, Catholic, Jesuit university located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS) has accredited the school since its inception in 1915. Today, Marywood offers over 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs with concentrations in arts, humanities, business, education, health sciences, law, ministry, and theology.

The university also offers a variety of pre-professional programs leading to careers in law enforcement and allied fields as well as professional degrees such as nursing and pharmacy. In addition, the school also has a strong commitment to scholarships, awarding over $2.5 million in scholarships in 2017 alone. Students who are interested in receiving scholarships at Marywood should research the available grants and scholarships available to them on this page.

The scholarships listed below are offered at the time of acceptance and are renewable for up to eight undergraduate semesters as long as students maintain the required GPA.

  • Presidentā€™s Scholarship
  • Trustees’ Scholarship
  • Founder’s Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Success Award 
  • Opportunity Award
  • The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • Maxis-Gillet Service Award
  • The Cloverfields Scholars Program
  • Access & Achievement Scholarship

Aside from scholarships, Marywood University provides grant support from several sources, including federal grants, PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency) funds, and institutional funds from Marywood.

Students do not need to apply for grants separately. You are automatically considered based on the information you present when filling out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Who sponsors Marywood University Scholarships?

Marywood has always relied on private donors to support scholarships and other programs as a private Catholic university. However, as the school has grown, so has the number of organizations and individuals that have committed funds to support its students. 

Today, over a dozen private donors sponsor scholarships at Marywood. These include foundations, businesses, and families from around the globe. Some of these sponsorships are specific to certain majors or colleges at Marywood; others are more general in focus. 

Whether it is a corporation looking to give back to the community or an individual who sees potential in young people, these donors believe in the importance of education and helping talented students reach their full potential.

Overview of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, and Marywood University

Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a vibrant city located in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania. With a population of over 166,000 people, Scranton is home to many businesses and organizations, including GE Aviation and the University of Scranton.

Marywood University is a Catholic university situated in Scranton, Pennsylvania. with nearly 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. It offers programs in business administration, nursing, law enforcement studies, and more.

Scholarship Benefits

Marywood University provides a variety of scholarships with varying benefits. Some schools give partial or full tuition refunds, while others offer different forms of financial support. 

For students who are eligible for federal, state, or institutional aid, the scholarships can supplement those grants, helping to reduce the amount of money they need to pay each semester.

Some scholarships provide the following benefits or costs:

  • Presidentā€™s Scholarship worth $23,000
  • Trustees’ Scholarship of $22,000
  • Founder’s Scholarship worth $21,000
  • Dean’s Scholarship of $19,000
  • Success Award of $18,000
  • Opportunity Award of $16,000

How many students receive the Marywood university scholarships?

Marywood University awards over 100 scholarships to deserving students. The vast majority of these scholarships are granted through various awards, but a select few are given out through the Marywood University Scholarship board. Regardless of how they were awarded, all the scholarships offered at Marywood provide valuable financial assistance to deserving students.

Are the Marywood university scholarships renewable?

The answer is yes; the Marywood University scholarships are renewable for up to 8 undergraduate semesters. Scholarships offered at Marywood University are designed to provide financial assistance to students with the necessary qualifications. 

Applicable Courses

Applicable courses vary depending on the scholarship you are applying for, however, most scholarships are open to all courses. Besides, these scholarships require you to complete at least 18 credit hours. 

More information about each scholarship is available on the official website or through the application link provided below.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for the Marywood University scholarships are extensive and vary depending on the scholarship. Generally, applicants must be residents of Pennsylvania, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and meet specific other requirements. Some scholarships require additional essays or other pieces of evidence of academic excellence. However, in general, students must meet the criteria below: 

  • The scholarship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Marywood University.
  • The primary consideration in awarding the scholarships will be the candidates’ demonstrated financial need as determined by the completion of the scholarship board and the student’s academic achievement.
  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA must be maintained.
  • Preference shall be given to students who have demonstrated experience in or a commitment to working with historically underrepresented racial minority groups and who have exhibited a commitment to diversity and inclusion by participating in community activities, student clubs, social groups, or organizations that support this focus.

Many scholarships are available at Marywood University, so do not let these eligibility requirements put you off! Apply today and see if you are eligible for one of these amazing awards!

What Field of Study is eligible for the Marywood University scholarships? 

Scholarships are available for students in all fields of study at Marywood University. The scholarships are sponsored by a particular program or department and are set by the sponsor. 

Fees & Funding

What is Marywood University known for?

Colleges of Distinction, a one-of-a-kind resource for college-bound students, has honored Marywood University for its high-impact approach to education and its noble commitment to engaged, experiential education.

How much is Marywood’s tuition?

$37,284 USD

Is Marywood University private or public?

Yes, Marywood University is a private university that was established in 1915.

Is Marywood University a religious school?

Marywood University is a comprehensive, independent, private, Catholic college located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Is there a Marywood University Graduate Scholarship available for international students?

No. International students are not eligible for the Marywood University Graduate Scholarship.

Application Procedure

Begin your application for Marywood University scholarships by obtaining the application form from the school’s website. After that, fill out the form and return it to the financial aid office. Letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other paperwork may also be requested. The deadline for consideration is usually December 1st.

Please visit the application link below for more information. Good luck!