Marketing Internships in Cape Town

Top 8 Summer Marketing Internships in Cape Town, SA

Do you seek a recommendation on the best marketing internships in Cape Town, South Africa? If so, our curated list of marketing intern jobs will help you gain exposure to the best internships that give top-notch skills and experience essential for your career success. This article will also let you know whether you qualify for these internships and why Cape Town should be your preferred destination for your marketing internship.

South Africa, also called the Rainbow Nation, is among the most multicultural countries in the world. It is very thoughtful to consider interning in one of its capital cities, Cape Town, as there are vast benefits to gain in the long run. Among which is an opportunity to work even before graduation, expand your skill set, and learn from professionals in the workplace.

Read on to discover more about marketing internships in Cape Town and the most recommended ones.

Reasons to Intern in Cape Town

The following are justifiable reasons to do your marketing internship in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • There are numerous employers of marketing interns in Cape Town, ranging from marketing agencies to financial institutions. These include Brainnest, Discover Africa Safaris, Finovate, and Tower Group.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to gain career growth as you acquire relevant work experience, develop your marketing skills, and get professional advice.
  • Interning in Cape Town will always be exciting, as the city has many tourist attractions. Such places include Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Two Oceans Aquarium, Boulders Beach, Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum, Robben Island, District Six Museum, Table Mountain National Park, and Iziko South African Museum. Moreover, South Africans welcome all foreigners, regardless of their country of origin and characteristics.
  • You’ll also have the chance to attend several interesting events and music festivals, such as Earthdance, Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Festival, Love & Light festival, and Rocking the Daisies.
  • Lastly, the marketing internship programs hosted in Cape Town will help you grow a professional network internationally.

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Who are Marketing Interns?

Marketing interns are students and recent graduates who assist with marketing campaigns and promotional services. They can work with virtually any company that has a marketing department.

Roles of Marketing Interns

Students and graduates working as marketing interns have several duties and responsibilities throughout their internship period.

These include:

  • Conducting research on competition and implementing market analysis
  • Gathering various data from marketing campaigns
  • Backing the company’s marketing team in daily tasks
  • Preparing presentations for promotional materials
  • Assisting in promotional activities, both online and on-site
  • Managing the company’s database and CRM systems
  • Assisting in the dissemination of promotional materials
  • Helping to coordinate marketing events

No matter where you want to work as a marketing intern in Cape Town, you’ll have to perform the above roles daily.

Eligibility Criteria for Marketing Internships in Cape Town

To qualify for a marketing intern job in a Cape Town-based company in South Africa, you must satisfy the following requirements without exception.

  • Currently, be studying to earn an academic degree or be a fresh graduate of an accredited higher education institution.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various marketing techniques
  • Top-notch knowledge of MS Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
  • Exceptional spoken and written English communication skills
  • Eagerness to learn in a professional setting and explore the marketing industry
  • Proficiency in working with marketing software, like Google Adwords, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, and Marketo

Best Eight (8) Marketing Internships in Cape Town

Here are the top marketing internship programs in Cape Town, South Africa. 

#1. Discover Africa Safaris Marketing Internship

As one of the best marketing internship programs in Cape Town, you can work at Discover Africa Safaris for a chance to collaborate with a professional marketing and SEO team. These teams are dynamic, innovative, and results-centric, making working closely with them positively impactful to your career goals.

You can intern with Discover Africa Safaris, irrespective of if you are a student or a recent graduate. To apply for this internship, email your CV to [email protected].

#2. Finovate Marketing Internship Program

If you hold a digital marketing or social media diploma, you may qualify for a marketing intern position at Finovate in Cape Town, South Africa. Depending on your prior work experience, you’ll earn a monthly salary ranging from ZAR 10,000 to ZAR 17,000 throughout your internship.

Undoubtedly, Finovate offers one of the top-paid marketing internships in Cape Town, with vast career advancement opportunities.

#3. Tower Group Marketing Internship

Another recommendable marketing internship program is the Tower Group Internship, which lasts 6 to 12 months. To qualify for it, you must hold a three-year National Diploma certificate or an academic degree in either marketing or sales.

With a valid driver’s license, you will get a competitive advantage over other students applying for a marketing intern job at the Tower Group in Cape Town, SA.

#4. CleverClicks Marketing Internship

If you wish to earn a living in digital marketing, we recommend you apply for a marketing intern job at CleverClicks, a fast-growing digital marketing agency that focuses on helping small and mid-sized businesses.

Requirements for marketing intern jobs at CleverClicks include being a persuasive communicator and possessing strong attention to detail skills.

#5. Brainnest Marketing Internship

You can also intern remotely with Brainnest, a training and business management company headquartered in Germany. The program best suits students looking forward to gaining relevant work experience and collaborating on business-critical projects.

Regardless of your nationality, age, religion, ethnic group, and skin color, you can apply for Brainnest Marketing Internship, provided you satisfy its requirements.

#6. Customer Insight Marketing Intern at Clover S.A. Proprietary Limited

Clover S.A. Proprietary Limited is a leading fashion retailer in South Africa. You can join its team to facilitate your professional development. Roles of interns in Clover include preparing proposals for sketch designs and translating a design brief.

#7. UniSky Group Marketing Internship

This marketing internship is financially rewarding, with a monthly salary of ZAR 5,000 per intern. As such, interning with UniSky Group provides an incentive as you work on projects with young online experts who form a marketing team. However, it is open only to recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

#8. GMAT Consulting Marketing internship

You can apply for a marketing intern role at GMAT Consulting by emailing your most recent CV and other required documents to [email protected]. Choosing this internship program will enable you to learn more about content creation, social media, Google Ads, SEO, website design, etc. You’ll also be able to gain hands-on experience in these areas.

Marketing Internships Interview Questions in Cape Town

If you just applied for a marketing intern position in a Cape Town-based company in SA, you should start preparing for your internship interview, which comes up about two weeks after submitting your application. A surefire way to prepare rightly is to familiarize yourself with marketing intern jobs interview questions.

Here are a few questions to expect during your interview for a marketing intern job.

  • Why are you pursuing a career in marketing?
  • What are your utmost strengths?
  • Why do you want to intern with us?
  • What relationship does social media have with SEO?
  • Which marketing software can you use?
  • What is the difference between marketing and sales?
  • Do you possess experience working with clients?
  • Where do you expect to be five years from today?
  • What marketing skills do you have at this moment?
  • How can you add value to our team?
  • Discuss a time you assumed a leadership role.
  • What do you wish to learn during your internship?
  • How would you manage heavy workloads?
  • What is your preferred marketing campaign, and why?
  • Talk about your experience in social media marketing.

Instead of just knowing what to expect from your interviewer, try to ask questions during your intern job interview.

FAQs about Marketing Internships in Cape Town

How much do marketing interns earn in South Africa?

According to Indeed, an American global job website, the average salary of marketing interns in South Africa is ZAR 5,112 per month.

Is it hard to get a marketing internship in Cape Town?

No, getting a marketing intern job in Cape Town, SA, is challenging. Its selection process is competitive, just like a full-time job.

Do I need work experience to become a marketing intern in South Africa?

No, you can express interest in SA-based marketing internship programs even when you have not gained any work experience. However, participating in one of these programs will allow you to gain experience relevant to the marketing industry.

Can a foreigner work as a marketing intern in SA?

Yes, foreigners can apply for marketing internships hosted in South Africa. However, they need a standard work permit to participate in a paid internship anywhere in the country.

How long are marketing internships in South Africa?

SA-based marketing internship programs typically run for three months, giving you a chance to develop professionally.


The marketing internship programs in Cape Town are one of the ideal ways to work on your career advancement. Within a few weeks or in one year, you’ll be able to practicalize marketing in a workplace, learn more skills, and work with professionals. No matter how you want to influence your career, doing your internship in Cape Town is your best bet out of all African countries. So apply now to grab this opportunity.

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