Malardalen university college scholarships

Mälardalen University College Scholarships: Detailed Guide

Mälardalen University College scholarships consist of a small number of financial aids awarded to a few international master’s students per academic year. Only full-time students can apply for this scholarship, provided their application includes Mälardalen University College as their first choice. Undoubtedly, MDU scholarships cover 100% of a year’s tuition fees without helping recipients with living expenses.

Consider that students from countries in Long-Term Development Cooperation with Sweden are ineligible for Mälardalen University College scholarships.

Who Sponsors Mälardalen University College Scholarships?

MDU solely sponsors its scholarships for full-time master’s students from outside EU/EEA Member States and who are non-Swiss citizens.

Overview of Västerås City

Västerås is a Swedish city widely known as one of the country’s longstanding cities. Its city and metro region have a total area of about 53 square kilometers and 963 square kilometers, respectively. Besides, Västerås city is home to more than 127,000 people, while its metropolitan area has about 154,000 residents.

Mälardalen University College (MDU) is a public institution of higher learning established in 1977 in this city. Its campus is home to approximately 20,000 students of diverse origins. MDU offers 52 basic-level programs and 27 advanced-level programs in technique, mathematics, mathematics didactics & natural sciences, design, music & opera, economics & law, health & care, social & behavioral science, teaching & learning, and language, communication & literature.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Mälardalen University College Scholarships?

The total worth of each scholarship offered to Mälardalen University College students from overseas is unknown. The scholarship covers 100% of your tuition fee, regardless of the course or program’s cost. However, make plans for your allowances, as the scholarship does not cover such.

How Many Students Receive Mälardalen University College Scholarships?

Mälardalen University College grants scholarships to a small but imprecise number of international students from non-EU/EEA Member States and from outside Switzerland each academic year.

Are Mälardalen University College Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

The scholarship awarded to international students at Mälardalen University College only offers complete tuition funding without covering other study costs during the academic session.

Duration of Mälardalen University College Scholarships

Mälardalen University College awards full tuition-waiver scholarships to a limited number of non-EU/EEA/Swiss students per academic year.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study are Mälardalen University College Scholarships Meant For?

Mälardalen University College does not restrict its scholarships for international students to a particular field or area of study. Hence, students do not need to consider their study area while contemplating how to meet Mälardalen University College scholarship requirements.

Programs offered at Mälardalen University College covers the following fields of study.

  • Teaching & learning
  • Economics & law
  • Mathematics, mathematics didactics & natural sciences
  • Design
  • Technique
  • Music & opera
  • Health & care
  • Social & behavioral science
  • Language, communication & literature

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Mälardalen University College Scholarships?

No, undergraduate students are ineligible to express their interest in Mälardalen University College scholarships, as the financial aid is exclusively for postgraduate students enrolled in master’s programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Mälardalen University College Scholarships’ Requirements

Here are the requirements for getting a scholarship from Mälardalen University College.

  • You must have applied for a master’s program offered at Mälardalen University College, with the institution as your first choice. Of course, your intended program must have at least 45 credits per academic year.
  • Must be eligible for admission into MDU and have paid your application fee
  • Must be a national of an EU or EEA Member Country. Switzerland students are also ineligible to apply for Mälardalen University College scholarships.

Note that you are ineligible for Mälardalen University College scholarship, supposing you are from Cambodia, Zambia, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Bolivia, Tanzania, Mali, Uganda, and Burkina Faso.

Fees & Funding

Do I need to meet Mälardalen University College scholarship requirements?

Of course, all international students considering Mälardalen University College scholarships must meet the overall requirements, as the committee does not assess applications from ineligible students.

Does Mälardalen University College offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Mälardalen University College offers a range of scholarships to international students from any part of the world other than Switzerland and non-EU/EEA Member States.

Who can apply for Mälardalen University College scholarships?

The full-tuition scholarships offered at Mälardalen University College are open only to prospective full-time master’s students.

Does Mälardalen University College automatically consider students for scholarships?

No, Mälardalen University College does not automatically consider students for scholarships even if they meet its overall requirements.

Can part-time students apply for Mälardalen University College scholarships?

No, part-time students who met other requirements for scholarships awarded at Mälardalen University College are still ineligible for financial aid.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Mälardalen University College Scholarships

Students eligible for Mälardalen University College scholarships can proceed to submit their applications online. That involves downloading the scholarship application form (.doc format) via the Apply Now button below.

Then complete all required fields on the form and submit it along with other supporting documents to The deadline for submission is February 1, 2023.