Lundbeck foundation scholarships

Guide on how to apply for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships

Lundbeck Foundation funds over DKK 500 million annually to researchers in Danish universities. Generally, scholarships go to postdoctoral students in neuroscience, especially biomedical, health, clinical, and other sciences. These scholarships are available to any researcher ready for further research in Denmark. Thus, any qualified scientist can apply for the Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships, irrespective of their nation of origin.

Sponsors of Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships

Lundbeck Foundation sponsors more than twenty scholarships for eligible scientists and researchers in Denmark. Applicants for these scholarships can come from any country. However, they must engage in their research in Denmark. 

Overview of Lundbeck Foundation

Lundbeck Foundation is an NGO in Denmark. It aims at sponsoring scientists and researchers in the country in Neurosciences, especially biomedical, health, clinical, and other sciences in Denmark. Thus, it funds scholarships for several students with over DKK 500 million annually. Successful candidates can engage in research projects in selected fields in Denmark. 

List of scholarships available at Lundbeck Foundation

Interested scientists and researchers, especially postdoctoral students, can apply for the following scholarships at Lundbeck Foundation. They include:

  1. Lundbeck Foundation Start-Up Programme
  2. LF Professorships
  3. LF Early-Career Clinician Scientist 
  4. LF Postdocs
  5. Visiting Professorships
  6. Scientific Meetings & Conferences
  7. Stipends for Sabbatical Leave
  8. LF Collaborative Projects
  9. LF Ascending Investigators
  10. Young Investigator Prize
  11. Talent Prize
  12. LF & NIH BRAIN Initiative
  13. The Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network
  14. The Lundbeck Foundation Scientific Enrichment Prize
  15. The Brain Prize
  16. Science Education and Communication (SEC)
  17. LF Fellows
  18. LF Experiment
  19. LF Diversity Call
#1. Lundbeck Foundation Start-Up Programme

Lundbeck Foundation Start-Up Programme is available to scientists and researchers in Neuroscience or related fields. Applicants for this scholarship must be professors or associate professors. Eligible candidates will receive up to DKK 10 mill for up to 4 years, depending on the level. 

LF Early-Career Clinician Scientist 

#2. LF Postdocs

Only scientists and researchers interested in Clinical Research can apply for this scholarship. In addition, applicants must have at least four years post-Ph.D. experience, including clinical internship. The scholarship lasts five years with a grant of 800.000 to 2.5 million DKK.

#3. Young Investigator Prize

The Young Investigator Prize is available to scientists and researchers under the age of 40 years. However, applicants must be interested in Biomedical, clinical, or health science. Eligible candidates will receive an award of DKK 1 million or DKK 300,000 as a personal award.

#4. Talent Prize

Only scientists and researchers under 0 years can apply for this scholarship. In addition, they must engage in the following areas. They include Biomedical, clinical, or health science. The price of this scholarship is DKK 300,000, with DKK 100,000 as a personal award.

#5. The Lundbeck Foundation Scientific Enrichment Prize

The Lundbeck Foundation Scientific Enrichment Prize is available to scientists and researchers in the following fields. They include Biomedical, health, and clinical science. Applicants must have achieved scientific results in their research group, institute, center, or faculty, especially in diversity. The prize money for this scholarship is a grant of DKK 100,000.

#6. The Brain Prize

It is available to outstanding scientists in Neurosciences who are still active in research. Applicants must make advances in any area of brain research. This research must focus on the brain and the nervous system in health and disease. The Brain Prize is the most extensive brain research scholarship in the world. Each year the  Lundbeck Foundation offers one or two researchers prize money of 10 million DKK. 

Scholarship Benefits

What are the benefits of Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships?

Applicants for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships will receive the following amounts. They include:

  1. Lundbeck Foundation Start-Up Programme: DKK 6 million to DKK 10 million
  2. LF Professorships: DKK 40 million 
  3. LF Early-Career Clinician Scientist: 800.000 to 2.5 million DKK 
  4. LF Postdocs: DKK 2.4 million over three years
  5. Visiting Professorships: DKK 500,000 
  6. Scientific Meetings & Conferences: DKK 300,000 for one meeting
  7. Stipends for Sabbatical Leave: DKK 500,000 
  8. LF Collaborative Projects: DKK 20 million or up to 40 million 
  9. LF Ascending Investigators: DKK 5 million
  10. Young Investigator Prize: DKK 1 million and DKK 300,000 as a personal award
  11. Talent Prize: DKK 300,000 and DKK 100,000 as your award
  12. LF & NIH BRAIN Initiative: DKK 3 million over three years
  13. The Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network: N/A
  14. The Lundbeck Foundation Scientific Enrichment Prize: DKK 100,000
  15. The Brain Prize: DKK 10 million
  16. Science Education and Communication (SEC): N/A

How many students will receive Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships?

At least two students will receive the Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships each year. Recipients of these scholarships can use them to engage in scientific research in Neuroscience and related fields. 

How long do Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships last?

The duration of these scholarships varies. However, applicants will receive funds to complete their postdoctorate programs from the Lundbeck Foundation in Denmark. Some scholarships last for only six months, while a few allow you to engage in research in Denmark for four to five years. 

Applicable Courses

Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships are available to postdoctoral scientists in Neurosciences, especially biomedical, health, clinical, and other sciences. However, some scholarships are available to scientists who have not obtained their doctorate degrees but engage in further studies in Neurosciences and related fields or areas. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligiblity criteria for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships include the following:

  1. Applicants must be scientists in Neuroscience or related fields 
  2. Applicants must be ready to engage in scientific research in Denmark
  3. Applicants must provide the necessary documents for each scholarship

Eligible nationalities for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships

Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships are open to scientists and researchers from around the world. However, applicants must engage in their scientific research in Denmark. In addition, applicants must reside in Denmark for the duration of their scientific studies. 

Fees & Funding

Are Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships available to master’s students?

Masters students at Danish universities cannot apply for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships. Interested students can look for scholarships in Denmark for graduate students. These scholarships can come from individuals, companies, foundations, organizations, and government agencies.

Can doctoral students apply for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships?

Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships are not available to doctoral students. Only postdoctoral students and scientists can apply for these scholarships. 

Are there other scholarships available to scientists in Denmark?

Apart from Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships, international scientists and researchers can apply for other scholarships in Denmark from individuals, companies, foundations, organizations, and government agencies. However, they must find ut the requirements for each scholarship. Plus, the selected fields of study. 

Can International scientists and researchers apply for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships?

International scientists and researchers who meet the requirements for any scholarship offered by Lundbeck Foundation can apply for them. However, they must be ready to engage in scientific research in neurosciences or related fields. 

Application Procedure

Applicants for Lundbeck Foundation Scholarships can apply for these scholarships using the link below. In addition, they can get more information about these scholarships at the address below. 


Scherfigsvej 7

2100 København Ø