London metropolitan university scholarships

London Metropolitan University Scholarships: Detailed Guide

If you are searching for a scholarship in the UK, London Metropolitan University Scholarships are accessible scholarships that rely upon your degree of study and where you are from. The Scholarship can cover or assist with taking care of the expense and fee charges. Scholarships are profoundly pursued and the method involved with applying for grants is frequently cutthroat. To be a possibility of getting a scholarship you will usually have to present an application or proposition.

This is surveyed and assessed before scholarships are granted to fruitful candidates meeting all of the qualification models. Being granted a scholarship doesn’t consequently affirm your place to study at the university. You will in any case have to meet all scholar and visa consistent conditions for passage.

About the scholarship

London Met offers various grants to students. Previously giving the absolute least educational expenses among UK colleges, the scholarship program builds up the obligation to enlarge access to training. The scholarship is made available for Students from the UK, Undergraduates, and Postgraduates.

The Scholarship is offered by London Metropolitan University to study or make research there. Asides from the Scholarships offered by the University, many other organizations and foundations offer Scholarships to students. The London Metropolitan University Scholarships can be taken for various degree levels.

Types of Scholarships available to Undergraduates

1. EU Transition Scholarships

EU Transition Scholarship will naturally be applied to qualified EU students with abroad charge status beginning a degree with the university in January 2023. This grant incorporates an educational expense decrease for the term of your studies and is material for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

2. Unite Foundation Scholarship Scheme

Might it be said that you are leaving neighborhood authority care (a Care Leaver), or would you say you are alienated from both of your folks (where you haven’t had verbal/composed contact for a critical time frame)? You may be qualified for the Unite Foundation Scholarship, which could give you three years of free convenience while you take your college degree at London Metropolitan College.

London Met has been picked as one of just 26 colleges whose understudies can apply for this plan.

Types of Scholarships available to Postgraduate Students

1. Chevening Scholarships

Chevening and London Metropolitan University might want to invite applications from global (non-EU) students who are thinking about a full-time Masters program in the UK.

2. International Students House and London Met Postgraduate Scholarships

International Students House and London Metropolitan University want to invite applications from students from Africa, the USA, India, Latin, and Focal America who are thinking about a full-time master course in the UK.

The grant will present to four qualified students free educational cost at London Met for the span of their program of study, free return trips to and from London, and surefire convenience in focal London.

Other Postgraduate Scholarships include Vice Chancellor’s Ph.D. Scholarships, and the EU Transition Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

  1. Some of the Scholarships will take care of the student’s accommodation
  2. Some of the Scholarships take care of the tuition fees of the students.

The benefits depend on the chosen Scholarship a student applies for.

Applicable Courses

The applicable Courses for the Scholarship depend on the type of Scholarship applied for and on the type of degree a student is applying for.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for EU Transition Scholarship

To meet the measures, you should:

  1. be another understudy who has applied for an undergraduate or postgraduate certificate with the university beginning in January 2023
  2. be classified as a worldwide charge payer
  3. be a long-lasting occupant in a country in the European Association
  4. not have applied for settled or pre-settled status in the UK before beginning your certificate with the university.
  5. hold a proposal for a full degree program at London Met beginning in January 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for Unite Foundation Scholarship

To meet the standards, you should be either:

  1. a  Care Leaver and have a letter affirming your status from your Local Authority; or
  2. alienated from the two guardians and working with the College or the foundation Stand Alone to affirm your status

Furthermore, you should likewise be:

  1. a UK home charge status student
  2. Age 25 or under on 1 September of the scholastic year your course begins.
  3. undertaking your sole course of Undergraduate study (ie you have not been to this or another college beforehand)
  4. You should hold a firm decision offer from London Met
  5. You should have previously applied for student finance and ticked agree to share.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students House and London Met Postgraduate Scholarships

To meet the rules, you should:

  1. be a US, African, Latin or Focal American or Indian resident and occupant in separately the US of America, Africa, Latin, and Focal America or India
  2. have the option to exhibit monetary need
  3. have graduated or be supposed to graduate with a pertinent bachelor’s degree of first-class classification by 25 July.
  4. have applied for a full-time master’s at London Metropolitan College starting in September.
  5. have acknowledged a restrictive or genuine proposal of confirmation for the scholastic year 2022-23
  6. have IELTS 7.0 (least) except if English language exclusion applies (as it accomplishes for most English-talking nationals)
  7. be accessible to begin scholarly studies at London Metropolitan College by the Autumn 2023 cutoff time – no deferral to an ensuing scholastic year will be allowed
  8. be aged 18 or above when you select London Metropolitan College
  9. have the option to fulfill current UK movement prerequisites.


Fees & Funding

Is London Metropolitan College great for International Students?

London Metropolitan College offers a global review insight into the core of London. They are one of the UK’s most assorted colleges with International students from more than 140 distinct nations selected, and educational expenses explicitly are set at exceptionally cutthroat costs.

What number of campuses does London Metropolitan have?

There are as of now two different campuses at London Met.

What facilities are given by London Metropolitan university?

Access PCs and specialist software. You’ll have access to offices completely outfitted with PC or Macintosh PCs that are pre-stacked with the latest proficient programs to assist you in your studies.

What is the acknowledgment rate for London Metropolitan College?

The acknowledgment rate is 83.6%. It is home to more than 12,000 students, including worldwide students from 128 unique nations. The College has an acknowledgment pace of 83.6%.

What number of Students are there at London Metropolitan University?

The University offers Undergraduate and postgraduate projects. There is a sum of 12,145 students.



Choosing a course and being a partaker of a scholarship at London Metropolitan University will assist you to gain information, abilities, and experience to help you both in your profession and life overall. What’s more, by acquiring extra abilities in correspondence and critical thinking and accomplishing your objectives, you can likewise expand your certainty.

All the benefits obtained are because they have cutting-edge learning, a library, and IT offices. They additionally offer awesome help administrations, from convenience and professional exhortation to advising and handicap support.

Application Procedure

How to apply for London Metropolitan University Scholarships

To apply for London Metropolitan University Scholarships Candidates should:

  1. Fill out the online application form and submit it before the deadline
  2. The University must agree to and validate your application before being considered by the scholarship panel.
  3. Notice of successful Application from the University will be sent to the candidate.