Leibniz centre for tropical marine research scholarships guide

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Scholarships: Guide

Are you in search of a doctoral Scholarship for a doctoral program? The Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research Scholarships is available for you. The Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research presents 2 doctoral Scholarships. The scholarship will be awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is subsidized by the Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP). A pre-selection will be made by ZMT and successful candidates will be nominated to DAAD.

A structured doctoral program based on the ZMT Doctoral Studies Regulations is coordinated by the ZMT academy. The doctoral degree that is issued by the university depends on the supervisor and topic. The scholarship awardees are based at ZMT in Bremen, they will be fully integrated at the Institute and into the ZMT Doctoral program.

About Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Scholarships

Researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa are thus welcomed to apply for the DAAD Doctoral Scholarship Pre-determination by ZMT for the following academic sessions. The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) promotes 2 doctoral grants beginning in Fall. Moreover, 2 further doctoral grants can be conceded beginning in 2022.

The Scholarships are connected with the interdisciplinary exploration topic which states the Adaptation of marine socio-ecological systems to changing environments. The scholarships will be awarded by the DAAD and are subsidized by the Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP). ZMT will make a preselection and nominate the successful candidates to DAAD.

The scholarship is sponsored by DAAD/ZMT GSSP and should be taken at Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Germany. It is for Students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scholarship Benefits

The grants will be allowed for as long as 4 years (upon fruitful assessment every year) and will be conceded straight by the DAAD.

The grant incorporates:

  1. a grant portion of as of now €1,200 each month.
  2. travel recompense.
  3. installments towards wellbeing, mishap, and individual obligation insurance cover.
  4. an exploration recompense of at present € 460 every year.
  5. a preliminary intensive German language course beginning in Summer.
  6. in specific situations, award holders might get month-to-month remittance for going with relatives (about €200 kid stipend per kid and about €275 marriage recompense);
  7. Research Stays abroad are conceivable if they don’t take more time than 25% of the scholarship period.


Applicable Courses

The doctoral tasks of the grant holders depend on one of the accompanying ZMT departments and one working gathering. The following courses are eligible to apply:

  1. Biogeochemistry and Geology
  2. Ecology
  3. Theoretical Ecology and Modeling
  4. Social Sciences

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates need to originate from Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. They need to hold a college degree (worldwide degrees should be comparable to German Diplom, Magister, or Master).
  3. The last exam of the year (Masters degree or equivalent) must have occurred no longer than six years.
  4. When DAAD gets the nomination letter, candidates should not have lived in Germany for over 15 months before the selection.
  5. ZMT endeavors to expand the extent of ladies in research and urge females to apply for these.


Fees & Funding

How serious are DAAD grants?

DAAD subsidizing is cutthroat and you are not ensured financing even with an ideal GPA. Assemble your application materials ahead of time and ensure your application is on time and complete.

Is it hard to win the DAAD grant?

DAAD grants in Germany necessities are somewhat straightforward to meet. To get DAAD subsidizing, candidates probably finished a Bachelor’s degree or be in their last year of studies. There could be no upper age limit, although there might be a great time between wrapping your Bachelor’s and taking up a DAAD award.

For what reason do you assume you are qualified for your preferred grant?

You Merit This Grant Since You Have Enthusiasm and Constancy. Allowing your enthusiasm to appear in your response permits the council to see your commitment. You merit this grant in light of your adoration for learning, your pleasure in your field, or your enthusiasm for development.

What GPA is expected for a DAAD grant?

A GPA of 7.5/10 is expected of every candidate that wishes to apply for the scholarship.

In India, the least grade of 75% or a GPA of 7.5/10 with NET/CSIR is expected. Applications from IITs and the IIS are particularly welcome.

Is the DAAD grant completely supported?

DAAD Germany Grants 2023 for Masters and Ph. D. is a Completely Supported Grant in Germany for Global Students. Full Educational expenses Covered. Month-to-month recompense for going with individuals from the family.

Is there an age limit for DAAD grants?

 No, there is typically no decent age limit. There are individual special cases in programs in which a global accomplice expressly mentions this.

Might I at any point remain in Germany after the DAAD grant?

That implies you can’t be searching for a task as a server or messenger that anybody could do with no particular preparation. On the off chance that you prevail with regards to getting a new line of work during this period, you can remain in Germany and get a home grant with the end goal of beneficial business.


The main educational aim of Universities is not limited to the education of students as advanced as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. As life goes on, learning stays as an unimportant topic. So, the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research offers various Scholarships for advancing in education. These incorporate additional career study programs, higher training for graduates looking for jobs, and so on.

Application Procedure

How to apply for Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Scholarships

  1. The application should be submitted through the Schools link
  2. The application should be accompanied by the documents listed below:

i. Personal details

ii. Your CV (highest 2 pages)

iii. Idea of your Doctoral project connected with the previously mentioned topic: max 2-page. Before submitting this idea, a ZMT workgroup leader must examine and support it. Kindly contact the ZMT workgroup leader in advance.

iv. Support Letter from ZMT workgroup leader.

v.  A Motivation letter that should include reasons you would want to pursue a doctoral project at ZMT, and reasons you think the suggested working groups could fit your interests.

vi. Master’s and Bachelor’s degree certificates