Kuyper college scholarships requirements and application

Kuyper College Scholarships Requirements and Application

Kuyper College has a wide range of fully and partially funded scholarships for local and international students from different parts of the world. The scholarships are open to both new and returning students of the college. They are awarded based on your meeting the set criteria for each scholarship.

List of some Scholarships available at Kuyper College

Kuyper College has an extensive list of scholarships. They are listed below:

  • Academic Scholarships

Kuyper College awards scholarships of varying amounts to both new and returning students depending on high school and college GPA.

  • Alumni Scholarship

Kuyper College awards the dependents of Kuyper College alumni who are full-time students and have good academic performance with a scholarship of up to $500.

  • Business Leadership Program Scholarships

Kuyper College has three Business Leadership Program Scholarships ranging from $500 – $5000. There is the Deppe Family Scholarship for Business Leadership, the Harris Family Leadership Program Scholarship, and The Boxmakers’ Scholarship for Business Leadership. 

  • Church Scholarships

Kuyper College matches church funds with up to $500 to help churches support students who are their members and aspiring to a Christian higher education. CRC Race Relations scholarship requires recipients to undergo training and take part in the ministry of racial reconciliation. CRCNA Classis of Grand Rapids East churches require recipients to be members of one of the churches for at least three years and must have a 2.5 GPA at the minimum. They do not need to have financial need to be found eligible.

  • Christian Ministry Scholarship

Kuyper College awards the Christian Ministry Scholarship to students who are dependents of parents whose major source of income is a Christian non-profit organization.

  • Endowed Scholarship

Kuyper College awards a variety of Endowed Scholarships based on different criteria including but not limited to financial need and academic achievement.

  • Dig: “Uncover Your Future”

This scholarship worth $2000 is awarded once to any student who has undergone the Dig program and is believed will thrive at Kuyper College.

  • Every Square Inch Award

Kuyper College through its Financial Aid Office offers the Every Square Inch Award to students who present a substantial degree of unsatisfied needs.

  • Multicultural Scholarship

Kuyper College offers a variety of Multicultural Scholarships for a chosen number of first-year students based on several factors including admissions applications, scholarship essays, and cross-cultural experiences amongst others. The scholarships range from $500-$5000 and are given annually.

  • Sibling Scholarship

Kuyper College Sibling Scholarship is awarded to students with at least one sibling who is simultaneously enrolled at Kuyper College. The scholarship is worth up to $500 for every academic year.

  • Transfer Scholarship

Kuyper College awards a scholarship of up to $1000 per academic year to students who transfer from other colleges to Kuyper College.

  • Community Foundation Scholarship

Kuyper College students including Michigan residents and residents of other counties are awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships yearly by community foundations throughout the state of Michigan.

  • Federal & State Programs

Kuyper College students are granted access to various Federal & State programs. To be eligible you must complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Who Sponsors Kuyper College Scholarships?

Kuyper College scholarships are not solely funded by the institution. There are several contributors to the scholarships offered by the college including community foundations, the church, and families.

Listed Below are Various Sponsors of Kuyper College Scholarships:

  • Kuyper College Financial Aid Office
  • Deppe Family
  • Harris Family
  • The Boxmakers
  • CRCNA Classis of Grand Rapids East churches
  • The Christian Ministry
  • Allegan County Community Foundation
  • Barry County Community Foundation
  • Berrien County Community Foundation
  • Grand Rapids Community Foundation
  • Community Foundation for Muskegon County
  • Greenville Area Community Foundation
  • Fremont Area Community Foundation
  • Holland/Zeeland Area Community Foundation
  • Grand Haven Area Community Foundation

 Overview of Kuyper College

Kuyper College is a Christian and faith-based institution located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The College was founded in 1939 and was named after Abraham Kuyper who was prime minister of the Netherlands from 1901-1905 and a theologian. 

Kuyper College offers a variety of courses ranging from Leadership, Ministry, Communications, Arts, and Interdisciplinary studies amongst others. The college focuses on training students who make a difference in God’s world through ministry.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are the Kuyper College Scholarships Worth?

Kuyper College has a variety of scholarships and each is unique in its merits. The value of each depends on the specific scholarship.

How Many Students Receive the Kuyper College Scholarships?

Kuyper College scholarships are available to all students of the institution as long as they meet the conditions stipulated.

Are the Kuyper College Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

 Kuyper College offer fully and partially funded Scholarships and they are available to both local and international students who apply for the scholarship and are eligible. Some of the scholarships are renewable yearly while others are one-time offers.

Duration of the Kuyper College Scholarships

Kuyper College Scholarships vary in duration. While some are one time offers, some others typically last for one academic year but students can apply for a renewal if they are eligible.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study is the Kuyper College Scholarship Meant For?

The Kuyper College scholarships are open to all programs studied in the college including undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for the Kuyper College Scholarships

Kuyper College scholarships have specific requirements depending on the scholarship under consideration. It is therefore imperative to check the exact criteria and requirements on the Kuyper College official website.

Fees & Funding

Does Kuyper College give Scholarships to International Students?

Yes, Kuyper College gives the International Ambassador scholarship to selected international students.

Do Kuyper College Students Receive Financial Aid?

Every student of Kuyper College qualify to receive financial aid. The college in conjunction with several other sponsors provides the students with scholarships and grants that help them pay for their education.

Is Kuyper College a Good School?

Yes, Kuyper College is a close-knit school where the professors work closely with the students to provide them with valuable education. Kuyper College boasts of its ability to produce students who are well-rounded spiritually, socially, and morally. The scholarships and financial aid provided by the college make it an ideal school for students of different financial capacities.

What Name Was Kuyper College Known By?

Kuyper College at its inception in 1939 was originally named and known as Reformed Bible Institute.

Application Procedure

How to Apply For Kuyper College Scholarships

You must complete the admission application correctly. This makes you automatically eligible for all Kuyper College’s academic scholarships.

Candidates are expected to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Also, check on the different websites available on the college’s scholarship and grant page to identify the steps needed to apply for the particular scholarship you are interested in.

Note that deadlines vary from scholarship to scholarship.