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The best way to build your career is through an internship. It helps you to develop your skills while exploring different professional opportunities in your industry. You can apply for a KPMG internship for international and local students in Singapore to gain international work experience working for a global company. Find out more about this program below.

Overview of KPMG Internship in Singapore

KPMG Internship in Singapore is a program organized by the company for local and international students in Singapore. It allows eligible students to work closely with experienced professionals, undergoes on-the-job training, and build their network. Interestingly, interns who perform well at KPMG will get full positions at the firm. 

Types of KPMG Internships in Singapore

Applicants for this program can apply for the following internships. They include:

#1. Summer/Winter Exploration Program

It is a full-time internship program at KPMG that occurs in the summer or winter holidays. Students engage in work for ten weeks. During this period, students will immerse themselves in KPMG’s businesses, performing any function they choose. Usually, it takes place between May and July or December and February.

#2. Work-study internship

It is a 34-week work-study program for students who want to fast-track their careers. Eligible candidates will get job attachments at KPMG to gather the experience they can list on their resumes to increase their employability. 

#3. Off-cycle internship

This is a 24-week internship that allows students to choose between accelerated or rotational internships. Internships occur between December and May or June and November.


Eligible students who meet the criteria below can apply for these programs. They include:

  1. Applicants must be students in a recognized university or college in Singapore or abroad.
  2. Applicants must have passion for working at KPMQualifiedle candidates must have reached 24 years.
  3. You must provide official academic transcripts.
  4. Applicants must be in their penultimate year. However, recent graduates can apply.
  5. In addition, applicants must possess a Singaporean work visa if they are not citizens.

Benefits of KPMG Internship in Singapore

You will enjoy the benefits below as an intern at KPMG in Singapore. They include:

#1. Learn new business skills

Your internship at KPMG allows you to learn new and modern business skills to excel in your profession. Interns learn the best practices used in their industry and job. The company organizes events and seminars to help students understand the best techniques to build a great career. In addition, you will work closely with leading professionals at KPMG who are willing to teach and guide you.

#2. Find a mentor

The second benefit of workings as an intern at KPMG in Singapore is the mentorship and guidance you will get. You will meet business and industry leaders who can become your mentors. They are ready to give you helpful advice and tips to improve your industry knowledge.

#3. Build their network

Networking helps you to meet people and industry leaders. Students also use their internships at KPMG to increase their network of friends and business partners. You can network with fellow interns or other workers at the company.

#4. Gain real-world (even global) experience

Your internship is your first experience working as a professional. The experience is different from what you learn in the classroom. Moreover, you will engage on l projects that provide real-world experience.

#5. Receive a competitive salary

In addition, you will get paid for your job at KPMG. Interns receive an annual salary of between SED 9,000 and SED 10,000. It will cover your living expenses, including feeding and accommodation.

#6. Get hired by KPMG in Singapore

Another benefit of interning at KPMG in Singapore is getting a full-time job after your internship. The best interns at KPMG receive a job offer after their program. However, there is no guarantee.

How to apply for KPMG Internships in Singapore

Interested persons for internships at KPMG in Singapore should submit their applications online by visiting the company’s website. You must send your application before the deadline. Otherwise, you will not qualify for this internship. Once you have submitted your application, you will wait for the list of eligible candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. However, if you canvass for this program, it will lead to automatic disqualification.

Meanwhile, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

Tips on getting an internship at KPMG

In addition to following the correct steps and having the requirements and skills needed for the job, applicants for these internships must consider the following tips to increase their chances of getting a KPMG Internship in Singapore. They include:

#1. Conduct proper research on the company, industry, and job

You need to research the company and the job you want by visiting the company’s website. It would be best to enquire about your desired position, the requirements, experience, qualifications, and required skills. In addition, you must look for the keywords to use in your cover letter and resume.

#2. Rely on teamwork, but be authentic

Another tip to help you land this internship Is to trust your strength to succeed. You have to combine these qualities if you want to have a successful internship at KPMG. However, they want you to work as a team to achieve great results.

#3. Ensure to align your career goal with the organizational goals of KPMG 

Another thing you must do is find out the organizational goals of KPMG. Ensure they align with yours to increase your chances of getting this job. Your employer will happily employ you if you share similar beliefs with the company. 

#4. Learn to network with former and present interns at KPMP to get vital information about the company.

 You will also need KPMG’s staff in this regard. They have the information you need to obtain an internship at KPMG in Singapore. In addition, give them feedback to know your following line of action. 

#5. Make sure your cover letter and resume are top-notch.

Applicants for KPMG internships in Singapore must have a good resume highlighting their skills, strengths, and abilities. You also need a cover letter to express your interest and reasons for applying for this internship.

#6. Learn new skills to excel in your job and industry.

 Each industry and job requires specific and unique skills and qualities. Thus, you must possess them to increase your chance of an internship at KPMG. However, your employer only expects you to know some things. Your time as an intern will allow you to learn the skills and techniques you need to excel in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About KPMG Internships in Singapore

What is the duration of KPMG Internships in Singapore?

The duration of internships at KPMG in Singapore depends on the program. Usually, it lasts for 24 to 34 weeks. During this period, you will work with experts at KPMG who will help you to learn new skills and techniques to excel in your profession. You will also help other workers at KPMG with their tasks.

Can international students apply for KPMG Internships in Singapore?

International students who meet the requirements can apply for the KPMG Internship in Singapore. It allows students to gather the experience, knowledge, and skills to excel in their industry. In addition, you need a work permit to intern in Singapore.

Is Singapore good for an internship?

Singapore is a good place for international students. Many international students get admission to study at various Singaporean universities. Thus, interns in the country will meet students from different backgrounds. It becomes easy for them to settle down there.


The KPMG Internship in Singapore will be helpful to you as a student. Through it, you will gain real-world and on-the-job training as a student. You will use this knowledge to kickstart your career after your studies.