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Do you want to become a business leader in healthcare? Are you bold, creative, curious, and excited to contribute to the future of health? Apply for KP Internship to develop your skills and confidence working with an engaged, innovative, and exciting team.

Kaiser Permanente offers internships in a variety of settings and locations. You can choose what you are passionate about. Use our article to explore the possibilities when you are prepared. 

Overview of KP Internship

Kaiser Permanente Internships is open to students who want to build a successful business or technology career in healthcare. It allows students to develop their professional competencies and knowledge in the dynamic world of health care. During this period, graduate and undergraduate students work in the business and technology team, which gives them an excellent opportunity to engage in real-world projects. Thus, they strengthen their presentation, business, technology, communication, networking, and interviewing skills.

Benefits of KP Internship

Participants in this program will get the following benefits. They include:

  1. It is an opportunity to enhance your academic learning through hands-on work experience
  2. Students can network and establish relationships with industry leaders and fellow interns
  3. It provides you with the chance to evaluate and determine potential career paths in your industry and field
  4. You will get mentoring and career advice from knowledgeable and experienced professionals
  5. Availability of public speaking, project management, time management, and communication skills development
  6. It is an avenue to work in a collaborative culture that supports ongoing growth and learning
  7. You will engage in professional development workshops, leadership exposure, 1:1 mentoring, and more

Program Duration & Location

Each internship at KP lasts 10 to 12 weeks during the summer, especially from June to August. The company recruits interns for these positions from January to April. It can be in-person, remote, or hybrid throughout our geographic footprint.

Areas of Focus

KP offers its business and technology internships across different areas and departments. The focus areas include the following:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Consulting
  • Actuarial services
  • Underwriting
  • Human resources
  • Internal audit services
  • Research
  • Cyber security
  • Technology consulting
  • Programming
  • Digital transformation

Duties and responsibilities of Business and Technology Interns at KP 

Interns at KP can carry out the following projects. They help them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to develop their career. Plus, it will expose them to various opportunities in their profession. They include:

  1. Developing and analyzing financials
  2. Support and establish technology programs and solutions
  3. Researching health disparities to identify equitable care outcomes and opportunities
  4. Performing technical analyses to help KP identify opportunities for improvement in current and future financial performance
  5. Conducting marketing research
  6. Enhancing media plans


Applicants for KP Internship must meet the criteria below. They include:

  1. You must be an undergraduate or graduate-level student.
  2. Applicants must have backgrounds in business, computer science, information systems, public health, finance, statistics, marketing, communications, and related disciplines.
  3. In addition, applicants must be curious, enthusiastic, fast learners eager to contribute their skills and ideas to impact the future of health care today.

Internship positions at KP

The following jobs and positions are available for interns at KP. They include:

  • Intern-Graduate
  • Provider Scheduling Operations / Business Systems Undergraduate Intern
  • Data Management Undergraduate Intern
  • Care Management Graduate Intern
  • Care Management Undergraduate Intern
  • Project Management Graduate Intern
  • National Medicaid Masters Intern
  • Product Management Graduate Intern
  • Systems Solutions and Deployment (SSD) Undergraduate Intern
  • Data Analytics Graduate Intern
  • Strategic & Operational Consulting Services Undergraduate Intern
  • Data Analytics/Science Masters Level Intern
  • IT Data Analytics Undergraduate Intern
  • IT Project Management Undergraduate Intern
  • Application Delivery Graduate Intern
  • Clinical Data Graduate Intern
  • Clinical Data Undergraduate Intern
  • Finance Undergraduate Intern
  • Social Media Strategy Graduate Intern
  • Undergraduate Student Temp – SSD
  • Database Operations Undergraduate Intern
  • Strategic Execution Undergraduate Intern
  • Software Development Undergraduate Intern
  • SCPMG Performance Assessment Masters Level Internship
  • Regional Offices Masters Level Student Temporary
  • Graduate Medical Education Undergraduate Student Temp
  • Physician HR Total Compensation Undergraduate Student Temp
  • Service & Access Undergraduate Student Temp
  • Android Development Undergraduate Intern
  • Financial Forecasting Graduate Intern
  • Population Care Management Undergraduate Student Temporary
  • Care Experience Undergraduate Student Temp
  • Business Consultant Internship, National Accounts
  • Masters Intern, Systematic Screening for Gastric Cancer
  • Analytical Project Management Undergraduate Intern
  • Software Development Undergraduate Intern
  • Application Development Undergraduate Intern
  • iOS Development Undergraduate Intern
  • Application Engineering Undergraduate Intern
  • HR Compliance Graduate Intern
  • Financial Planning Undergraduate Intern
  • IT Consulting Graduate Intern
  • Masters Intern, Data Programming and Analysis Support
  • Information Security Undergraduate Intern
  • Consulting Undergraduate Intern
  • Consulting Graduate Intern
  • Marketing Insights Undergraduate Intern
  • Marketing Analytics Graduate Intern
  • Consulting Graduate Intern
  • Consulting Graduate Intern
  • Consulting Undergraduate Intern
  • Marketing Graduate Intern
  • Marketing Undergraduate Intern
  • Internal Audit Services Graduate Intern
  • Food & Nutrition Services Undergraduate Student Temporary
  • Business Optimization and Workflow Consulting Undergraduate Student Temporary
  • Orthopedic Surgery Undergraduate Student Temporary
  • Cloud Applications Undergraduate Intern
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Undergraduate Student Temporary

How to apply for KP Internships

Applicants for KP Internships must be undergraduate and graduate students who enroll in courses related to computer science and business. In addition, they must aspire to become business leaders in health care.

Applicants who meet these requirements can visit the company’s website. They will find all the necessary information, including the requirements, skills, qualifications, and experience. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

How to increase your chances of getting a KP 

The following tips will be helpful to applicants for the KP internship. It will provide them with information on how to get into this program. Therefore, consider them when applying for the program. They include:

#1. You must research the company, industry, and job you want to get vital information. You can do this by visiting the firm’s website to find the skills and qualifications for the internship.

#2. Learn to trust your strengths and abilities. However, you must work with your team to achieve great results and succeed as an intern.

#3. Ensure to align your career goal with the organizational goals of KP to make the best of your internship. You can get a training job there if your career goals align with the company’s vision. 

#4. Network with former and present interns at KP to get vital information about the company from them. More importantly, give them feedback as you progress in your application. 

#5. Write a good cover letter and resume that are top-notch, highlighting your skills, strengths, and abilities. Plus, how you will benefit the company with your skills.

#6. Learn new skills to excel in your job and industry. However, your employer only expects you to know some things. Your time as an intern will allow you to learn the skills and techniques you need to excel in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About KP Internships

What is the duration of KP Internships?

Internships at KP last between ten and twelve weeks over the summer. During this period, interns will perform duties assigned to them by their team leaders. They will also help other workers at KP with their tasks.

Can international students apply for KP Internships?

International students can apply for this internship, provided they meet the requirements. In addition, they must obtain work or internship permits before applying for internships at KP. More importantly, they must possess the required skills, experience, and qualifications for these programs. 

How can I apply for this program?

Students who want to intern at KP must visicompany’spany’s website to find the requirements and skills needed for their desired position. In addition, they will learn about the keywords to use in their application. After that, they can gather the documents, write an application letter, and submit them to the hiring manager at KP. 


Like other internships, the KP internship is competitive. Thus, it takes work to get it. However, if you consider the information above, it will be an easy process for you. We advise you to follow the normal process and do the right thing.