Korea Internship Summer
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Korea Internship Summer: Tips and Guidelines

Do you want to live and work in a society away from your country? Do you need a job as an international student in Korea? You can apply for a Korea Internship this summer. From bustling Seoul to seaside Busan, South Korea has some fun for you, even as an intern.

As an intern in this vibrant country, you will enjoy the complex system of Korean business culture, which is also present in countries like China and Japan. What about the traditional Korean BBQ, a visit to the DMZ, or singing karaoke with fellow interns in your spare time? The life of an intern is enjoyable in South Korea. This article covers all you need to know about interning in South Korea, including top industries and cities.

Internship in Korea

A summer internship in Korea allows local and international students to gather work experience by engaging in various fields. Students work and interact with leading professionals and experts in multiple industries and fields during this period. It allows students in different levels and academic disciplines to gain practical experience. In addition, it is a career-development opportunity for international students in Korean universities. Students use internships as a grounding in many aspects of a company. And it offers them pre-hand knowledge about various industries and sectors.

Moreover, South Korea is among the best places for international students to work as interns. It is a multicultural society that offers a welcoming environment for many students to find internships. Therefore, each year students apply for internships available to international students nationwide.

Top industries for an internship in Korea

The following focus areas and industries are the best for internships in South Korea. They include:

  1. Business Development
  2. Electronics
  3. Gaming market
  4. Information Technology
  5. Telecommunications.
  6. Finance
  7. Banking
  8. Non-profit & NGO
  9. Government
  10. Journalism

Best cities for internship in Korea

Applicants for summer internships in Korea can look for jobs in the following cities. They include:

  1. Seoul
  2. Busan
  3. Gwangju

Top Korean companies for an internship for international students

Students applying for Korea Internships in the summer can look for jobs in the following companies. They include:

  1. Google
  2. Heineken
  3. United Nations
  4. NBCU Universal
  5. Rakuten
  6. Deutsch Bank
  7. AIA
  8. Visa
  9. TikTok
  10. Henkel
  11. Kenvue
  12. DNV
  13. Samsung Electronics
  14. L’Oreal
  15. Deloitte
  16. UBS
  17. Naver

Best internship jobs in Korea

If you want to intern in South Korea this summer, the following jobs will be easy for you to get. Thus, we advise you to apply for them. They include:

  1. Software Engineering Intern
  2. English Teacher
  3. PR and Marketing Intern
  4. Data Scientist Intern
  5. Business Operations Intern
  6. Venture Capital Visiting Analyst
  7. Research Intern
  8. Legal Intern
  9. Quantitative Trading Intern 

Benefits of an internship in Korea

There are many reasons international students prefer an internship in South Korea. Here are some of the befits of interning in a UK company. They include:

#1. Korea is a multicultural and diverse society with students from many countries and backgrounds. Therefore, interns are likely to work with people from their nations. Thus, they will feel at home interning in South Korea.

#2. It allows students to work with leading professionals and experts in fields and industries. Thus, they learn from the best in their profession.

#3. It is an opportunity to gain international work experience.

#4. Students also use this to build their resumes by including their internship experience to increase their employability. 

#5. Many companies in South Korea provide career development opportunities for students to grow during internships.

How to apply for an internship in Korea

Students applying for Korea Internship in the summer must visit the company’s website. They will find open positions, the requirements, required skills, experience, and qualifications for each job. In addition, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience

More importantly, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

Steps to apply for training jobs as a student in Korea

Getting an internship in a South Korean company is hard. It is accurate, but it will become easy with the proper guidance and steps. We have provided the simple steps to get one if you follow them. They include:

Step 1. Discover your interest and industry

Step 2. Look for companies with vacancies

Step 3. Find out if you meet the requirements and qualifications

Step 4. Apply for the program if you meet the requirements

Step 5. Apply for a visa to move to South Korea

Where to find potential companies for an internship in Korea

Applicants for Korea Internship this summer can use the websites below to look for open positions. They include:

PeoplenJob: This is the best Korean job search engine for international students, including students looking for summer internships in Korea with international firms.

Seoul Professionals: It is a good site for students looking for job opportunities for varying experience levels. It is open to professionals at all levels, including interns.

Craigslist: It is mainly for students seeking English teaching and part-time opportunities. However, you can still use it to search for summer internships in Korea. 

Seoul Global Center: Support center for foreigners with a limited but regularly updated jobs board.

Kopra: Excellent resource for internships, particularly for those from EU nations. Lists opportunities not just for Korea but all over East Asia.

Korea Professional: New startup in Korea focuses on providing foreigners with professional opportunities.

Seoul Startups Job Board: New platform is hosted by Seoul Startups, which provides job listings from within the startup community.

LinkedIn: Korean companies increasingly use services such as LinkedIn to advertise positions for foreign talent. Therefore, students should visit the website to look for vacancies. 

The company’s website: Besides the job search websites above, every company posts open opposition on their website. They also include each position’s requirements, skills, qualifications, experience, and keywords. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international Students do internships in Korea?

Yes, international students can intern in Korea. For many students, the reason for applying for internships in UK companies is because of the salary. For them, paid internships motivate them to perform their tasks well. More importantly, it helps them to learn the professional and communication skills required for their jobs.

Are There Any Paid Internships?

Many Korean companies offer paid internships to international students. Therefore, international students can work part-time jobs or internships that pay them hourly. However, there can be unpaid internships in South Korea. Therefore, international students should be ready to get either paid or unpaid internships. 

Moreover, the most crucial part of an internship is the experience students gain by carrying out real projects. 

How long are internships in Korea?

Korea Internships in the summer take place between six to twelve weeks. During this period, interns gain practical experience by engaging in real projects assigned to them by their superiors. Thus, it is a preparatory period for students to build the skills needed to excel in their jobs. 

Regardless of how long your internship in Korea lasts, it will look great on your resume and set you up for future success.


Internships prepare students and fresh graduates for the task ahead. It is time for students to learn and acquire the required skills and techniques to excel in their profession. 

Above all, it exposes them to professional opportunities to take their careers to the next level. Plus, they will build a network that will benefit them.

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