Koc university scholarships

Koc University Scholarships: Eligibility, Value & Benefits

Koc University scholarships typically consist of fully funded scholarships and a few partially funded financial aid based on academic merit and financial position for undergraduate and graduate students of any nationality. The university funds these scholarships with the financial support of the government and some nongovernmental organizations.

List of Scholarships to Study at Koc University

The following are full and partial scholarships open to Koc University students.

  • IIE Syria Consortium Scholarships

This Koc University scholarship offers partial tuition funding to two Syrian undergraduate students with good academic achievements.

  • Al Ghurair Stem Scholarship

Koc University awards the Al Ghurair Stem Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students to cover all their study costs for an academic year.

  • HEC Pakistan Scholarship

Koc University grants this fully funded scholarship to Pakistani students intending to start an M.Sc. or MPhil program that would lead to a doctoral degree.

  • Fung Fellowship

Koc University’s Fung Fellowship program consists of fully funded scholarships awarded yearly to six Chinese students with good academic standing. These scholarships only fund doctoral studies.

  • Huawei Graduate Research Support Scholarship Program

This Koc University fully funded scholarship is open to full-time master’s and doctorate students whose research will focus on ICT.

  • Turkish Scholarships Program

Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students from any country can apply for the Turkish Scholarships Program at Koc University.

Who Sponsors Koc University Scholarships

Koc University jointly sponsors its scholarship programs with the Turkish government, some NGOs, and organizations, as indicated below.

  • Al Ghurair Foundation
  • Victor and Willian Fung Foundation
  • The Pakistani Higher Education Council
  • Turkey’s government YTB, i.e., the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities
  • Huawei Türkiye R&D Center
  • The Institute of International Education Syria consortium

Overview of Istanbul City

Istanbul is a Turkish city widely known as the country’s largest city, historic, cultural, and economic center. About 19% of Turkey’s population consists of people living in Istanbul. Its tourist attractions include Topkapi Palace Museum, the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sultanahmet Square, Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Maiden’s Tower, and the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Koc University is a private nonprofit institution of higher learning founded in this city in 1993. Its founder is a late philanthropist and entrepreneur in Turkey, Ahmet Vehbi Koc. As one of the leading universities in Turkey, Koc offers various undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. About 7,000 domestic and international students are currently on its campus, pursuing these degrees.

Scholarship Benefits

Benefits of Koc University Full Scholarships

The following are the comprehensive benefits of being a recipient of a fully funded scholarship at Koc University, Turkey.

  • Free tuition
  • Monthly allowance
  • Hostel accommodation
  • Paid flight tickets
  • Internships
  • Premium academic advising and career counseling

How Much are Koc University Scholarships?

There is no way to estimate the value of each scholarship awarded at Koc University, as they mostly offer full funding.

How Many Students Receive Koc University Scholarships?

Koc University does not set a particular number as the total number of recipients allowable for its scholarships per academic year.

Are Koc University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Koc University awards fully and partially funded scholarships to Turkish and international students based on their academic standing.

Duration of Koc University Scholarships

The scholarships awarded to Koc University students often cover them for two semesters, i.e., one academic session.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study are Koc University Scholarships Meant For?

Undergraduate and graduate students across Koc University colleges and programs’ fields of study can apply for scholarships, as there are no restrictions on this aspect.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Koc University Scholarships?

Yes, Turkish and international undergraduate students registered in the 22 bachelor’s programs offered at Koc University can express their interest in scholarships, provided they are eligible for financial aid.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for Koc University Scholarships

The following are the general requirements for the partially and fully funded scholarships offered at Koc University.

  • Must be a current or prospective student at Koc University. Of course, international students must hold a valid Turkish Study Visa.
  • Enrollment in a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. program at Koc University
  • High academic achievements
  • Demonstrate your current financial position
  • Test reports for TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE (if applicable)

Fees & Funding

Does Koc University give scholarships?

Yes, Koc University offers a range of partially and fully funded scholarships to Turkish and non-Turkish students of any nationality.

Is Koc University free?

No, studying at Koc University is not free, but you can subsidize the study cost by applying for scholarships.

Does Koc University have scholarships for international students?

Yes, many scholarships are available to international students at Koc University. These typically includes fully funded scholarships that cover your study cost for an academic year, including your accommodation, monthly living expenses, flight tickets, etc.

Does Koc University offer a full scholarship?

Of course, most scholarships available at Koc University, Turkey, are full scholarships. These scholarships provide 100% coverage on tuition fees, among other study costs, for the academic year.

Are Koc University scholarships easy to get?

No, domestic and international students cannot get a scholarship easily from Koc University, as thousands compete for these financial aids yearly.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Koc University Scholarships

Koc University scholarships differ in application procedures, making it necessary for you to find out about the specific requirements and application process.

For further information, you can email the university at [email protected].