Kingston business school scholarships

Kingston Business School Scholarships: Application Guide

Kingston Business School scholarships are a few partially funded scholarships for international students registered in business-related programs at Kingston University London. These scholarships cover a maximum of £5,000 out of each recipient’s study cost.

Who Sponsors Kingston Business School Scholarships?

Kingston University London is the sole sponsor of the international scholarships awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students under Kingston Business School. No external funding is included in these scholarships worth.

Overview of London City

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Kingston Business School is an academic division of Kingston University London located at Kingston Hill campus. Founded in 1992, the business school offers a range of undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, and research degrees. Besides, it possesses a few accreditations, such as AMBA, AACSB, CIM, RICS, CIPD, and EFMD EPAS. Kingston Business School has several famous alumni, like a professor, artist & author, former Chief Executive of BSkyB, and an Olympic Gold Medallist in kayaking.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Kingston Business School Scholarships?

Kingston Business School scholarships are valued at £5,000 per international student who applied and got consideration for the scholarship for their first study year.

How Many Students Receive Kingston Business School Scholarships?

Kingston Business School scholarships are limited in number, meaning that only a few students are its awardees each academic year.

Are Kingston Business School Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

The international scholarships awarded at Kingston Business School are partial scholarships for students from outside the United Kingdom. As a partially funded scholarship, they require awardees to source funds via other ways for their remaining tuition fees and maintenance fee.

Duration of Kingston Business School Scholarships

Kingston Business School grants international scholarships for one year of study, regardless of each awardee’s academic program.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study are Kingston Business School Scholarships Meant For?

Kingston Business School scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the business-related programs and courses offered by Kingston University.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Kingston Business School Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students can express their interest in the international scholarships awarded by Kingston Business School in the United Kingdom.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for Kingston Business School Scholarships

The following are the requirements for the international scholarships offered at Kingston Business School, UK.

  • Being a non-UK national, i.e., an international student
  • Must have received an admission offer letter from Kingston Business School for an undergraduate or postgraduate program
  • Planning to enroll in a business-related program at Kingston Business School in September or January
  • No enrollment at Kingston University foundation course or degree program
  • Outstanding achievements, i.e., high grades in your previous education

Documents Required to Apply for Kingston Business School Scholarships

The documents necessary while processing scholarship applications at Kingston Business School include the following.

  • An admission offer from Kingston University (.doc or PDF format)
  • Academic transcript or a worksheet showing all grades
  • Personal statement capped at 500 words, describing your future goals, academic potentials and performance, your expectations from enrolling at Kingston University, and your intention to apply your knowledge and experience upon graduation.
  • Reference letters from your past teacher or employer

Fees & Funding

Does Kingston Business School have scholarships for international students?

Yes, Kingston Business School offers a limited number of international scholarships to non-UK undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Are Kingston Business School scholarships easy to get?

No, getting the international scholarships available to Kingston Business School students is challenging due to the high competition involvement.

Does Kingston Business School offer a full scholarship?

No, Kingston Business School offers no fully funded scholarship to assist students financially in funding their university education.

Can master’s students apply for Kingston Business School scholarships?

Yes, master’s students pursuing an MA, M.Sc., or MBA program at Kingston Business School can gain financial advantage from international scholarships by applying before the deadline.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Kingston Business School Scholarships

Here are the application procedures for international scholarships at Kingston Business School.

  • Click the Apply Now button below when international scholarship applications are open.
  • Complete the scholarship application form, submit it, and receive a confirmation email, usually sent the same day.
  • Wait for the Scholarship Committee’s final decision

For any other information on the application procedures for Kingston Business School scholarships, visit the International Scholarships Department on-campus at Yorkon Building 0019, Kingston University London.

You can also contact the department by calling +44(0)20 8417 3411 or sending an email inquiry to [email protected].