Kings college scholarships

King’s College Scholarships: Application, Funding & Benefits

Overview of King’s College Scholarships

Choosing the right college is a big decision; and one that comes with a lot of factors to consider. For many students, the cost is a factor. But did you know that there are scholarships available to help cover the tuition and other expenses at King’s College? If you are not aware, we wish to inform you that King’s College Scholarships are available to students who attend the college. 

The scholarships are awarded based on financial needs and academic achievement. The application process for the scholarship is competitive, and only a limited number of scholarships are awarded each year. King’s College Scholarships are worth up to 20000 USD and renewable for up to four years with benefits attached.

Therefore, ensure you write a compelling and convincing statement of purpose while applying to the institution.

Who sponsors King’s College Scholarships?

The sponsor of the scholarships is King’s College management and other individuals in the university community.

Overview of King’s College 

King’s College is an institute of higher education located in the City of London. The college was founded in 1829 by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. It is one of the pioneer colleges of the University of London and today has over 25000 students. King’s College offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, covering arts, humanities, business, law, sciences, health, and social sciences.

The college ranked amongst the top 40 universities in the world. The university has produced some of the world’s most respected scholars. It is also known for its research contributions in several fields, including medicine, science, and business. 

The students at Kings College enjoy world-class teaching and learning facilities that makes them ahead of most graduates from other universities worldwide.

The employability and careers of King’s College graduates are good. The college has a strong reputation with employers, and its graduates are in high demand. They get jobs quickly or build reputable businesses after graduation. Those who secure jobs have their starting salaries juicy and competitive. The college also provides exceptional career support for its students that helps them to find good jobs and provides advice on career choices.

About London 

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is the largest city in the European Union, with a population of over 8 million people. The city has a long history dating back to the Roman Empire. Today, London is a global city with a diverse population, a thriving economy, and a rich cultural scene. The city is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

In addition, you will find the world’s best academic institutions, including world-renowned universities such as the University of London, Imperial College London, and King’s College London. In addition to these prestigious universities, London is also home to several other excellent colleges and research institutes. London has something remarkable to offer its visitors on a different trip to the country.

Scholarship Benefits

How many students get the King’s College Scholarships?

The number of beneficiaries depends on the applications received and the available funds to sponsor the scholarships. However, the numbers are few because the scholarships are competitive.

How much is the worth of King’s College Scholarships?

Each beneficiary could get up to 20000 USD to pursue academic activities in the college free of depression and distractions. Meanwhile,  the beneficiary must maintain the requirements to renew the scholarships.

What do King’s College Scholarships cover?

The scholarship cover needs like tuition fee, texts books, and a stipend for living expenses.

Applicable Courses

Kings College Scholarships are applicable to all courses offered in the college in both undergraduates and post graduates programs.

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship recipients undergo a stringent selection process to get the best from the numerous applications received. It becomes necessary to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the scholarships; to beat the competitiveness.

  • You must not be a recipient of any scholarships from the government or other educational organizations. 
  • You must have applied to the College for either an undergraduate or graduate program. 
  • You should have excellent academic records. 

Fees & Funding

Is Kings College London easy to get into for applicants?

Kings College London is a very competitive school with an acceptance rate of not up to 20%, so the admissions process is not easy. However, if you have excellent grades and test scores, you have a good chance of being admitted.

How long does Kings College London take to give offers?

The time it takes for Kings College London to give offers varies depending on the course and the number of applications they receive. However, they aim to offer admission to successful applicants within six weeks of receiving your application.

Does Kings College London give International students loans or financial aid?

No, the college does not offer financial aid to international students at the college. Nevertheless, International students that need financial aid or loan can access them through  Scholars 4 Dev,  US News, or Edupass.

How much money do I need to live in London as a student?

You will need  £1,500 a month; to cover your costs as a student in London. It includes rent, food, travel, and other essentials. You may need more; if you want to enjoy a social life and go out frequently.

How much is the tuition fee for Kings College London?

The tuition fee for Kings College London is £9,250 for UK and EU students and £17,910 for international students.

Application Procedure

No additional application is required for King’s College Scholarships once you have applied for admission into the college. So here are the steps to apply for King’s College admission.

  • Visit the university admission page.
  • Select the category of applicant you fall into (that is; the first year, international students, graduate, transfer, or a Common applicant) 
  • Create an account if you are a first-time user 
  • Complete the application form with verifiable details
  • Upload your academic records, which should include your SAT or ACT scores.
  • Submit your application.
  • Schedule a convenient date and time for your Interview with the admission of Kings College 

Meanwhile, you should submit your application to the college early enough before the session starts; this is usually in August, so you should apply as early as June.