Kings college london awards

King’s College London Awards

International and domestic students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program at the college are eligible for King’s College London Scholarships. These scholarship opportunities are available each year in support of ongoing education.

The scholarships range from entry to transfer to continuing students. Every student who enrolls in a degree program at King’s is eligible for a scholarship covering their tuition and other study-related costs, ranging from £10,000 to more than £76,000.

Most King’s College London Scholarships aid all students who can prove they require financial assistance in pursuing the same academic program at King’s for a specific time. 

Overview of King’s College London 

King’s College London is a public research university located in London, England, established by royal charter in 1829 under the patronage of King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. King’s College London is a well-known university that offers excellent instruction and cutting-edge research. 

The college dedicates its efforts to foster social change that is both beneficial and long-lasting and to achieving our goal of improving the world.

Who sponsors King’s College London Scholarships? 

King’s College London

Overview of London, UK

London is the capital of the United Kingdom. With a history spanning nearly two millennia, it is one of the oldest and most cosmopolitan big cities in the United Kingdom. It is not just an economic, transportation, and cultural hub in England but also the largest metropolis in Britain.

London is one of the major global cities with a significant impact on arts, entertainment, fashion, commerce, finance, education, health care, media, science, and technology.

Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at King’s College London  

Below are the different funding opportunities available at King’s College London.

1. W. Blyzinskyj Sanctuary Scholarship

  • Value of Scholarship: Up to £75,000
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate
  • Duration of Scholarship: Three years
  • Deadline: 03.08.2023

The W. Blyzinskyj Sanctuary Scholarship is available to students of Ukraine. It is a three-year undergraduate scholarship worth £75,000. One displaced undergraduate student from Ukraine may apply for the W. Blyzinskyj Ukrainian Sanctuary Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the full tuition fee waiver and an annual living stipend.

2. Sanctuary Scholarship (Pathway 1)

  • Value of Scholarship: Full Fees plus £12,667 pa bursary 
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate 
  • Duration of Scholarship: For the academic program period (All undergraduate three and four -year programs)
  • Deadline: 29.03.2023

Each Sanctuary Award includes a living expense scholarship and a complete waiver of tuition fees. Undergraduate students can apply for The Sanctuary Scholarships (Pathway 1), which provide the tuition complete price remission and a living expense award of £12,667 per academic year.

Candidates chosen receive a Sanctuary Scholarship or a Jesus the Light Scholarship. Both scholarship options will offer the same financial assistance, so there is no need for candidates to submit a different application.

3. STEM Education Teacher Scholarship

  • Value of Scholarship: Up to 70% of the total fees
  • Eligibility: Postgraduate Studies 
  • Duration of Scholarship: Throughout the registered program of study 
  • Deadline: 27.06.2023

Students enrolled in the MA in STEM Education program employed by an English public school are eligible for the scholarship (e.g., comprehensive, academy, free school). They must have been teaching for at least six months and be a specialist teacher in one of the subjects: science, mathematics, computer science, design & technology, or geography. 

The STEM Education Teacher Scholarship, worth up to 70% of the tuition for 15 candidates, is being offered by King’s College London.

4. Bosco Tso & Emily Ng Scholarship

  • Value of Scholarship: Up to £22,500
  • Eligibility: Postgraduate Studies (LLM Law)
  • Duration of Scholarship: One year
  • Deadline: 29.07.2023

The Bosco Tso & Emily Ng Scholarship Program is a fund to assist any students enrolled in King’s one-year LLM Law program who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

The scholarships, which have a value of £22,500 (domestic, European, and international), are meant to assist with living expenses and the cost of your annual tuition.

5. Newsweek Scholarship in Engineering

  • Value of Scholarship: Up to £49,310
  • Eligibility: Postgraduate (Engineering)
  • Duration of Scholarship: throughout the registered program 
  • Deadline: 22.08.2023

Newsweek’s CEO, Dr. Dev Pragad, is pleased to launch the Newsweek Engineering Scholarship. One overseas student enrolled in a taught Engineering Master’s program will receive the prize. An outstanding overseas student who can show they are experiencing financial hardship while attending King’s will receive the renowned award.

6. Li Ka Shing Michael Sandberg Memorial Award

  • Value of Scholarship: Up to £5,000 per year 
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate Studies 
  • Duration of Scholarship: Three years 
  • Deadline: 31.08.2023

The Li Ka Shing Foundation created the Lord Michael Sandberg of Passfield, OBE, CBE Memorial Scholarship in honor of the late Lord Michael Sandberg. For permanent residents of Hong Kong who want to enroll in a three-year, full-time undergraduate program at King’s, the Li Ka Shing Foundation Lord Sandberg Memorial Scholarship has been established.

The scholarship board chooses based on their academic standing and financial need. Although pupils from other Hong Kong schools are welcome to apply, those from local schools will receive preference.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Annual full-time tuition costs 
  • A portion of the tuition
  • Yearly living allowance
  • Flexible annual budget

Applicable Courses

  • Arts, 
  • Culture, 
  • Digital & Media
  • Digital Humanities
  • Film Studies
  • Music
  • Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Dentistry
  • Computer Science
  • Informatics
  • War Studies
  • Education
  • Communication 
  • Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Finance
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Management 
  • English
  • Medieval Studies

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies full-time
  • Applicants should be able to prove a need for financial aid
  • Give a brief personal statement outlining your financial struggles.
  • Submit a written personal statement 
  • Should be prepared to give the donor a year-end report and a letter of appreciation.
  • Applicants must have exceptional academic achievement
  • Students must already have an admission offer to begin a degree program.

General Requirements 

  • An individual statement
  • Full educational background
  • A Reference 
  • Results of the English Language test 
  • Official SAT result
  • Admission letter 
  • Transcripts from college or high school (where applicable)
  • Official translations into English of any materials not released in English

Fees & Funding

Can I submit more than one application to King’s College London Scholarships? 

Yes, you can submit applications for multiple courses at the same university. However, since your statement will discuss all selected courses, you should only apply to comparable programs. 

Can one submit an English Language test result after applying to King’s College London?

Yes. After submitting your application, you may submit the results of your English test. Results of any English language tests must exceed two years.

How long will it take for King’s College to decide on my application? 

If you apply for undergraduate degree programs before the deadline for your program, you will hear back by May 19. Waiting durations can vary between courses.

Application Procedure

  • Read this application guidance before submitting
  • Register your application online
  • Answer all questions 
  • Submit your application
Contact Information 

King’s College London Strand London WC2R 2LS United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7836 5454

Email: [email protected]