Kimep university scholarships

KIMEP University Scholarships: Application & Eligibility

Overview of KIMEP University Scholarships

Are you interested in pursuing your academic career at KIMEP University but need a partial or a full funding scholarship to ease your financial commitment during the program? If yes, we are glad to inform you that KIMEP University Scholarships is a good option for you to tap into without wasting time.

KIMEP University Scholarships are one of the most prestigious graduates and undergraduate scholarships in Kazakhstan; They are awarded to the top students in the country and provide full funding for their studies at KIMEP University. The scholarships are competitive, and only the best students can receive them. It makes KIMEP University Scholarships highly sought after by students in Kazakhstan. In addition,  there are scholarships open to transfer and international students of the University with full or partial funding options.

However, to be a beneficiary of the KIMEP University Scholarships, there are eligibility criteria and application procedures you must fulfill. This scholarship guide is to provide you with details such as benefits, eligibility requirements, and other vital information. 

Who sponsors KIMEP University Scholarships?

Some scholarships at KIMEP university enjoy the sponsorship of individuals and organizations. Also, a good number of them are funded by KIMEP University.

An overview of  KIMEP University 

KIMEP University is a leading institution of higher learning located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1992 and has become a premier educational institution in Central Asia. KIMEP offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western education, preparing its students for success in an increasingly globalized world. The University provides a comprehensive education, with graduate and undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences, business, law, and education.

The University provides world-class learning facilities for its students. The facilities include a modern library, well-equipped classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories. It is also committed to research and offers its students opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects. KIMEP University is an excellent choice for students searching for a challenging and enriching academic experience. With a population of about 3,000 and over 100 faculty members, the student-to-teacher distribution makes learning conducive and interactive.

KIMEP University students have an active and engaged lifestyle on campus and off. It could be from joining one of the many student organizations to participating in intramural sports; there is always something to do. KIMEP students also enjoy exploring the city of Almaty with its many cafes, restaurants, and parks. When they are not busy with schoolwork or extracurricular activities, KIMEP students could be relaxing in their dorm rooms or apartments with friends.

Lastly, the KIMEP University tuition fee for the 2019-2020 academic year is $13,950 for Kazakhstani students and $18,950 for international students. The University has a need-based financial aid program for Kazakhstani students.

About Almaty

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, is a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis that hosts vast industrial and mining complexes. Also, a tightly packed neighborhood of concrete and brick buildings. The city’s attractions include; the spectacular Khan Shatyr Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Central Asia, and the 1896-built Almaty Opera House.

Students in Almaty are constantly on the go, and many rely on public transportation to get around the school and the hostels. Despite the high cost of living, students in Almaty say they enjoy their campus life and the diversity it offers them.

KIMEP University Scholarships 

KIMEP University offers several scholarships that students can apply for if they meet the requirements. Meanwhile, let us give quick facts about one of the scholarships while the others will be listed.

KIMEP University Presidential Scholarship 

This scholarship is full-tuition based and is awarded to only three students from the total number of applicants. The three recipients are selected from the second to fourth-year level students. The scholarship is valid for only one academic section, and the recipient should have a minimum of 4.0 GPA. However, KIMEP University Presidential Scholarship does not cover students, medical, dormitory, and library fees. The scholarship is open to all students enrolled or transferred to the university, and the application deadline is June 29, 2023.

Other scholarships available at KIMEP University are:

  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Kazenergy Association Scholarship 
  • KIMEP University Dean’s Scholarship 
  • Scholarships for current graduate students 

Scholarship Benefits

How many students benefit from KIMEP University Scholarships?

The number of recipients can be up to 45 students per scholarship, and the minimum number of recipients is two.

How much does each KIMEP University scholarship recipient receive?

Most scholarships are worth 100% or less of the tuition fee for KIMEP University programs.

Are KIMEP University Scholarships renewable?

The scholarships are not renewable because they are valid for one academic year.

What do KIMEP University Scholarships cover?

The scholarships cover either full tuition or a percentage of them, and some cover monthly stipends.

Applicable Courses

KIMEP University Scholarships are open to all courses that are offered at undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree programs of the University.

Eligibility Criteria

KIMEP University Scholarships are available to domestic and international students who demonstrate academic excellence and meet the criteria below. Eligible candidates must: 

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree program at KIMEP University
  • Have a current GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Be a full-time student at KIMEP University 
  • You should have a minimum of 12 credits left for Fall 2022 before graduation 

Note that there are additional criteria for each scholarship to be fulfilled by the applicants.

Fees & Funding

Is there any financial aid for students aside from KIMEP University scholarships?

Yes, there are other sources of financial aid for students. You can look into government grants, loans, and private scholarships. Many fundraising platforms can help you raise money for your education.

Is  KIMEP University recognized internationally?

Yes, KIMEP University is recognized internationally. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is a member of the Association of International Educators.

Are KIMEP University admissions competitive?

KIMEP University is a highly competitive school. The admissions process is very competitive, and only the most qualified students are admitted into the University.

What does KIMEP stand for?

KIMEP is an acronym for the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research. It is known for its high-quality research and commitment to providing policy-relevant to decision-makers in the country.

What are the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Some of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan include:

  • The quality of education may not be as high as in other countries
  • There may be a language barrier, as English is not always the primary language spoken in Kazakhstan
  • The cost of living and studying in Kazakhstan can be expensive
  • There may be limited opportunities for clinical rotations and residency training

Application Procedure

To apply for a KIMEP University scholarship, students must submit an online application first. If the application is successful, the student will proceed to documentation by providing documents such as transcripts, essays, and test scores. After the required documentation, those considered for the scholarships will be contacted for an interview.

However, applicants need to visit the scholarship page of the University for additional information for a successful application.