Khazar university scholarships

Khazar University Scholarships: Funding and Application

Merit-based scholarships, exchange programs, and government-funded scholarships for domestic and international students are part of the Khazar University Scholarships. The scholarships are available to students who wish to enrol in the institution’s bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. These tuition awards range from 75% to 100% of the cost of tuition.

Overview of Khazar University 

Khazar University is the first university in Azerbaijan made up of several autonomous institutions unified by the same academic standards and policies. The institution offers several majors in the humanities and social sciences, architecture, engineering, applied sciences, economics, management, and business administration.

This renowned private university founded in 1991, emphasizes academic achievement and participation. The university does so to ensure that every student has a high-quality educational experience and achieves exceptional excellence in their subject. Khazar university comprises four campuses which are all in Baku.

Whatever curriculum you choose for yourself, your educational experience will always be in-depth, career-focused, and internship-solidified because Khazar University has a world-class capacity for undertaking internationally acclaimed research. 

Who sponsors Khazar University Scholarships? 

Khazar University sponsors the Khazar University Scholarships.

Overview of Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan is a southwest Asian nation at the confluence of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Caspian Sea, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran border Azerbaijan externally. The president is the head of state, and the prime minister oversees the government. The political system is a republic.

Azerbaijan has a mixed economic system. Although market-based reforms have made significant headway, the structural and industrial system still relies heavily on government planning. The production of oil and gas, which contributed over 80% of export earnings and nearly 40% of Azerbaijan’s GDP, is the economic backbone of Azerbaijan.

Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at Khazar University 

Below are the different funding opportunities available at Khazar University.

1. Khazar University Merit Scholarships:

Khazar University offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships. The applicant does not have to submit a separate scholarship application. Khazar University will inform the candidate in the Offer of Admission if they are eligible after assessing their admission application. If accepted, the scholarship will be evaluated annually by a committee of academic experts appointed by Khazar University. The merit scholarship is extendable if the applicant has outstanding academic performance.

These scholarships offer competitively priced tuition coverage ranging between 75% to 100%. 

2. Government of Azerbaijan Scholarship Programme For Citizens of the OIC and the NAM member Countries 2022

This scholarship offers selected applicants the opportunity to enrol in preparatory courses, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, general medicine, and residency programs at the top universities in Azerbaijan each year.

The president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, respectively, approved the Scholarship program for the Citizens of the Member Countries of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation by the directives of The Educational Grant. This initiative promotes harmony and cooperation between Azerbaijan and the other participating nations.

The program provides qualified applicants with fully financed scholarships.

3. Khazar University Exchange Programs

Khazar University can facilitate student exchange programs through bilateral relationships with foreign universities. Students who are qualified and submit an application can spend one or more semesters studying abroad under the terms of the exchange agreement.

These students do not pay any additional tuition. However, they are in charge of covering their travel and residing costs in the host nation. Students at Khazar University who are in their second, third, or fourth year of study are eligible for the program.

Annual announcements of exchange opportunities include a clear deadline. Students at Khazar University should email the required files to [email protected] or deliver them in person to the Neftchiler Campus to apply for an exchange program.

Scholarship Benefits

Khazar University scholarships offer the following benefits to international students:

  • Pay the entire tuition amount.
  • The scholarship does not include living, transportation, or other costs.
  • If students continue to achieve the academic standards set by the university, the scholarship is renewable.

Government-funded scholarships

  • Covers tuition fees
  • Pays the cost of the international flight
  • A monthly allowance for food, lodging, and utility expenses 
  • Covers Health insurance
  • Visa and enrollment fees

Applicable Courses

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Electronic, Telecommunications and Radio
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Bio-Medical Technology Engineering 
  • School of Economics and Management 
  • Business Administration in Tourism Hotel Management
  • Humanities
  • Social Science 
  • Education
  • Mathematics 
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration in Management 
  • Business Administration in Finance
  • Business Administration in Accounting and Auditing

Eligibility Criteria

The following qualifies applicants for the Khazar University Scholarships:

  • All students worldwide are eligible to apply.
  • The scholarship is available for the Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.
  • Applicants need a transcript from a prior degree to apply for a master’s degree.
  • They also need a Master’s degree to apply for a PhD.
  • The applicant should demonstrate academic aptitude with a strong desire to pursue studies in the desired field at the university.
  • The English language certificate or the IELTS/TOEFL international English language test is also necessary.
  • Candidates must also fulfil the standards for university admission.
  • Express your desire to pursue your chosen topic of study.

General Requirements 

All Khazar university scholarship applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Undergraduate degree certificate or diploma, a master’s application form, and a secondary school diploma
  • Academic Records Transcripts
  • Motivational Statement Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
  • The Medical Exam Certificate
  • International passport photocopy
  • Scores from recognized English language tests (current TOEFL/IELTS; old scores are not allowed)
  • Documents attesting to extracurricular activity

Fees & Funding

How can I apply for a student visa as an international student?

Students must apply for a student visa at the embassy or consulate of Azerbaijan in their home country or country of residence. Ask the International Affairs Office to assist you in locating the appropriate embassy if your native country does not have one.

You should apply for the visa at least a month before your anticipated arrival because, depending on the nation, the process can take some time (typically a month or more).

How do I send my application documents to the university?

You can email scanned copies of papers or mail originals. 

How can I extend my visa as a university student?

Before arriving, you should apply for a student visa with a validity of one to three months. You will apply for a residence permit, which will allow you to stay in the nation for six months or a year, a month before the expiration of your visa. You can obtain the residence permit (also known as the “migration card”) with the help of the International Affairs Office.

Application Procedure

  • The Khazar University scholarship application procedure is online.
  • Khazar University Scholarships do not require a separate application. Candidates are considered for the prize after applying for admission.
  • After deciding on a program, download the application
  • Complete your application form following the instructions.
  • Applications can be sent via email to [email protected] along with the necessary paperwork or by postal mail to the International Affairs Office.
Contact Information 

Khazar University, Neftchiler Campus 41 Mehseti Street, Baku, AZ1096, Azerbaijan

Phone: (+99412) 421-17-08

(+99412) 421-79-16 

[email protected]