Kent state university scholarships

Guide on how to apply for Kent state university scholarships

There are a variety of Kent State University scholarships in the UK that are granted to students who apply and merit the scholarship. Scholarships are great opportunities that help students finish their dream course with ease as it covers the tuition fees, hostel, and well-built classrooms for effective learning and often have additional benefits.

Scholarships offer monetary help for students to help pay for professional education. These assets empower students to get the help they might not have had otherwise. Scholarships go further than being the monetary guide for some students. They reward meriting students with the capacity to manage the cost of advanced education.

About Kent state university scholarships

Kent State University (KSU) is a public exploration university in Ohio, USA. It is the third-biggest University in Ohio. In Fall 2021, the KSU campus saw an enlistment of more than 25,000 students including 5% global students from in excess of 98 nations.

The university offers an assortment of scholarships and valuable opportunities for students selected at Kent State and the Provincial campuses. Scholarships are given to students depending on various models.

Kent State University also offers a variety of scholarships to students who accomplish exceptional scholarly benefits from the passage level and past level in their undergraduate and postgraduate examinations.

Additionally, the university is popular for serving its students in the country’s most memorable gluten-free feasting hall. With a sum of 131 structures, the point of convergence of the university is the College center with its extensive Risman Square, flanked by both the 12-story library and the Kent study Center.

Types of Kent State University scholarships

 Kent state university offers scholarships to the following sets of people:

1. First-year students (from OHIO  and from outside of OHIO)

Merit grants can be applied exclusively to educational costs, information, and general expenses. If a mix of the legitimacy scholarship and some other educational cost Scholarship surpasses the expense of educational cost at Kent State College, the grant might be diminished or dropped.

On the off chance that you will be the beneficiary of a Kent State University Worker Educational cost Advantage Waiver, NEOMED representative educational cost-benefit, or an educational cost waiver presented by another school or college, your educational cost scholarship deal will be diminished or dropped.

2. Transfer students

The Transfer grants recorded are merit scholarships and are granted consequently to students after they are owned up to Kent State University and all records from past organizations have been obtained and assessed. No extra application is expected to be considered for these honors.

Transfer grants are cutthroat, and financing is restricted. The honors are for a limit of 4 semesters and are granted for fall and spring as it were. If the student graduates early, they will relinquish any leftover semesters of qualification. The exchange scholarship can’t be reached past 4 semesters.

3. Newly admitted students

This is Another pursuit opportunity that helps match students to Kent university scholarships. To utilize the opportunity, you should be a concession or proceed with students at Kent State. Complete the 2022-2023 students’ Monetary Guide Grant Application in ScholarshipUniverse!

4. International student

These are scholarships that are offered to students outside the United Kingdom at Kent State University. Some scholarships are applicable to international students only. However, international students can also apply for other scholarships offered by Kent State University’s colleges, campuses, and other sources.

5. Returning students

There are some scholarships that are awarded to returning students of Kent State University. Returning students are students who are currently studying at the university. If you are currently enrolled in your second year or beyond, you are encouraged to explore other scholarships on ScholarshipUniverse.

Scholarship Benefits

The successful students will get $4,000 each year ($2,000 per semester) under the Kent State University Worldwide scholarship plan. This will decrease the expense of the 4-year college degree by up to $16,000

Kent State Tuscarawas grants more than $375,000 in scholarships every year to meriting students


Applicable Courses

All courses offered at the institution are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for First-year students (from OHIO and from outside OHIO)

  1. You should be delegated as an OHIO inhabitant of Ohio and as a non-inhabitant for non-inhabitants of OHIO for educational costs.
  2.  Be a U.S. resident
  3. proclaim a four-year certification-giving major, and want to enlist full-time at Kent State.

Eligibility criteria for Transfer students’ scholarship

To be qualified for an honor, students should have at least 24 Transfer credit hours, acquired after secondary school graduation. It should be acknowledged as a credit at Kent State University and is utilized in the GPA estimation at their school.

Fees & Funding

How would I acknowledge the Kent State grant?

Sign in to your FlashLine account at Select Students from the menu on the left. Pick Funds and afterward Financial aid. snap-on Monetary Guide Scholarships – view, acknowledge or decline monetary guide scholarship, select the suitable Honor Year, and click Submit. 

Does Kent State University offer an all-grant for worldwide students?

The Worldwide scholarship is accessible to all approaching global college certificates looking for students who have been owned up to Kent State. The Worldwide Grant furnishes qualified students with $4,000 each year ($2,000 per semester), decreasing the expense of a Kent State 4-year college degree by up to $16,000.

How much is the application expense for Kent State College?

Your affirmation application can be submitted through the Normal Application or the Kent State Application. The application expense is $50.

Does Kent State give merit grants?

You will be considered for first-year understudy merit grants assuming you apply to Kent State College by February 1, 2023. You should apply and be admitted to Kent State University by December 1, 2022, to be considered for encouragement to apply to the Distinctions School.

What is the Kent State Commitment scholarship?

Kent State College has opened the chance for all qualified students in the LeBron James Family Establishment’s (LJFF) most seasoned I Commitment Organization class by ensuring free educational cost for a very long time, and one year of free room and dinner plan.



At Kent State University, every student graduates with success. That implies offering scholastic, individual, and monetary help at each place of a student’s way to their effective profession. Scholarships are another way Kent State encourages students so they graduate with as little obligation as could be expected.

You will be considered for first-year student merit grants assuming you apply to Kent State College by February 1, 2023. You should apply and be admitted to Kent State University by December 1, 2022, to be considered for encouragement to apply to the School.


Application Procedure

The following are the steps on how to apply for a Kent state university scholarship:

  1. Complete a Scholastic Year 2023-24 FAFSA structure
  2. On favorable terms with the College with a 3.0 GPA or better.
  3. Be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior undergraduate student.
  4. Students should go to the Kent campus.
  5. Students should also be enlisted for the accompanying fall and spring semesters

To investigate other worldwide scholarships at the College of Kent, candidates should utilize the college’s find a scholarship page. On this single page, you’ll see all the College of Kent Grants and set channels according to your prerequisites. Apply for every one of the grants astutely and cautiously.

Required Documents

 Additional requirements for undergraduate students include:

  1. Official records (Min. GPA at least 2.5)
  2. ACT or SAT scores (recommended)
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. Academic Resume
  5. English Capability Scores
  6. TOEFL iBT-71
  7. IELTS-6.0

  Additional requirements for postgraduate students include:

  1. Duplicate of true records (Min. GPA at least 3.0)
  2. GMAT/GRE score
  3. Writing sample
  4. Personal statement
  5. Portfolio
  6. Letter of recommendation
  7. Narrative-arranged coursework or licensure
  8. English Capability Scores
  9. TOEFL IBT-71-94
  10. IELTS-6.0-7.0