Kadir has university scholarships

Kadir Has University Scholarships: How to apply & Value

There are various scholarships available to students of Kadir Has University, Turkey, and the good news is that almost all scholarship types are available to international students. Additionally, students do not need to apply separately for a KHAS scholarship as they are automatically considered upon application to the university for any of the school’s programs.

There are partial and fully funded merit-based scholarships for students of Kadir Has university. However, there is only one need-based scholarship for students of KHU, and this is known as the White Dove Scholarship Program for citizens of Turkey.

Who sponsors Kadir Has University Scholarships?

Kadir Has is the sole sponsor of Kadir Has University Scholarships. However, the school sponsors the White Dove Scholarship Program in partnership with various indigenous organizations, including Deniz Bank, Ozdilek Holding, and many others.  

About Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, established in 1977 as a private non-profit university. The university has numerous undergraduate faculties like Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics, Administrative, Social Sciences, Management, Art and Design, Communications, Law, and many others.

There are about 6,000 students enrolled in the school’s undergraduate programs. Furthermore, Kadir Has University has about 1,000 students enrolled in its twenty-six Master’s programs and nine Doctoral degree programs. 

Kadir Has University is in Cibali District. Kadir Has Street. Fatih / ISTANBUL 34083

About Kadir Has University’s White Doves Scholarship Program

The White Dove Scholarship Program is the only Kadir Has University Scholarship based on financial needs. Its beneficiaries are economically limited students who may not be able to complete their undergraduate programs without financial aid. These young people fall within the scope of the White Doves Scholarship Program, established with contributions from the Kadir Has Foundation and other donors. 

The scholarship awards free tuition as well as accommodation and books. It also pays support allowances to the beneficiaries for ten months in each academic year for the duration of the beneficiaries’ undergraduate program. The support allowance is 2,000 TL, and the book allowance is 5,000 TL. 

Merit-Based Kadir Has University Scholarships

Here are some of the merit-based scholarships offered by Kadir Has University

ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) Scholarship for KHU

This scholarship type offers 50% and full-tuition scholarships to successful candidates. These scholarships last for one year of a mandatory foreign language preparatory class and four years of a degree program. 

KHU Honorary Scholarship

This scholarship is for continuing students who have completed a full year of mandatory and elective courses, gathering the required credits, and with an annual average GPA of 3.00 to 4.00. The Kabri Has Honorary Scholarship is awarded at the beginning of each academic year and lasts for two semesters. 

Kadir Has Scholarship

This Kadir Has scholarship is a tuition allowance paid to undergraduate students who keep regular class attendance for nine months in an academic year. These beneficiaries will receive this allowance throughout their undergraduate program – a total of five years (four years for an undergraduate program and one year in the school of foreign languages). The scholarship is paid on the condition that the recipient maintains a GPA of at least 1.80. If the GPA falls beneath this standard, the university will suspend the scholarship until the recipient’s GPA meets the school’s expectations. 

Accommodation / Dormitory Scholarship

Students who do not live in Istanbul and rank in the first 3,000 on the university placement exams will gain an accommodation or dormitory scholarship. Kadir Has University provides free three-in-a-room dormitory accommodation for such students. If the dormitories are unavailable, the beneficiaries will receive a monthly 300 TRY as accommodation support. This support will last nine months each academic year until the students’ undergraduate program elapses. This will last for five years – one year for the foreign languages school and four years for the undergraduate program. 

Apart from the scholarships above, there are other Kadir Has Scholarships

  • Abitur Scholarship
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship
  • Matura Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

How much is Kadir Has University Scholarship?

Kabir Has University Scholarships are tuition waivers that beneficiaries receive on the basis of their academic performance. The scholarships can be partial funding ranging from 25% to 100%, depending on the beneficiary’s GPA.

How many students receive Kadir Has University Scholarships?

There is no definite number of students who receive the Kabir Has University Scholarships. However, all students become likely recipients of any of the university’s scholarships, by virtue of their application for admission into the institution. 

Applicable Courses

Kadir Has University Scholarships are applicable to all programs at the university, including master’s and Postdoctoral programs specifically in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences

Eligibility Criteria

While all students of Kadir Has University are considered for scholarships, not all of them eventually become beneficiaries. This is because there are certain requirements that students of KHU must fulfill before becoming scholarship holders. 

For White Doves Scholarships

  • Must be a citizen of Turkey
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a 12th-grade high school student at the time of application
  • Must rank within the top 30,000 in the university entrance exam
  • Must have a diploma grade between 4.0 to 5.0 or 80 out of 100
  • Students who graduate from high school in the top three positions will not need an entrance examination.

For merit-based Kadir Has University Scholarships

  • Candidates must be foreign citizens
  • Must have an Equivalency Certificate of High School degree
  • You must maintain a CPGA of 1.8 to get a scholarship every year

Fees & Funding

What type of scholarships does Kadir Has University offer?

Apart from the White Doves Scholarship Program which is a fully funded scholarship, all other Kadir Has University Scholarships are either part or full tuition funding, or accommodation scholarships.

Are international students eligible for Kadir Has University Scholarships?

Yes, international students are eligible for KHU scholarships except for the White Doves Scholarships which are meant only for Turkish citizens.

How can I apply for a Kadir Has Scholarship?

KHU scholarships are merit-based and are awarded based on the documents that you submit during the admission application process. Therefore, your GPA will decide the type of scholarship you will receive. Thereafter, your continued academic performance will determine whether the scholarship will be sustained throughout your program at the university. 

Application Procedure

Apart from the need-based White Doves Scholarship Program which has a clear application procedure, merit-based Kadir Has University Scholarships are mainly awarded on the strength of the candidate’s online application for admission into the university. For further inquiry: 

+90 (212) 533 65 32

Or email

[email protected]

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