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Do you know that most students participating in the JWT Internship become employed after graduation? Of course, you will never see this insider information on any platform. But previous interns at JWT can attest to this claim.

Don’t get it twisted. The internship is the easiest way to get you into the company as a staff member, whether temporarily or permanently. So, you will need to do the same degree of exceptional work in writing your application as you would in preparing for an interview. Here is an article that explores the eligibility, requirements, and application process for JWT Internships.

About Jwt

JWT, now Wunderman Thompson, is an advertising agency in New York focused on business-to-business marketing. It took up the challenge of developing, expanding, and advancing print, radio, and television advertising earlier. Therefore, it established a legacy in advertising as one of the first agencies to employ writers and artists to create exciting advertisements for clients.

In 1987, the multinational holding company WPP plc acquired JWT. Furthermore, in 2018, WPP merged J. Walter Thompson with fellow agency Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson.

Regardless, the company still maintains its initial role as an agency providing clients with various advertising services. It became the first agency to provide certain services, including copy, layout, package design, trademark development, and rudimentary market research to clients worldwide.

Overview Jwt Internship Program

The Jwt Internship Program is a 12-week, quarterly paid, global program for creatively-minded and data-loving students, graduates, and young professionals from all backgrounds. This internship is not just limited to advertising; it spreads across marketing, sales, and IT.

Although anybody can get creative ideas, only some know how to apply their creativity to handle real-life situations. Undoubtedly, JWT Internship allows creative students to use their innovative ideas. However, it teaches them how to apply creativity to real clients and cases.

In this internship, participants will work in an active agency setting while collaborating with teams of experienced professionals. They can also work on live briefs and enhance their portfolios with actual client work.
In addition, participating students will receive a monthly stipend during the three-month internship.

Benefits of the Jwt Internship Program

The JWT Internship Program pays its interns and provides them additional benefits. These other benefits help the interns have the practical experience and rudiments of their job industry. This knowledge will guide them in making career and employment choices as well as a specialty of choice.

Ready to learn more? The following are the benefits of the Jwt Internship Program;

  • During this program, interns will learn the basics of digital media and analytics.
  • Interns will also get practical experience trafficking ads on platforms like Google and Meta and pacing a client’s budget.
  • They will also learn analytics, including managing data in WT’s proprietary reporting platform.
  • Also, interns at JWT will have access to the company’s highly talented and expert mentors and special mentorship programs.
  • Through a series of projects, programs, and events, the internship exposes interns to network and networking opportunities with top-tier professionals in the industry and a sizable intern alumni network.
  • Interns at JWT receive competitive monthly stipends
  • Furthermore, interns get access to top-level executives and employees through the company’s monthly Speaker Series and Roundtables.
  • Last but not least, the Jwt Internship Program introduces interns to a creative, collaborative, and inclusive company and work culture.

Expected Salary of an intern at Jwt Internship Program

At JWT, there is no indication of the salary interns receive. The base amount that the company pays its interns at the time of this post ranges from $37.52 and above hourly. However, these wages will accumulate into monthly stipends ranging from $4,250 to $6,350.

These amounts paid for salaries vary with the internship position and how long the intern works every day throughout the month. Interns can also request the company to cumulate their salary until they exhaust their internship duration.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Jwt Internship Program

Applicants intending to apply for the JWT Internship Program must fulfill the following eligibility requirements;

  • The applicant must be passionate and curious about marketing and digital strategy.
  • They must also show enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about advertising and create work that exceeds expectations.
  • Detailed-oriented candidates with strong listening skills are welcome to apply.
  • Additionally, applicants must have legal authorization to live and work in the United States.
  • Also, they must be willing to work 40 hours per week during regular business hours throughout the internship program.
  • Similarly, applicants must exhibit strong organizational and planning skills.
  • They must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • They must also know about social media platforms, trends, and best practices.
  • Additionally, students must demonstrate proficiency and writing in English and a basic understanding of the local language of the assigned country.


  • An Undergraduate or a Master’s degree certification.
  • A resume. Applicants should also include their projected graduation date (if applicable).
  • Reference letter
  • Cover letter

Applying for the Jwt Internship Program

Here are the steps to follow to apply for the JWT Internship Program.
1. Check the Jwt career portal for internship openings and available vacancies.
2. Click on the internship role of choice to find out the job description, eligibility criteria, requirements, and responsibilities of the internship roles.
3. Once you know your eligibility, begin by registering your application.
4. Upload your documents alongside your resume and cover letter. As a tip, ensure that your resume follows the correct format the organization appreciates. Also, correctly list your experiences in your resume to capture your skill sets.
5. Review your application to make sure you put in the correct information.
6. Submit your application and wait for the company to reply.

Application Deadline for the Jwt Internship Program

The deadline for the internship Program is not constant, as is the opening date for application. In addition, it varies with different countries and locations.

JWT will open the application portal whenever there is an available opening. The internship positions have different application openings and closing dates. Application for 2023 is open and will close on the 3rd of April. For subsequent application openings, applicants should check the company page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does JWT Internship Program hire international candidates?

Despite the challenges beclouding hiring interns from outside the US, the JWT Internship Program hires international candidates. However, the candidate must be capable of covering their expenses throughout the 12 weeks of the internship. In addition, they must have legal authorization to live and work in the US.

Can one apply for more than one role simultaneously for the JWT Internship?

Yes, an applicant can apply for more than one role at the same time. However, JWT will only process their application for one vacant position at a time. They also must attend the interviews for both vacancies as scheduled. If the applicant is unsuccessful in their first preference, the JWT Internship hiring manager may consider them for the second preference (subject to business needs and requirements).

Is there an alternative for conducting a face-to-face interview for an applicant not in the US at the time of the interview?

Yes, JWT makes provision for applicants not in the US for the face-to-face interview to engage in an online interview. However, the provision sometimes depends on whether there are no applicants suitable for the job after the recruiting office must have reviewed their applications.

Can an applicant with an average grade still apply for the JWT Internship program?

It is always advisable for applicants with an average CGPA to apply for JWT Internship. JWT considers your academic performance but prioritizes candidates with creative and innovative abilities. So, the company does not prioritize academic performance.

Of course, this internship does not mean you should neglect your CGPA. It only means that JWT will choose interns who possess vital personal attributes, such as communication and interpersonal skills, leadership, business acumen, and technical capabilities, with average GP than those with great GPAs but lack some of the qualities mentioned above. To that effect, applicants must sell their skills through their resumes. They must also position themselves as problem-solvers in their cover letters and interview.

Can applicants email their resumes directly to the Recruitment Team at JWT?

The JWT Internship program requires all applicants to submit their documents through the internship application portal—any applicant who submits their documents directly through email risks disqualification.
Therefore, read the requirements and application guidelines before submitting an internship application.


Every student interested in learning the secrets of advertising, sales, and marketing should not hesitate to apply for the JWT Internship. Although there are other internships available in business and marketing, JWT has a history of taking its interns by the hand and leading them through the basics of sales and marketing.