Jumeira university scholarships

Jumeira University Scholarships: Funding and Benefits

There are Jumeira University Scholarships that cover partial tuition from 10%, 50%, 75%, and even up to 90%. Other scholarships award 100% tuition to their beneficiaries who fulfill the eligibility criteria. However, most Jumeira University Scholarships do not award to international students. They are targeted at UAE citizens and permanent residents. 

Who sponsors Jumeira University Scholarships?

The school sponsors most Jumeira University scholarships. However, some scholarships are awarded in collaboration with the government, certain schools, embassies, and other organizations. 

About Jumeira University

Jumeira University is a private education institution founded by Major General Khalifa bin Dhaen al Mheiri in 2011. The university offers accredited programs in Business Administration, Healthcare Management, Environmental Health, Education in Early Childhood, and Islamic Studies, among others. The university is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to the UAE culture and Islamic values. 

Jumeira University is situated at Latifa Bint Hamdan Street West, Dubai, 555532, United Arab Emirates

Types of Jumeira University Scholarships

There are about 14 types of scholarships that Jumeira University offers to its students. 

1. Jumeira University Khalifa Scholarship

Two students benefit from the Jumeira Khalifa Scholarship, every academic session. The scholarship offers full tuition to eligible students enrolled in any of the school’s programs. 

2. Jumeira University Honor Scholarship

This scholarship is partial funding that covers 50% and 75% of the tuition fees for citizens of the UAE based on their academic performance. The Jumeira University Honor Scholarship awards 75% of the tuition fee o students who get a score of 90% or above in secondary school while 50% is offered to students who obtain a score of 80% or above in secondary school.  

3. Jumeira Mujtamaee Scholarship

The Mujtamaee scholarship covers full tuition for one academic year. Students who obtain a score of 75% in secondary school in the current year are eligible for this type of scholarship. 

4. Jumeira Family Scholarship

Students whose siblings are enrolled at Jumeira University are eligible for a 10% scholarship on their tuition for the first academic year. 

5. Access Scholarship for Jumeira University

This scholarship type is based on financial needs. Jumeira University offers the Access Scholarship for 25% and 75% partial funding of students’ tuition. However, eligible applicants must demonstrate a financial need. Also, this scholarship covers the duration of the degree. 

6. Jumeira University Academic Achievement Scholarship

Beneficiaries of the Academic Achievement Scholarship are full-time students whose annual academic performance is up to accepted standards. For this type of scholarship, the university covers part of the next year’s tuition for returning students in the following categories

  • 15% of fees for a GPA of 3.9 and above 
  • 10% of fees for a GPA of 3.7 and above 
  • 5% of fees for a GPA of 3.5 and above
7. Jumeira Early Admission Scholarship

Students who apply for admission early (before the 31st of July, at the beginning of the Fall Semester), are eligible for the Early Admission Scholarship. This scholarship covers 10% of one academic year’s tuition. 

8. Schools Partnership Scholarship

The Partnership Scholarship is an arrangement the Jumeira University has with various schools in the country, to give their secondary school graduates an opportunity to pursue their education at Jumeira University, on a scholarship scheme. The Partnership Scholarship gives an annual 30% and 75% rebate on tuition fees.

Other types of Jumeira University Scholarships  

9. English Program Scholarship (Partial scholarship covering 30% of the tuition for all levels of the English Language for Academic Studies program)

10. Government Scholarship (total funding of tuition fees each semester, for undergraduate students who are working in government organizations that partner with Jumeira University)

11. Research Scholarship (offers a 75% discount on tuition fees per semester, to undergraduate students who demonstrate strong skills in the area of research) 

12. Engagement Scholarship (offers a 50% to 75% discount, to undergraduate students who are interested in becoming Jumeira University ambassadors, as a result of their strong engagement skills)

13. Zayed Scholarship (awarded in honor of the late founder of the UAE – Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan. It is a full tuition scholarship and is given to one student per academic year)

14. Embassies and Consulates Partnership Scholarship (Jumeira University partners with some embassies to partially sponsor students who are interested in pursuing higher education on a scholarship program. The scholarship offers a rebate of 30% and 75% on tuition fees.

Scholarship Benefits

What is the value of Jumeira University Scholarships?

Jumeira University Scholarships vary according to the type and terms of the award. For example, certain scholarships award full tuition while some award 75%, 50%, or even less. 

How many students are Jumeira University Scholarships meant for?

Most of the scholarships are awarded to two students in an academic year, with the exception of the Mutjamaee scholarship, Family Scholarship, English Program Scholarship, Research Scholarship, and Zayed Scholarship.

Applicable Courses

The scholarships are meant for the following courses:

  • Business Administration in Event Management 
  • Business Administration in Islamic Banking & Finance 
  • Science in Healthcare Management 
  • Science in Environmental Health 
  • Education in Early Childhood 
  • Islamic Studies

Eligibility Criteria

There are about 14 different types of Jumeira University Scholarships and each one has its own specific requirements which an applicant must fulfill in order to be considered eligible. But first, let’s look at the general requirements.

General Requirements for Jumeira University Scholarships

  1. Candidate must be a UAE national
  2. Must pass the Jumeira University admission interview
  3. Must work according to the Academic Program Roadmap (ARM) issued by the Registrar’s Office
  4. Must fulfill the requirements of the program completion plan
  5. Must complete the degree without any interruption or postponement
  6. Must not change major after registration

Other Requirements for Jumeira University Scholarships eligibility

For Khalifa scholarship
  1. Candidate must be aged between 18 and 19 years
  2. Must hold a score of at least 80% in the secondary school certificate 
  3. For Mujtamaee Scholarship
  4. Applicant must be a UAE national or a permanent resident 
  5. Be aged between 18 and 21 years
  6. Hold a score of at least 75% in secondary school
  7. Must have graduated from secondary school within two years of applying for admission 
  8. Must retain a good academic standing, with a GPA of 2.5

Family Scholarship

  1. Any nationality and age can apply
Access Scholarship
  1. Same as the Mujtamaee Scholarships
Academic Achievement Scholarship
  1. Students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher
Early Admission Scholarship
  1. Applicants must submit their application for admission no later than the 31st of July
Schools Partnership Scholarships
  1. Candidates must come from any of the schools with whom Jumeira University has a scholarship partnership.
English Program Scholarship
  1. Applicants must not spend more than two years studying the English language program
Government Scholarships
  1. Applicants must get the following scores in a partner institution:
  • For a 100% scholarship – a score of 77% or higher
  • For a 75% scholarship – a score of 75% or higher
  • For a 50% scholarship – a score of 70% or higher
Research Scholarships
  1. Candidates must obtain a score of 85% in secondary school
  2. Must obtain one recommendation letter from a teacher who can testify to their research skill, or they can submit evidence of outstanding research work done in the past.

However, they must

  • Complete 240 hours of research work in each academic year.
  • Must take part in research work assigned by the college supervisor
  • Must obtain a performance rating endorsed by the faculty supervisor
  • Must retain a GPA/CGPA of 2.7.

Engagement Scholarship

  1. To apply for the 75% Scholarship, the student must have a minimum score of 85% in high school.
  2. To apply for the 50% Scholarship, students must have a minimum score of 75% in high school.
  3. Applicants must obtain one recommendation letter from a teacher attesting to their engagement skills, or they can submit evidence of engagement work done in the past.

However, they must

  • Complete 160 hours of engagement work in an academic year if they receive a 50% scholarship 
  • Complete 240 hours of engagement work in an academic year if they receive a 75% scholarship
  • Take part in all Jumeira University activities allocated to the students by their supervisor
  • Obtain an adequate performance rating from their supervisor
  • Maintain a GPA/CPGA of 2.3 if they receive a 50% scholarship
  • Maintain a GPA/CGPA of 2.7 if they receive a 75% scholarship
Zayed Scholarship
  1. Must apply for admission to Jumeira University the same year as they graduate from secondary school, with the exception of those who are enrolled in the National Service
  2. Must hold a score of at least 95% in their secondary school certificate
  3. Must maintain good academic standing with a GPA of 3.5

Embassies and Consulates Partnership Scholarship

  1. Candidates must be from any of the countries whose embassy Jumeira University has a scholarship partnership. 

Fees & Funding

Are there scholarships for international students at Jumeira University?

International students can benefit from the embassies and consulate partnership scholarships. However, not all embassies have a partnership agreement with Jumeira University. Family Scholarship is another one that international students are eligible for, but you must already have siblings in the school, for you to be eligible. 

How early can I apply for a Jumeira University Scholarship?

You can start as early as July to apply for a Jumeira University Scholarship. As a matter of fact, there is an early applicant scholarship tagged ‘Early Admission Scholarship’ which awards a 10% rebate on tuition fees, to applicants who submit their applications latest July 31. 

Application Procedure

Applications end by the 15th of August for the Fall Semester, and the 15th of January for the Spring Semester. Simply visit the Jumeira University Scholarship page, download the scholarship application form for the scholarship you are most suited for, fill it out and submit it to [email protected]

For further information, visit Jumeira University 

Latifa Bint Hamdan Street (West), Exit number 24, Al Khail Road

P.O.Box: 555532, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 (0)4 515 4555

Fax: +971 (0)4 346 5353