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Top 8 Paid Journalism Internships in Canada

Do you aspire to earn a living in the journalism industry? If so, you can start planning for a successful career by participating in one of the best Journalism Internships in Canada. These internship programs are perfect fits for aspiring media persons. As such, it will allow you to work temporarily for a Canadian-based TV station, radio station, newspaper company, blog, and magazine company. It also provides a chance to gather relevant experience, develop your skill set, and learn from industry leaders.

Reading this article gives an overview of the Journalism Internships we most recommend for students in Canada.

Let’s get rolling, starting with learning about what journalism interns do.

Roles of Journalist Interns

Here are the duties and responsibilities of students working as journalist interns in Canada-based media outlets.

  • Researching current trends
  • Interviewing and checking for facts on stories
  • Pitching, writing, and reporting stories
  • Creating infographics and picture galleries
  • Attending events specific to your team
  • Managing social media campaigns and engaging your followers
  • Working closely with other staff on projects

Now that you know what journalism interns entail, let’s see why you should intern in Canada.

Reasons to Work as a Journalist Intern in Canada

Of roughly 200 countries in the world, Canada is one of the best for journalism internships for the following reasons.

  • Canada is home to many TV stations, radio stations, newspaper companies, and magazine companies willing to hire international students for intern jobs. Top employers of journalist interns in Canada include the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Media Matters, SportTechie, Real Style Network, and NowMedia Group.
  • Interning with a Canadian-based media outlet is often financially rewarding while allowing you to work on your career advancement. Thus, you can be sure of learning new skills, acquiring relevant experience, and building valuable relationships with professionals in the journalism industry.
  • Canadians are friendly to international students, including those working as interns. Hence, you have no reason to fear discrimination because of your race, ethnicity, skin color, and religion.
  • There are many amusing places to see while working as a journalist intern in Canada. Such sites include Gros Morne National Park of Canada, CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Stanley Park, Parliament Hill, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and Canada’s Wonderland.
  • Depending on your location, you’ll get the chance to attend several exciting events and festivals. These include Canada Day, The Ex, Montreal Jazz Festival, The celebration of life, Just for Laughs Comedy Fest, The Calgary Stampede, Winterlude, and The Celtic Colours International Festival.

Eligibility Criteria for Journalism Internships in Canada

See below for the requirements for journalist intern jobs in Canada.

  • Be currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in journalism or be a recent graduate
  • Have prior experience in fact-checking, writing, and news reporting
  • Experience in publishing via various platforms
  • Have superb verbal and written English communication skills
  • Adeptness in analyzing documents while conducting a research
  • Be aware of editorial ethics and journalism terminologies.
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Ability to multitask efficiently without exceeding deadlines
  • Speaking and writing in a foreign language can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

If you meet the above requirements, you can apply for one of the internship programs noted below, as they stand out in Canada.

Best Eight (8) Journalism Internships in Canada 2023

The following are the top providers of journalist intern jobs in Canada.

#1. CBC Journalism Internships

Radio-Canada, also known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, offers the best journalism internship program in Canada, which runs for six weeks. Depending on your case, the program will allow you to work full-time and freelance.

To qualify for this Journalism Internship Program in Canada, you must be studying toward earning a journalism degree in a recognized institution of higher learning. The school can be located in any country, provided your program is familiar to the company.

Be aware that your program coordinator must recommend you before applying for CBC Journalism Internship Program.

#2. Media Matters Journalism Internships

As an individual passionate about writing and learning, consider applying for the Journalism Internship Program hosted by Media Matters Inc. in Canada. The program requires you to work up to eight hours daily on weekdays, Monday to Friday. Besides, Media Matters Summer Journalism Internship will give you the opportunity to create content for different types of media.

Not only does Media Matters facilitate professional development, but it also offers a competitive pay of $15.50 per hour.

#3. SportTechie Journalism Internship Program

Another best Journalism Internship provider in Canada is SportTechie. To qualify for journalist intern jobs at SportTechie, you must be willing to devote four to eight hours per week. During this period, you’ll learn about the sports industry from a different outlook.

In addition, you must possess impressive writing and proofreading skills, with the ability to write articles daily and gather sports technology news.

#4. NowMedia Group Journalism Internship

If you want to work as a journalist intern with a news brand in British Columbia, Canada, consider applying for NowMedia Group Journalism Internship Program to advance your career. However, you can only apply for the program if you are a student or a new graduate majoring in journalism.

You must also be able to write quality articles within the deadlines. Other criteria include being passionate and well-versed in BC sports.

#5. Real Style Network Journalism Internship

If you have a knack for beauty, fashion, and entertainment journalism, you can travel to Canada for an internship with Real Style Network Inc. Participating in this internship program will enable you to learn how to interview, work with an editorial calendar, and CP Style. You will also get to publish articles in the company’s magazine and online platforms.

Moreover, you’ll understand how to write blog posts and use the most recent SEO techniques.

#6. Allymonews Journalism Internship Program

We also recommend Allymonews Internships as one of Canada’s best Journalism Internship Programs. The program is open to applications from recent graduates and students with a Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or a related field.

Assuming you are a graduate, you must possess a relevant work experience of at least two years to qualify for Allymonews journalism intern job. Some reasons to consider interning at Allymonews include career advancement opportunities and competitive salaries.

#7. CTV Journalism Internship Program

This program consists of part-time and full-time journalist intern jobs, ideal for journalism and communications students from different world regions. CTV Journalism Internship Program runs for four weeks.

Whether you want to intern during your spring or summer term, interning with CTV will allow you to learn about newsgathering and gain hands-on experience. Documents required to apply for CTV Journalism Internship include your latest resume, an engaging cover letter, and at least two of your writing samples.

#8. Bell Media Journalism Internship

As one of the top journalism internships in Canada, we recommend that you intern at Bell Media Inc. for opportunities to collaborate in creating digital videos and social content.

The program is open to college and university students of all nationalities. As such, you can work as a journalist intern at Bell Media, provided you possess exceptional multitasking, videography, and editing skills.

To gain an edge in the selection process, you must be proficient in working with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects software.

Journalism Internship Interview Questions in Canada

A surefire way to prepare for your intern job interview in a Canada-based media outlet is to acquaint yourself with the questions to expect.

Here are a few questions to expect during your interview for a journalist intern job in Canada.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Are you ready to travel frequently?
  • What makes you unique for this intern position?
  • Why are you interested in this journalist intern role?
  • What are the roles of a journalist?
  • Talk about a time you had to demonstrate your leadership attributes.
  • Discuss the problems currently affecting the country.
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Do you know about sports?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Can you write a press release?
  • What qualities should a journalist possess to succeed?
  • Can you publish a blog post on WordPress?
  • What new skills do you want to gain via our internship program?
  • Can you conduct interviews?

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FAQs about the Best Journalism Internships in Canada

Do journalist interns get paid?

Yes, Canada-based media outlets offer monthly salaries to students working as journalist interns. The average salary of journalist interns in Canada is approximately CAD 2,900 per month.

Are journalists in demand in Canada?

Yes, Canada is in demand of professional journalists, as its journalism and media industry is fast-paced. More than 10% of workers in Canada earn a living in this industry. According to Glassdoor, a globals employee-employer review website, their average monthly salary is CAD 4,550.

Can foreigners work as journalist interns in Canada?

Yes, international students can enter Canada for journalism intern jobs, provided they possess a valid Canadian visa and work permit. You can procure the visa from the Canadian embassy or consulate closest to your location.

Do I need a visa to work as a journalist intern in Canada?

Yes, you need a valid Canadian temporary visa to leave your current country to work as an intern journalist in Canada. Without a work permit, there’s no way you can start a paid or unpaid journalism internship.

What company offers the best Journalism Internship in Canada?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) offers the best journalist intern jobs in Canada. Its internship program, CBC Journalism Internships, is open to students currently enrolled in a journalism program at an accredited college or university.


Traveling to Canada for your journalism internship will contribute to your skills, work experience, and relationships. It will allow you to make good progress and jumpstart your career in the journalism industry. Since most Canadian media outlets accept foreigners as their journalist interns, we urge you to apply right away, as these companies receive many applications yearly from students seeking to participate in their internship programs. So wait no more!

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