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Best 10 Summer Journalism Internship Programs

Do you seek to improve your qualifications before starting a career in the media and broadcasting industry? Then, consider participating in a Journalism Internship Program in any country or media outlet, as such programs offer second-to-none professional development opportunities.

Via this program, you’ll be able to gain firsthand experience working for a newspaper company, TV station, radio station, blog, or magazine company. Most of these internships are open to all nationalities, allowing you to join an expert team in a media outlet, regardless of your country of origin, ethnic group, and skin color. As the broadcast and media industry is fast-paced, you can meet the industry requirements by applying for journalist intern jobs.

Let’s get started with the basics of Journalism Internships.

What is a Journalism Internship?

A Journalism Internship Program is an internship recommended for students and recent graduates looking forward to becoming media persons. Such interns can work virtually or on-site, depending on their employer and job role.

Now, let’s check out what journalism interns do.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Journalist Intern

Students working as journalist interns carry out a variety of administrative and editorial work both in-office and in the field.

The following are the major roles of journalism interns.

  • Conducting research and investigating trending topics
  • Interviewing people for proofs
  • Writing scripts for newscasters
  • Preparing press releases
  • Pitching stories to broadcast media
  • News reporting
  • Publishing articles for blogs

Now that you have gained familiarity with your roles as a journalist intern? See below for reasons to consider this internship program.

Why Participate in a Journalism Internship Program?

There are many reasons to work as a journalist intern before you eventually enter the job market. Here are a few of them.

  • Being part of a Journalism Internship Program offers a costless professional development opportunity, allowing you to progress in your career.
  • Working as a journalism intern will also enable you to acquire hands-on experience relevant to the media and broadcasting industry.
  • Participating in this internship program will provide you with on-the-job training, as well as help improve your skill set.
  • You will also have the chance to build relationships with industry experts and get mentoring.
  • As a journalism intern, you qualify for a monthly stipend of about $3,600.

If you have been thinking of what qualifies you to work as a journalist intern, your concerns will be nothing to worry about in a few minutes.

Eligibility Criteria for Journalism Internship

You must fulfill the following requirements to get a journalism intern job anywhere.

  • Be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a related field. You are also eligible for a journalism intern position if you already have a university degree.
  • Have a high CGPA that meets the criterion set by your employer.
  • Possess conversant of the basics and terminologies of broadcasting.
  • Be current on recent trends and events.
  • Have impressive attention to detail, communication, and research skills
  • Be well-versed in storytelling and comfortable speaking on air.

Are you now ready to apply for a journalism intern role? If so, you can choose from our curated list.

Top Ten (10) Journalism Internship Programs

Here are some of the best internship opportunities for students and recent graduates aspiring to become journalists.

#1. The Intern Group Journalism Internship Program

Being among the top internship programs for students aspiring to become journalists, interning through the Intern Group will enable you to join a global network of over 10,000 alumni. As the journalism and media industries are very competitive, this internship program will help you get a head start in your career as you learn from industry professionals.

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#2. Forbes Journalism Internship Program

As one of the best journalism internship providers in the United States, you can work with Forbes for an opportunity to grow your career in a few weeks. Forbes is a renowned business magazine headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The company hires students majoring in journalism or a related field only if they have a proven interest in business and entrepreneurship.

Other requirements for journalist intern jobs at Forbes include understanding basic financial terms and having exceptional research skills.

#3. AIAA Journalism Internship Program

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) also offers one of the best Journalism Internships to allow students to work remotely and in-office. To qualify for this internship program, you must be an undergraduate or fresh graduate with a journalism major.

AIAA Summer Internship Program runs for ten weeks, starting in June and ending in August. On the other hand, you can intern part-time at AIAA, requiring you to work for roughly 24 hours weekly. That means you can intern with the institute even during a semester.

#4. Hearst Television Journalism Internship Program

This journalism intern opportunity is open to students with impressive writing, editorial, and technical skills. Since Hearst Television operates in about 36 US cities, you may be opportune to choose your preferred internship location for hands-on experience. Be aware that you must be able to work on breaking news to qualify for a journalist intern position at Hearst Television station.

#5. The Hechinger Report Journalism Internship Program

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related subject area, you may qualify to work as a journalist intern at the Hechinger Report in the US. This program also requires that you have good writing skills and know the rudimental of the issues affecting the education sector in the United States.

Moreover, you must understand how to interpret data for your audience. The average salary of journalism interns at the Hechinger Report is $650 weekly.

#6. Creators Network Journalism Internship Program

Even though this internship program is unpaid, it is one of the best Journalism Internships in the United States. It runs for three months and will enable you to earn academic credits. Both remote and in-office journalist intern jobs are available at Creators Network, a US-based media company.

Working as a journalist intern will let you acquire more knowledge and skills in social media, journalism, production, and editing.

#7. BBC Journalism Internship Program

Another Journalist Internship we recommend is BBC Journalism Internship Program, which requires you to possess top-notch editorial judgment. You also need to have superb leadership attributes and adaptability skills.

Students from different parts of the world can participate in this paid internship program, provided they meet all requirements. Undoubtedly, BBC Internships are one of the best for aspiring media persons.

#8. Fanatics View Journalism Internship

If you are okay with working as an intern in the United States, apply for Fanatics View Journalism Internship to kick-start your career in the media and broadcasting industry.

To get a journalist intern position at Fanatics View, you must be a fresh graduate or student majoring in business, marketing, sports management, or any other related field. Besides, it would be best if you are well-versed in using the internet and understand how to publish posts on WordPress. Other requirements include proficiency in working with email software and Microsoft Office programs.

#9. GONG Journalism Internship

Irrespective of if you are a college student or a fresh graduate, you can work as a journalist intern at GONG. However, you must possess outstanding communication, writing, and editing skills. It is equally important that you have experience in working well with others.

#10. Slate Journalism Internship

This three-month journalism internship program is among the best in the United States. It requires the ability to work efficiently, even with less supervision. As a paid internship, students working as journalist interns at Slate will receive a monthly stipend of about $15 per hour.

You will gain a competitive advantage in the selection process if you have prior experience in health reporting, science, or technology.

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Journalism Internship Interview Questions

One of the various ways to guarantee your chances of winning a journalist intern job is to acquaint yourself with the questions an interviewer is likely to ask you.

The following are some questions to expect from your interviewer while applying for a Journalism Internship Program.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your greatest achievements?
  • What is your greatest passion?
  • What are your expectations from interning with us?
  • How would you perform your intern roles?
  • What makes you the best candidate for this intern position?
  • Describe the issues presently faced in the country.
  • How did you know about us?
  • What is your schedule for this intern role?
  • What are the roles of the government in a society?
  • Do you know about sports?
  • What are the specific skills you intend to learn via our internship program?
  • Have you ever resigned from an intern job?
  • Can you conduct interviews?
  • What are the basics of conducting an interview?
  • What skills do you possess?
  • What is a press release, and can you write one?
  • What is a blog? Can you write an interesting blog post?
  • How do you manage your problems?

Moreover, asking questions during your interview for an intern job is another way to entice your interviewer.

FAQs about Journalism Internship Programs

Do Journalism Internships require an interview?

Yes, you must undergo one or multiple interviews before a media and broadcasting company can hire you as a journalist intern. The interview(s) can be virtual or in person, depending on the company.

What is the salary for an intern journalist?

According to ZipRecruiter, a renowned employment website that links employers with job seekers worldwide, the average monthly salary of intern journalists in the US is approximately $3,600.

What do you gain from a journalism internship?

Participating in a journalism internship program will enable you to gain relevant work experience as you explore the media and broadcasting industry. You’ll also acquire more skills and be opportune to develop a professional network.

What is the duration of journalism internships?

Internship programs for aspiring journalists run for 12 weeks, allowing students to perform actual tasks and gain hands-on experience.

What does a journalist intern do?

Journalist interns have several roles to perform throughout their internship. These include interviewing people for specifics, pitching stories, researching trending topics, and writing press releases.


Choosing a Journalism Internship Program will significantly aid your career in the broadcasting and media industry. Your participation in the program will complement your skills, experience, and network. So check the application deadline before expressing your interest in any of these Journalism Internships, as they mostly have a closing date.

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