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Do you seek a way to make good progress in an increasingly digital economy and jumpstart your career in the technology industry? Then, Jazz Internship Program may be your best bet in assuring your career success.

Being part of this program is a chance to acquire relevant experiences, hone your skill set, and gain all other things that will allow you to stand out among other candidates in the job market. It will also improve your qualifications and help you create a professional network. Furthermore, the Jazz Summer Internship Program will enable you to practicalize the knowledge you have acquired during classes in an actual workplace.

Read on to explore the benefits of working as an intern with Jazz and the process of becoming one.

Overview of the Jazz Internship Program

Jazz, a Pakistan-based mobile operator and digital company, offers a variety of summer intern positions for undergraduate and postgraduate students in its office in Islamabad. This internship program runs for six weeks, providing you with a professional development opportunity at no cost.

About Jazz

Jazz is a digital company located in Pakistan. With a workforce of about 3,000 staff, Jazz is inclusive of the top employers in the country. Its establishment occurred nearly three decades ago, providing innovative communications solutions and wide-ranging digital services.

Jazz pioneered SMS in Pakistan and currently has over 75+ million customers. Besides, it is among the largest private companies in the country.

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Duties and Responsibilities of the Jazz Internship Program

While interning with Jazz, you must perform the following roles, regardless of your position in the company.

  • Planning, developing and carrying out assigned projects
  • Collaborating with different departments to ensure prompt implementation of deliverables
  • Creating valuable insights by conducting research on the industry and global trends
  • Preparing periodic reports and making presentations on assigned projects
  • Assisting the department in enhancing its coordination and productivity
  • Holding group discussions and formulating innovative ideas on current processes and systems
  • Meeting with a group of diversified industry experts
  • Attending team meetings and communicating with stakeholders on topics related to the project assigned to you by your mentor

With knowledge of the roles of interns at Jazz, see below to discover the benefits of participating in the company’s internship program.

Why Intern with Jazz?

There are many reasons to consider the summer internship program hosted by Jazz in Pakistan, as noted below.

Gain hands-on experience.

Participating in Jazz Internship Program allows you to collaborate on a meaningful project, providing an opportunity for you to acquire practical experience. It’ll also enable you to learn about project planning and implementation. Above all, you’ll make good progress in your career.

Explore Pakistan and catch fun.

Interning with Jazz offers an excellent work-life balance, allowing you to explore the country, learn about its culture, and visit its attractions. Some festivals you can attend during your summer internship in Pakistan include Islamabad Literature Festival, Cinéaste One Student Film Festival, Future Fest Pakistan, Lok Virsa Folk Festival, and Silk Route Festival.

You can also visit numerous tourist attractions, from recreational parks to picturesque spots, shopping centres, and monuments. These include Margala Hills, Hiran Minar Park, Deosai National Park, Hunza Valley, Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, and Pakistan Monument Museum.

Get skills-based training.

Another reason to intern with Jazz is that you’ll have the chance to increase your potential and expand your skill set.

Financial benefits.

Being part of Jazz Summer Internship program is financially rewarding, and you can expect a monthly salary of PKR 22,500.

Opportunities for mentorship and professional relationships.

You will also be opportune to attend various social events and meet diverse professionals, which helps to develop valuable relationships. Moreover, the company will link you with a knowledgeable employee to mentor you throughout your internship. All these offer an extensive learning experience.

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If you are ready to gain the abovementioned benefits, focus on meeting the requirements in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for the Jazz Internship Program

To qualify to intern with Jazz during your next summer break, you must satisfy all requirements noted below.

  • Must be in your penultimate year while enrolled in =an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Assuming you are pursuing an ACCA certification after graduating from an accredited university, you must be in your final year of study.
  • Ability to handle tasks on your own, even without supervision
  • Be excited to take on challenging projects.
  • Possess exceptional written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Possess good computer literacy skills, with proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Have excellent attention to detail skills

After fulfilling all requirements, follow the instructions in the subsequent section toward submitting a complete internship application.

How to Apply for Jazz Internship Program

To express interest in one of the currently available summer intern positions, visit Jazz careers webpage and then click apply for this Job button. Your click will redirect you to the online application portal powered by Workable. From there, you can start the online application process for Jazz Internship Program.

If you receive an interview invitation, feel reassured. We have another blog post on guaranteeing success for your internship interview.

To guide you further, see how to update your resume and CV with your internship experience.

Jazz Internship Interview Questions

One of the sure ways to increase your chances of getting an intern position at Jazz is to be ready to answer questions rightly during your internship interview.

Here are samples of some questions to expect from your interviewer.

  • Introduce yourself and explain your reason for choosing Jazz for your internship.
  • Do you prefer working in a team or on your own?
  • Explain Project management.
  • How is a leader different from a manager?
  • What do you think about this intern role?
  • How do you handle difficult people and failures?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jazz Internship Program

Is Jazz a good company for internships?

Yes, Jazz is one of the best places for internships in Pakistan, even though it is not among the top ten. Its internship program is highly recommendable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of all nationalities.

Can postgraduate students intern with Jazz?

Yes, Jazz accepts postgraduate students into its summer intern positions, provided they are in their second last year of study. They must also satisfy other requirements.

Is Jazz Internship Program paid?

Jazz Summer Internship is a paid program that rewards each intern financially with about PKR 22,500 per month.

How long does Jazz Internship Program last?

You can only work as a summer intern with Jazz for six weeks. However, this internship program will let you explore the corporate world and positively influence your professional development.

Will I get a mentor as an intern at Jazz?

Yes, a well-versed worker will be your assigned mentor throughout your internship with Jazz.


Interning with Jazz will help bring about your career advancement in no time. It’ll allow you to explore the workplace, gather work experience, and improve your skills. There’s also an opportunity for you to build relationships with professionals who will benefit your career. So what else is keeping you waiting from being part of this program?