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Do you seek adventure while interning in an Asian country? Then, Japan Government Internship Program could be your best bet, especially if you are tech-savvy. The country is the most technologically advanced in the world, meaning that the international experience you’ll get in japan will be second to none compared to other Asian countries. Via this program, the Japanese government acts as an intermediary between people searching for internship opportunities in Japan and companies looking for interns to hire. Regardless of if you’re a student or university graduate, the government of Japan’s METI Internship Program will enable you to make good progress in your career, gather work experience, and build relationships with industry experts. Hence, this article will walk you through the process of becoming an intern in Japan through the Japan Government Internship Program.

Let’s get down to business.

7 Things to Note about Japan Government Internship Program

  • The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry does not directly hire interns, as it recruits them on behalf of small and medium-sized companies in Japan.
  • Japanese citizens are ineligible to participate in the government of Japan’s internship program.
  • Students and graduates are both eligible for the Japanese government METI’s Internship.
  • Even though foreigners can apply for this internship program, those from countries not part of OECD’s DAC member countries are ineligible for Japan Government Internships.
  • Both summer and winter internships are available yearly.
  • Interns hired via this internship program must be willing to work up to four hours daily.
  • The whole application process for the Japanese government’s METI Internship Program involves the internet.

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Overview of Japan Government Internship Program

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) offers a range of internship programs for non-Japanese citizens with vast knowledge and skills. As such, you can participate in METI Government of Japan Internship Program, provided you are a national or legal resident of a country among OECD’s DAC member countries. Such countries include the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Iceland, Slovak Republic, Japan, Korea, the Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, the European Union, Spain, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Sweden, and New Zealand.

METI hires up to 200 interns every year’s summer and winter seasons. That means there are limited positions available to interns in a year. However, it offers an opportunity to acquire relevant experience working temporarily for a Japan-based company.

About the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

METI is a ministry of the Japanese government formed in 2001 when the Ministry of International Trade and Industry merged with agencies from other ministries that deal in economic-related activities. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

So what exactly do METI interns do? See below to know the expectations of interning via this internship program.

Duties of Interns Hired by the Government of Japan Internship Program

The following are the main responsibilities of interns recruited through the Government of Japan’s METI Internship Program.

  • Creating an internship plan with the support of an assigned employee at the host company. These include defining your career goals.
  • Partaking in various training and presentations
  • Obeying the instructions set by the host company and the JIP office
  • Maintaining regular contact with the host company throughout the internship period
  • Keeping good conduct as a beneficiary of public funds from the Government of Japan

Now that you know your responsibilities as an intern via this program, see below to check out the benefits of your participation.

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Benefits of the Japan Government Internship Program

Here are some benefits of participating in the government of Japan’s METI Internship Program.

Acquire work experience

Being part of this internship program will allow you to gather work experience relevant to your preferred industry. Possessing such experience will allow you to facilitate your career growth, making it possible for you to jumpstart.

Improve your skill set

Another benefit of the Government of Japan METI’s Internship Program is that you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills at zero costs. Such skills can also increase your employability.

Compensation and other perks

While the Japanese government internship program is financially rewarding, with a salary of about 40,000 JPY per intern, it will also pay for your insurance and cover all your travel expenses to Japan.

Build meaningful relationships

This internship program will enable you to develop valuable relationships with different categories of people, including industry leaders and professionals.

Before applying for the Japanese government’s METI Internship Program, ensure you hold the essential documents and fulfill the program’s requirements, as indicated in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for Japan Government Internship Program

You can only participate once in the Government of Japan METI’s Internship Program. Other requirements for the program are as follows.

  • Must be a non-Japanese national. Hence, you must be a citizen or legal resident of a country listed among the OECD/DAC member states.
  • Know the purpose of the internship program and be determined to contribute your knowledge and skills to facilitate the host company’s operations.
  • Be ready to work as an intern for 4 hours daily and 5 days weekly on weekdays.
  • Willingness to follow the directions of the host company and those set by the Japanese government’s internship program office
  • Be able to attend all orientations.
  • Have valid proof of Japanese language proficiency (at least JLPT N3). You may also submit the result of a recognized English language test.
  • Provide a certificate of relevant qualifications that may aid your internship (if applicable)
  • A recommendation letter from your academic advisor (applicable to students who want to participate in Japan Government Internship Program)
  • Certificate of your university education (required by graduates)

Upon satisfying the abovementioned requirements, follow the instructions below to submit a complete application.

How to Apply for Japan Government Internship Program

To express interest in the government of Japan’s METI Internship Program, sign up for a new account, which takes about ten minutes to fill in the required information. After creating your account, reload the page and sign in using the email and password you provided during registration. Once logged in, click Apply Status and then the Apply button.

Be sure to appropriately prepare for your internship interview to improve your chances of winning an intern role with one of the host companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to join METI Japan Internship Program?

No, the government of Japan’s METI Internship Program is one of the easiest internship opportunities available to foreigners. Undoubtedly, students and graduates from different world regions use the program to facilitate professional development in any field.

How long does Japan Government Internship last?

The Japanese government’s METI Internship Program typically runs for five weeks, no matter if it holds during summer or winter.

Are Japan Government Internships paid?

Yes, the government of Japan’s METI Internship Program is financially rewarding to interns, as the host companies offer a monthly salary to interns. Moreover, there is coverage for each intern’s travel expenses from their current country to Japan.

Can foreigners intern with the Japanese government?

Yes, only foreigners from OECD’s DAC member countries can participate in the Japanese government’s METI Internship Program.

Are graduates eligible for Japan Government Internship Program?

Yes, graduates of accredited higher education institutions can apply for the Japanese government’s METI Internship Program only if they meet all requirements and possess a university education certificate in their name.


Choosing Japan Government Internship Program will give you an edge in advancing your career and when you eventually want to enter the job market. It will enhance your employability, allow you to acquire relevant experience, develop more skills, and build a professional network. Of course, there is endless opportunity for you to explore Japan and catch a glimpse of its beauty. So what else is delaying you from expressing your interest in this unique internship program?