IT Internships In Gauteng

IT Internships In Gauteng: Benefits & How to apply

IT internships in Gauteng, like other well-developed areas, hold so many answers for many students with questions about starting an IT career. Gauteng offers many IT internships, from traditional software engineering and programming to database management and cyber security. Now, these internships provide the foundation for a successful career in the tech industry and offer a rare chance to work with some of the most advanced software and hardware. Students and graduates in need of hands-on experience in IT and living in South Africa can find interesting programs in Gauteng.

What is Information Technology (IT)?

IT, short for Information Technology, is the study, design, development, execution, support, and management of computer-based information systems, especially software applications and computer hardware. This field deals with the use of electronic and computer software to store, protect, process, transmit, and secure data, and also it has a wide variety of applications such as cloud computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), office automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-commerce, and other forms of information management. Professionals in this field are responsible for designing, developing, managing, and implementing these IT systems and maintaining the hardware, software, and networks that comprise IT infrastructure.

List of IT internships in Gauteng

According to our research from the most highly popular job sites online, we’ve listed some exciting IT internships in Gauteng.

IT project coordinator internship

Ann Swann Personal Services is hosting a 12-month intensive internship program for graduates with relevant academic backgrounds. It will occur in the East Rand area, and the eligible candidates must possess good communication, analytical, and computer literacy skills. Importantly, interns will receive stipends at the end of the month.

What is expected from the IT Project interns

The successful interns will:

  • Follow up on the projects going on in the company
  • Assist with monitoring and maintaining the project schedules, budgets, and hours.
  • Have excellent organizational skills
  • Help to develop project strategies and check the risk factors
  • Assisting in different capacities.
  • Ability to complete tasks in record time


  • Matric
  • PMBOK, PRINCE 2, Agile Scrum, or any other related qualification.
  • A minimum of 1-2 years of ICT projects coordination experience

Send your applications to the company’s website.

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MSF Data internship

Medecins Sans Frontieres South Africa has internship vacancies for willing students ready to work in a medical setting. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an independent, international, medical humanitarian organization. MSF has two goals: to provide medical relief and assistance to those affected by armed conflict and alternative and natural disasters. At the same time, the second goal is to speak loudly about the plight of the people affected.

About the MSF Data internship

For its 12 months duration, the interns will work with the Data and Retention teams. They will assist in managing the workflows relating to data exchange between the sales force and outsourced call center teams. People living with a disability can apply for this program.


  • The intern will prepare data and send it to the Call Center teams when necessary.
  • Perform quality checks and review data to ensure proper data collection processes are followed correctly.
  • Update and capture older e-mandate forms into Salesforce.
  • Receive and reconcile data from Call Center and make necessary updates to the report.
  • Send monthly reports to the data retention team
  • Provide data to team members


  • Have a degree or diploma in data analytics, informatics, marketing, or a related field.
  • Have experience with CRMs like Salesforce
  • Have experience in process detailing and automation
  • Demonstrate solid knowledge of MS Excel and PowerBI
  • Possess attention to details
  • Demonstrate a passion for data and data-driven decision making
  • Show commitment to helping others understand, use, and share data.

What the MFS Data interns will gain

  • Cell phone allowance
  • Monthly stipends of R 5000
  • Full medical aid
  • Transport allowance

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Gauteng Partnership Fund Risk Management Officer internship 

Students are highly invited to apply for the Gauteng-based organization’s Risk Management officer internship program. This internship promises to pave the way for career growth for Risk Management graduates seeking a foothold in the field. It will be a 24-month on-the-job training for the selected candidates.


  • Matric
  • Degree or National Diploma in Risk Management or any related field
  • Be computer literate and understand MS Office packages
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and administrative skills
  • Be passionate about Human Resources
  • Be a South African citizen under 35 years old
  • Have no work experience
  • Be able to communicate excellently in the English language
  • Employment after the job is not guaranteed

Benefits of joining an IT internship

IT internships are highly beneficial programs, and some of them include the following:

#1. Gain Valuable Experience

IT internships provide students with excellent hands-on experience in the field that can help them stand out from their peers when they eventually enter the workforce.

#2. Networking Opportunities

Networking becomes easy because interns will get the chance to meet and network with experts in the field. This can help them build relationships that could lead to future job opportunities in big companies.

#3. Enhance Technical Skills

Information Technology internships provide students with the opportunity to perfect their tech skills with ease.

#4. Learn New Technologies

Doing an IT internship allows tech students to learn about and work with new technologies to stay competitive and ahead in the job market.

#5. Build Professional Portfolios

As a tech person, you need a professional portfolio, and the way to ensure you quickly build one is through IT internships. So, programs like this can help students build professional portfolios demonstrating their skills and abilities. It will be an avenue to have a great CV and stand out from other job applicants.

#6. Earn College Credit

Many IT internships offer course credit or can be used to fulfill requirements for a degree program. This can help students get ahead and save time and money.

How to secure IT internship programs in Gauteng

As a student or graduate searching for an internship program in the IT field, here are tips for you to land a perfect program.

 1. Research IT internship programs

There are numerous IT internships in Gauteng, so it is vital to research the available programs to determine what type of experience, skills, and qualifications are required before applying for any. Additionally, research the company or organization offering the internship to ensure the program fits your career goals. Also, remember to check the venue or location of the internship program. Gauteng is a big place; ensure the location is within a reasonable distance or that there are housing benefits. It will help you not to waste your stipends on transportation.

2. Build a strong resume

A strong resume is essential for securing an IT internship, especially in a competitive environment like Gauteng. Therefore, include any relevant education and experience, such as coursework, certifications, skills, and IT-related job experience. You can learn how to list your experience on your resume.

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3. Prepare for the interview

Preparing for your internship interview demands thorough research. First, you can start by researching the history and culture of the company or organization, reviewing the job description, and familiarizing yourself with common IT concepts. More so, practice discussing your experiences and qualifications to ensure you can communicate them effectively. For clarity, you can learn how to prepare for your internship interview and master the process.

4. Be ready to nail the interview

In the interview, be sure to focus on the value that you can provide to the organization. Also ensure to highlight your strengths, skills, and willingness to learn and adapt. Moreover, you can ask your interviewer questions. This will show them that you are ready and have done your homework.

5. Follow up

Finally, following up with the interviewer will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the internship opportunity. Please send an email after the interview to show your appreciation for their time and a reminder for your application. Ensure you professionally do this. Meanwhile, you can follow these steps and learn how to write a follow-up email.


In summary, Gauteng is perfect for anyone seeking an IT internship in South Africa. This highly urbanized area houses many big companies and organizations. Suppose your resume carries the names of any of those companies; it will propel you faster than ordinary to your dream IT career.

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