Isae supaero scholarships

Guide on how to apply for ISAE-SUPAERO Scholarships

The ISAE-SUPAERO Scholarships are for the TSAE Learning Curriculum, which relies on a variety of the Toulouse Federal University’s Master of Science degrees. These educational programs are under the Master of Science in Aeronautics and Space.

The scholarships are available for three semesters of Master’s and advanced Master’s program courses. These program courses include lectures, tutorials, case studies, and projects conducted in businesses or laboratories. All classes are given in English by tenured professors and guest lecturers who are professionals in the aerospace sector.

Overview of ISAE-SUPAERO University 

ISAE-SUPAERO is an institution in France that offers fully funded master’s scholarships to international students. It is a higher education institution focused on research and innovation dedicated to striking a balance between scientific brilliance, academic visibility, and proximity to industry goals.

Students are welcome to apply to the university to pursue a postgraduate degree in aeronautics and space. The school has become a global leader due to its research efforts in master’s (MSc) and doctorate programs in engineering sciences. 

Who sponsors ISAE-SUPAERO Scholarships? 

The University of ISAE-SUPAERO sponsors the ISAE-SUPAERO Scholarships. 

Overview of France 

France is the largest nation in Western Europe and has traditionally served as a bridge between the north and south of the continent. It is the most ethnically diverse country in Europe and one of the oldest countries on the planet. 

France has the largest exclusive economic zone in the world because of its numerous coastline areas. Through its overseas territories of French Guiana and Saint Martin, France shares borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Andorra, and Spain in continental Europe and the Netherlands, Suriname, and Brazil in the Americas.

Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at ISAE-SUPAERO University 

Below are the different funding opportunities available at the ISAE-SUPAERO

1. Master’s Scholarship

Six scholarships worth a combined total of 35K euros for the two years of the master’s are accessories by TSAE each year. These grants are only available to students motivated to go for a PhD right after receiving their Master’s in Science.

The honorees will enrol in a PhD track program, which includes a lab where they may work on their master’s thesis in connection with their intended doctorate. At the start of the first year of the master’s program, the awardees will each get €17,500. Except in cases where students must repeat the first year, are rejected, or give up the PhD route, they will get €17,500 at the start of the second year.

This scholarship can be available in combination with another grant.

2. PhD Funding

Four grants, each worth €60,000 or half the cost of PhD programs are available at TSAE under the following guidelines:

  • The PhD subject is diverse and relates to aeronautical engineering. 
  • Moreover, the thesis alludes to global cooperative supervision. TSAE has chosen to promote interdisciplinary theory to improve scientific interactions across research groups.
  • PhD candidates who enrol in such a multidisciplinary program in aerospace engineering should be registered at ISAE-SUPAERO and connected to the Aeronautics Astronautics (AA) doctoral school.

3. Scholarships from ISAE-SUPAERO and its partners

Students pursuing a Master of Aerospace Engineering may apply for financial aid through the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation and the organization’s partners. Two years scholarships are accessible for the Master of Science program. The scholarships also pay for all tuition costs and a portion of living expenses.

The partners of the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation include;

Airbus (CEDAR)

This organization in conjunction with ISAE-SUPAERO university gives out an Award for Excellence for the Eco-Design of Aircraft. The awards help with living costs and tuition.


The French Institute in India sponsors the THALES India Program of Excellence. The tuition costs and a portion of living expenses are some benefits of this award.

MBDA for Indonesia 

MBDA offers an Award of Excellence for Indonesian students at ISAE-SUPAERO. This award helps with living costs and tuition.

MBDA for India

The French Embassy in India sponsors the MBDA Program of Excellence for India at ISAE-SUPAERO. This award helps with living costs and tuition.


The GIFAS offers an Award of Excellence to students undertaking a Master’s program at ISAE-SUPAERO college. The award covers a part of living costs and tuition.

Toulouse School of Aerospace Engineering

The Toulouse School of Aerospace Engineering (TSAE), a collaboration between ENAC, ONERA, and ISAE-SUPAERO, aims to advance graduate and PhD programs in aerospace engineering. This organization provides financial aid to undergraduate students who want to enrol in the MSc in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO and pursue a PhD.


Scholarships are accessible for all of the academic programs that ISAE-SUPAERO provides.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Airline ticket for a round-trip
  • School fees
  • Living expenditures in part
  • Sponsorship for research
  • Sponsorship of theses

Applicable Courses

The applicable courses that the funding covers include; 

  • Aeronautics
  • Space structures
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Business Transformation
  • Aeronautical Maintenance
  • Support Engineering & Management
  • Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Helicopter, Aircraft and Drone Architecture
  • System Engineering
  • Space Applications and Services
  • Space Systems Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be from International communities.
  • They should have a strong command of the English language. If English is not their native language, they must present proof of English language proficiency.
  • To receive their Master’s degree, students must also obtain at least 120 credit points.
  • To qualify for the Master in Aeronautical Engineering, candidates must acquire at least 120 points.

General Requirements 

Each applicant must submit the following documents.

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A resume
  • A cover or a motivation letter in English
  • Copies of your highest degree or enrollment certificates
  • Transcripts from the most recent three or four years of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Any of the below English examination outcomes completed during the previous two years;
  • CAE/FCE Cambridge: 170 , Linguaskill: 170, IELTS (Academic): 6.5, TOEFL/IBT (Inst.Code: 9820): 88, TOEIC: 785, GRE scores (if taken)
  • An application fee of €90 

Fees & Funding

Does the admissions process include an interview?

No, an interview is not necessary for any program other than the Advanced Master in Management of Innovative Projects and Entrepreneurship (MGPIE). However, before applying, it is possible to meet the senior adviser or program leaders.

If interested in flight testing, can I apply for the IEVex Advanced Master?

No. The Advanced Master’s IEVex is to test pilots and engineers chosen by EPNER. However, ISAE-SUPAERO offers the advanced Aeronautical Engineering master with the Flight Test option. This course has similar requirements as the other advanced masters.

Can you enrol in an Advanced Master’s program while working?

Due to the burden involved with classes, group projects, reports, and tests, combining student employment with the Advanced Master’s programs provided by the ISAE-SUPAERO is challenging.

However, the Advanced Masters programs all contain a 4- to 6-month business component. Students’ experiences of satisfaction during their internships may help to pay for their education.

How are school fees paid?

Once the admissions committee confirms and notifies you of your ISAE advanced master’s enrollment, you must make a non-refundable down payment of €1,000. Payment of the remaining balance must be at the start of classes in September or over three instalments in September, October, and November.

Application Procedure

  • Examine the eligibility criteria and scholarship conditions.
  • Obtain the application form.
  • Provide the necessary application materials.
  • Include your résumé, a cover letter free of grammar mistakes, a copy of your bachelor’s degree or diploma certificate, transcripts for the previous three years, and an English proficiency certificate.
  • Make an application fee payment of €77.
  • Attach all documents and send them through email.
  • For better analysis and comprehension, translate any French or English-language materials.
Contact Information 

10, avenue Édouard-Belin rn 31055 TOULOUSE , France

Phone: +33 (0)5 61 33 80 80

Email : [email protected]