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Investec Internship is a summer program and an excellent way for students to gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing financial services industry. This program is for students wired to think outside the box and ready to challenge the status quo in the financial industry. During the internship, interns are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the workings of Investec. 

Furthermore, interns will also be able to learn about the company’s culture and values and how to flourish in an engaging space. They will work closely with Investec’s experienced team of professionals and gain clear insight into their assigned roles and positions. The program will expect them to complete a range of tasks, from researching markets to preparing presentations and reports and lots more.

About Investec company

Investec is a company that provides financial services to the international body as an Anglo-South African international bank. It was established in 1974 in Johannesburg but has its headquarters in South Africa and the United Kingdom. 

The company is known as a global specialist banking and asset management group. This is why it has the authority to provide various financial products and services to a select clientele base in three principal markets, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Moreover, Investec offers its customers wealth and investment management, corporate and institutional banking, asset finance, and specialist banking services.

Overview of Investec internship

The Investec internship program is a life-changing event that will offer tons of opportunities to the selected candidates. Interns will have the chance to work in Investec’s various arms of business aside from the financial department. You might be lucky to become employed if you take the program as a serious business. The high standard the company has grown to was only achievable through creating an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted and seen as human.

This goal is primarily to help everyone be themselves and always put their best foot forward. That said, there are specific people this program is for. And the company made their stands clearly on this.

Who can qualify for the Investec internship program?

First, the Investec internship program is looking for high-potential university students, who are in their penultimate year of study, and interested in pursuing a career in finance. They seek students with a passion for learning, demonstrated academic excellence, and strong interpersonal skills.

Also, the program is more interested in admitting fresh minds with fresh ideas from various backgrounds. There is no need for specific academic backgrounds, so Investec welcomes students from any educational field so long as they demonstrate curiosity, passion, and eagerness to join the company.

What Investec interns must expect from the summer program ?

As these interns are expected to be hardworking, curious, and well-focused, they must equally have expectations from the program. Now, interns should know that the company has made a provision for them to flourish. It would not cost you much; all you need to do is have a team spirit, be highly passionate about your assignment, and be ready for success.

An opportunity to learn will constantly present itself during the program through presentations, mentoring, interactions, and mixing up with the employees and experts in the company. Again, there will be abundant opportunities to network as you carry out your tasks and join social activities. 

Talking about tasks, the interns will be given real responsibilities that will provide them with insight into the culture and exposure of the company’s senior leaders. With this comes the opportunity to contribute efficiently and deliver excellently within your team.

Investec company offers interns a competitive salary package with potential bonuses and many other financial incentives. Everyone goes home with substantial monetary benefits, making them eager to do their jobs.

How do you apply for this summer internship program?

Candidates must first submit their CVs on the company’s application website. We’ve made it easier for you to craft a worthy and compelling resume for your internship. Therefore, please take advantage of it. 

When it’s time for selection, candidates will receive a unique link to upload a video application. The company will select candidates from there, and this process and the lucky ones will receive an invitation to the panel’s interview. Internship interviews can be highly dicey, but hey, we got you. You can access everything you need to prepare for your internship interview here. 

More so, your internship interview preparation is incomplete if you do not get some questions ready to ask your interviewers. Go on and learn everything about questions you can ask during your interview here.

The next step after the Investec panel interview is to review the video applications by the team leaders. Finally, interns will get their placements with their appropriate teams before the resumption of the program.

Do not forget to follow up on your application during the process, and this will show the company and your recruiters how zealous you are about the internship program. However, you must approach this part cautiously and professionally to avoid sending off the wrong signal.

Frequently asked questions about the Investec internship program

What types of roles are available through the Investec Internship Program?

Roles available through the Investec Internship Program include Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Asset Management, Private Banking, and Wealth & Investment. 

What is the duration of the Investec Internship Program?

The Investec Internship Program is a 12-week program with a possibility of a 6-month extension.

What is the selection process for the Investec Internship Program?

The selection process for the Investec Internship Program includes an online application, followed by a telephone and video interview. The final stage is an assessment center.

Are there any benefits associated with the Investec Internship Program?

Yes, the Investec Internship Program offers a competitive salary, various learning opportunities, and access to a range of business networks.


Overall, the Investec internship program provides an excellent platform for students to learn, grow, and explore the exciting world of banking and finance and other related businesses. It offers an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that can help to propel their career forward.