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Top 8 Internships in Pakistan to Kick-Start your Career

Are you facing difficulties in finding an ideal internship in Pakistan? If so, this article will give insights into some of the best internship opportunities hosted by Pakistan-based companies to facilitate career advancement. Working as an intern in Pakistan has many benefits, even though only a few internship programs are available in the country compared to other developed countries, like the United States. Indeed, your participation will enable you to learn more about Pakistan, its people, and its unique culture. In terms of professional development, you’ll get the chance to gain practical experience, work with professionals, learn new skills, and develop valuable relationships. All these will give you more qualifications and improve your employability in the job market. So read on to explore further.

Reasons to Intern in Pakistan

There are many reasons to choose an internship program hosted in a Pakistani city, as noted below.

Explore the culture and way of life of the people in Pakistan.

  • Doing your internship in Pakistan will enable you to experience the culture and lifestyle of Pakistanis. You’ll also have the chance to attend several cultural events and festivals, such as Shandur Polo Festival, Mela Chiraghan, Silk Route Festival, Shab-e-Barat, Lok Virsa Folk Festival, and Jashan-e-Nowruz.

Besides, you will be opportune to understand a foreign language, like Urdu, Pakistan’s national language.

Career growth opportunities.

  • As an intern in Pakistan, you’ll discover vast opportunities to grow your career as you acquire more knowledge, get mentoring, build relationships with industry leaders, gather relevant work experience, and develop your skill set. All these will positively impact your qualifications, allowing you to create a professional CV and resume.

Visit many exciting places.

  • Another reason to do your internship in Pakistan is the opportunity you’ll get to visit numerous attractions anytime during your internship. These include Deosai National Park, Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan Air Force Museum, Margala Hills, Mohatta Palace Museum, Shakarparian National Park, Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, Ayub National Park, and Hiran Minar Park. Of course, visiting these places costs little or zero fees.

Financial benefits.

  • Interning in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has monetary benefits. Therefore, you will earn about PKR 15,000 monthly as an intern in a Pakistan-based establishment.

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Work with the world’s leading companies.

  • The internship programs hosted in Pakistan offer an opportunity for students and graduates to work with the most successful companies in the world. As such, you can apply for these internship programs to gain hands-on experience serving one of these companies.

Best Eight (8) Internship Programs in Pakistan

#1. Huawei Internship Program

With a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or management sciences, you can¬†apply for Huawei Internship Program, as it’s one of the best internships in Pakistan. Being among the top internships in Pakistan, interning with Huawei Technologies will allow you to join its ICT talent team, which will influence your professional development.

#2. Nestlé Internship Programs

If you are a full-time student enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program, you can apply for Nestl√© Internships, indicating your academic achievements and involvement in non-academic activities. Since you’ll be privileged to select your preferred location, you can intern in Nestl√© offices in Lahore, Islamabad, or Karachi. Before applying for this internship, ensure you have exceptional teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills.

#3. L’Or√©al Summer Programs

Another internship opportunity we recommend for students seeking international experience in Pakistan is the one hosted by L’Oreal, the largest cosmetics company in the world. You can apply for this internship program, no matter your field of study, provided you satisfy its requirements. Without a doubt, interning with L’Or√©al will enable you to propel your career in any field.

#4. HBL League Internship Program

We also recommend the League Internship Program hosted by Habib Bank Limited (HBL) to be among the best internship opportunities available to students and graduates in Pakistan. Of course, working as an¬†intern with HBL¬†would greatly benefit your career growth and success due to the bank’s reputation as the oldest and largest in Pakistan. Besides, Habib Bank Limited was the first commercial bank set up in Pakistan.

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#5. Voltonic Solution Internships

As one of the top internship programs in Pakistan, you can apply online to intern with Voltonic Solution Pvt. Ltd., as long as you are majoring in an engineering field and meet other requirements. Voltonic Solution exclusively offers paid internship programs, with opportunities for interns who are exceptional based on assigned tasks to get permanent full-time positions.

#6. Standard Chartered Internship Programs

If you prefer to intern in an international bank’s office in Pakistan, consider applying for an intern role at Standard Chartered to get the essentials for career success.¬†Interning with Standard Chartered¬†will help you build a career with purpose, possessing all required to succeed in the industry.

#7. LiveBits Internship Programs

As an international undergraduate student, consider doing your internship with LiveBits, a software company based in Karachi, Pakistan. LiveBits Internships typically run for three months and can last a year, depending on your performance during the internship. To qualify for this internship program, you must hold a high school diploma certificate, have completed a marketing-related training program, possess good communication, and be able to work with Microsoft Office programs.

#8. GroupM Internship Program

You can also get professional development opportunities by participating in GroupM’s internship program, which lasts six to eight weeks. It is a media holding company holding of WPP Plc., the world’s largest advertising company. GroupM hires university students seeking relevant experience to propel their careers in media and advertising.

GroupM Internship Program 2023 will run from May to June, allowing you to work with professionals in the media industry.

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FAQs about the Internship Programs in Pakistan

Can foreigners intern in Pakistan?

Yes, students and graduates from different corners of the world can intern in most Pakistan-based companies only if they meet the requirements.

Are internships paid in Pakistan?

Yes, most internship programs in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan offer financial compensation to interns, regardless of their performance while interning in the company. The average salary of an intern in Pakistan is approximately PKR 15,000 per month.

What are the requirements for internships in Pakistan?

To work as an intern in a Pakistan-based establishment, you must be studying toward earning an academic degree. Assuming you recently graduated from an accredited higher education institution, you must provide transcripts of such studies.

Do I need a visa to intern in Pakistan?

Yes, you need a valid Pakistani work authorization to intern in any company or establishment within the country.

Can graduates intern in Pakistan?

Yes, graduates of all nationalities can apply for intern roles in Pakistan-based establishments, provided they fulfill all criteria for an internship program.


Being part of an internship program hosted in Pakistan will open doors for vast opportunities, no matter your chosen career path. You’ll explore Pakistan, learn, and grow as you acquire relevant work experience. All in all, interning in Pakistan would be an eye-opener, allowing you to make good progress in your career. Are the internship programs in Pakistan enticing enough, and would you love to share them on social media websites? Click the icons below to share this post on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

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