Internships in Canada for International Students

Tips for Internships in Canada for International Students

When you opt for an internship in Canada as an international student, you make a deliberate effort to be exceptional. After all, you can only cross the world to intern in Canada if you are unexceptional. If not so, you would do better back home. You could save yourself the inconvenience of uprooting yourself from your comfortable and familiar environment.

If you’re an international student in Canada, with this list of the ten best internships in Canada, looking for placement would be a straightforward exercise. But this article is for you if you plan to visit Canada as an intern. Here are Tips for Internships in Canada for International Students.

Internships in Canada for international students

Canada offers excellent internship opportunities to international students who want to intern in the country as part of their educational curriculum. However, certain countries have an agreement with Canada called the International Experience Program. Suppose your country is a beneficiary of this program. In that case, you will apply for the appropriate visa and work permit that you need for your internship in Canada as an international student. But even if your country is part of this mutually beneficial relationship, you still need to secure your visa, accommodation, insurance, and more. There’s a lot of paperwork to do and a lot of preparation too. Sometimes, one wonders if there are any benefits of internships in Canada for international students.

Benefits of Internship in Canada for International Students

Moving from one’s country to a foreign land for any reason requires some financial obligations and causes an emotional upheaval. Canada is no different, but the advantages of such a venture far outweigh the disadvantages. And if you’re searching for reasons to decide about interning in Canada, here are some benefits you should consider.

#1. You will learn to survive on your own

Picking up an internship in Canada means you will be alone, without your family and friends. There’s no better time to learn how to survive on your own and be independent. Now’s the time to grow into a confident young adult.

#2. You will learn economic management

Frugality is an art that you will learn as an intern. No matter how much the stipend will be, it would help if you learned to be considerate of your expenses because you will be responsible for your upkeep in Canada.

#3. Opportunity to encounter different cultures and accents

Different people have different beliefs and inclinations. In Canada, you will encounter all kinds of people. As a result, you will learn to be accommodating and accepting.

#4. Opportunity to enrich your education

Classroom learning is one thing, but an internship in Canada will give you the exposure you need and an opportunity to add flesh to all you have been learning in class.

#5. Work in a safe and well-developed country

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also a developed country with one of the world’s largest economies. These benefit international students who want to intern here because they will work in a secure and comfortable environment.

#6. Explore Canada

With an internship in Canada, you will have the opportunity to explore this vast and diverse environment. Canada is beautiful, and you must find time to take in the beauty and great atmosphere.

#7. Diverse internship opportunities

Canada is home to many cultures and numerous opportunities for internships. Don’t say no to any opportunity to work, as this will help you develop needed skill sets and prepare a well-crafted resume that will open doors in the future.

#8. Build and grow a network

If you plan to return to Canada for a career after school. Your internship is the time to start laying a solid foundation. The contacts you make during your internship may be the ones that will recommend or point you to the right path later. Networking is a crucial part of internships, and in Canada, you can network with as many people as possible.

#9. A possible career path

If your internship goes well, you may receive an offer of employment after school. It is the dream of every intern! So keep an open mind, and take on any available internship, whether paid or unpaid. Your target is continuity, especially if it’s a field where you plan to build a career.

Tips for Internships in Canada for International Students

Internships are part of the curriculum in many developed countries like the USA. As an international student planning to intern in Canada, you must know that internship opportunities are rare. Therefore, you must try to land the internship of your dreams through the following:

#1. Through research and preparation

Ask yourself – what type of industries offer internships in Canada? Are these offers paid or unpaid? Are you qualified for the offers? With research, you will find answers to these questions. With preparation, you will ensure you have all the requirements for an internship in Canada.

#2. Look for references from your home university

Your home university should be willing to give you a reference to help you when you get to Canada. That is if you need to secure an internship before traveling. Organizations also require this certification from your school because it gives them the confidence to employ you.

#3. Visit websites and job portals

Various websites advertise internships in Canada for international students. These can be legitimate independent internship placement providers. While looking for legitimate websites, be careful when giving out personal information.

#4. Look up old contacts and schoolmates in Canada

If you have contacts in Canada, don’t hesitate to reach out. Then, as much as you can, lean on that acquaintanceship and find out all you can about the process of visiting Canada. 

#5. Look for firms that are familiar with international internships

Some firms are willing to support international students visiting Canada for internships. This support can be through preparing the paperwork for work visas and other procedures. To do this, the organization has to go through a legal process where they will pay a certain fee to the Canadian government to host you. The organization will also make other investments, like training you. Sometimes, because of these investments, they will be unwilling to pay you. At this point, you should remember that experience is most important, and you will be able to add this international internship experience to your resume.

Requirements for internships in Canada as an international student

There are numerous requirements to pursue an internship in Canada, some of which depend on your country of residence. However, here are the general conditions.

  • Have an internship offer letter from Canada
  • You must be between 18 and 35 years old
  • You must prove you are a student in your home country.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • Show proof of language proficiency – English or French – depending on the province.
  • Have a well-crafted resume and a cover letter
  • You must have a work visa approved before you start your internship

Frequently Asked Questions

Do international students get paid internships in Canada?

The Canadian government insists that paid internships must be within the minimum wage category per hour. Although minimum wage varies from province to province, there is no definite amount for internships. It all depends on the employer. In the same vein, too, there is no maximum dollar for interns to earn. The minimum is $13.50 for Saskatchewan, and the highest is $16.00 for Nunavut.

Do international students need visas for internships in Canada?

Yes, international students need the International Co-op work permit. This work permit is available to citizens of countries that are part of International Experience Canada. However, you must be a student when applying for this visa. In addition, your internship must be in your field of study.

Does my internship count as work experience?

Canada accepts internships as work experience if the intern receives a stipend or salary during the period. Therefore, Canada does not take volunteer or unpaid internships as work experience. But part-time work is acceptable as long as you receive payment. However, you can include your internship in Canada on your resume.


Imagine what an internship in Canada as an international student can do for your career after school and how it will look on your resume. There is no better way to stand out with an internship than having this international experience. With an internship in Canada as an international student, local and foreign firms will beat a path to your door. So if you’re considering the discomfort and financial implication of such a move, this prospect should make your internship worthwhile. An internship in Canada as an international student is an investment in your career growth.

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