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Tips to get an Internship with Job Offer

Internships allow college and university students to gain commercial experience and learn new skills. Students who perform well may turn their internship experience into a job offer. However, it will not be easy. We have outlined the best tips for getting an internship with a job offer, even without experience. 

Tips to get an internship with a job offer

Students can apply for summer, winter, spring, or year-round internships. The duration of each program depends on the company. Though no job offer is guaranteed after your training, many companies reward the best interns with permanent positions in their organizations.  

Here are the best ways to improve your chances of landing a job offer at the end of your internship. They include:

#1. Research the company, job, and industry

Proper research on the firm, industry and the role you want will increase your chances of getting an internship with a job offer. Visit the company’s website to learn everything about the company and job before starting. Through this, you will understand how the business works and the nature of specific projects when they arise. In addition, you must find out if the company tends to keep interns on after their program has finished.

#2. Establish your credibility.

Your employers must trust you before offering you a permanent job as an intern. Moreover, if your team leaders don’t find you credible, they won’t assign your essential projects. These projects will give you opportunities to showcase your unique abilities and the contributions you can make to the organization. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to convince your boss that you deserve a full-time job. The following qualities will help you establish your credulity as an intern. They include:

  • Being punctual.
  • Take ownership of your projects and deliver results on time.
  • Be honest about what you know and don’t.

#3. Ask questions

Of course, you are new to the environment as an intern. The work, the people, and the culture are strange to you. It makes everything feel challenging at first. Thus, we advise you to ask questions, especially when in doubt. If you ask the right questions, you will increase your chances of getting an internship with a job offer.

However, you must be mindful of the questions you ask. Ensure they contribute to the company’s success and stay within the conversation. Here are a few examples:

  1. Ask task-related questions to help you clarify assignments and increase your probability of doing them well. 
  2. Ask insightful questions to start conversations between colleagues. It will motivate people to think outside their usual boxes. 
  3. On the other hand, refrain from asking lazy questions that can work against you.

#4. Be Professional

There is a famous saying that you are addressed the way you dress. In other words, people will respect you depending on your attire at work. We advise you to dress professionally every time. In addition, you must observe official office hours. Thus, you must arrive early if you can and leave when it is time.

#5. Set goals and meet them

Even before you start your internship, you must have set your goals. It does not end; try to meet these goals. Also, your manager will likely put some expectations when starting your internship. Meeting these expectations will help you land an internship with a job offer. Our advice is that, at the very least, you must meet those expectations. It is best if you surpass these goals and expectations.

#6. Take the initiative and challenge yourself

Usually, you will be assigned easy projects during the first week of your internship. The truth is that you will get more challenging tasks as you progress. We advise you to ask my manager what the team’s priorities are. Also, request other jobs to do to help the organization. Think about new and easy ways to accomplish the tasks assigned to you. Do not do it as usual if you can bring new ideas for performing these tasks. Doing this will convince your manager you have the skills to help the company grow. Thus, you can get a permanent job offer after your internship.

#7. Shine out

Refrain from looking at the nature of the assignments you get. Instead, perform them with enthusiasm and shine out. If you can carry out small tasks well, your manager will give you more demanding jobs. On the other hand, if you relax on the menial tasks, you will not get better work as an intern. We advise interns to be positive regardless of how humble the work appears. When you do this, your employer will discover what you can do to contribute to the company’s success.

#8. Learn From Others

As an intern, you will work with leading professionals and experts. You can observe how they perform their tasks. However, finding coworkers who enjoy imparting their professional knowledge to others would be best. Hopefully, you will learn the best international practices to excel in your profession from these people. 

#9. Build an outstanding network

During your internship, you don’t only impress your employer, and you must work with a team to produce results. Therefore, you must develop a warm relationship with your team members. You want them to miss you when you leave the company unless you get a job offer from your employer. 

You can build your network by doing the following things. They include:

  • First, learn from other people in your organization. Discover the outgoing types in your firm, and become their friends because they will teach you what you need to know in the organization.
  • Secondly, help your colleagues when necessary. Be ready to offer a helping hand to your coworkers. 
  • Thirdly, chat with your colleagues during launch time and breaks. 
  • Create a LinkedIn account to network with your coworkers.

#10. Work Hard

One way of getting an internship with a job offer is by working hard. This one is a no-brainer. Every employer needs hardworking employees, especially interns. Try to anticipate what your next task could be. Ask your team leader or manager about the next job you will perform. However, ensure you bring positive and quality results after your assignment. Producing quality work and putting your hand up for additional tasks are great ways to build your brand as a valuable employee that isn’t afraid of hard work.

Also, you can learn how to write a cover letter with no experience as a student to get an internship placement in a big firm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a job offer if I repeat an internship in a company?

There is no guarantee that interns who repeat their internships in a company will get a job offer. However, 90% of students who repeat their training job get a permanent position from the company. Moreover, when an employer asks you to return for another internship, it shows you have the qualities the company needs. Therefore, it means you will likely become a permanent staff in the company once you graduate from the university. 

Can I apply for a job during an internship?

Interns who demonstrate core values during the internship may get hired by another company before training. Thus, you can send your application for a role in other firms applying for a position. You can look for a place in your present company if you meet the requirements for available jobs.  

What is an Internship Offer Letter?

An internship offer letter is a letter that informs prospective interns of their internship offers in a company. It contains all the information about the position, including the duration of the internship period, starting date, role, and salary.


When looking for an internship with a job offer, look for companies that provide full employment to former interns. You can do this by contacting students who have interned at those organizations. More importantly, consider the tips above while applying for a student job. 

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