Internship in the United States for International Students
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Internship In USA For International Students

Can you work and earn semester credits in the United States? If you wonder what the answer is, you should understand that it is possible through a paid and fully-funded internship in the USA for International Students.

Whether you become an international intern for the long-term or short-term, your experience will make you a desirable candidate for your desired job. Moreover, international internships speed up academic progress. It also helps you to build networks, boost your confidence, and groom yourself professionally.

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Internship in the USA for International Students

For international students, an internship in the USA can be one of the most significant benefits of studying there. It allows them to gain real-world experience working with leading professionals and experts in various fields and industries. Moreover, your first internship is the foundation for your resume and future career experience. It will expose you to many professional opportunities in your area. Plus, it will help you build your network. 

International students can apply for summer, winter, spring, or all-year-round internships in the USA. These internships can be paid or unpaid. But the benefits are worth it. It is an opportunity to kickstart a successful career without experience. 

The United States is among the best places for international students to intern. It is a multicultural and diverse society that gives students freedom. Moreover, it has an education system offers a welcoming environment for many students to find internships. Therefore, each year students apply for internships available to international students nationwide.

Requirements for an internship in the USA

Applicants for internships in the USA for international students must meet the following criteria. They include:

  1. Ability to communicate in English
  2. You must enroll in a degree program lasting for at least one year
  3. You must apply for a program relevant to your field of study
  4. Applicants must obtain a work or internship visa

Top industries for an internship in the USA

International students can apply for internships in the following industries in the United States. They include:

  1. Business Development
  2. Media
  3. Technology
  4. Consumer Product Manufacturing
  5. Hospitality
  6. Finance
  7. Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  8. . Culinary Arts
  9. Design
  10. Non-profit & NGO
  11. . Politics
  12. Journalism
  13. Agriculture

Best cities for internship in the USA

Among other American cities, the following are the best for international students’ internships. They include:

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Chicago
  5. San Francisco
  6. Houston
  7. Boston
  8. Raleigh
  9. San Diego
  10. Philadelphia

Top American companies for an internship for international students

For the best experience, we advise international students in the USA to apply for internships in the companies below. They offer a conducive and happy environment for interns. Thus, you will relax and get the most out of your time there. They include:

  • Bank of America
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Oracle
  • Facebook
  • American Express
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Goldman Sachs
  • SpaceX
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Tesla
  • Morgan Stanley
  • McKinsey
  • Meta
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Deloitte
  • Bloomberg

Best internship jobs in the USA for International Students

The best internship positions in the USA include the following:

  1. Software Engineering Intern
  2. Analyst
  3. English Teacher
  4. PR and Marketing Intern
  5. Engineering Intern
  6. Data Scientist Intern
  7. Animation intern
  8. Sustainability intern in Agriculture
  9. Business Operations Intern
  10. Journalist intern
  11. Venture Capital Visiting Analyst
  12. Research Intern
  13. Legal Intern
  14. Quantitative Trading Intern 
  15. Sports Intern

Benefits of an internship in the USA for International Students

There are many reasons international students prefer an internship in the USA. Here are some of the befits of interning in a U.K. company. They include:

#1. You will work in a multicultural environment where you can interact and associate with people and interns from different backgrounds.

#2. Learn and work with leading professionals and experts who can mentor and coach you. Thus, you will understand the best practices in your field.

#3. Gain international work experience by working in a multinational company and environment.

#4. Build your resume and improve your employability with an internship in the USA for international students with no prior experience. 

#5. It will expose you to career development opportunities like seminars, field trips, events, conferences, and projects.

 #6. Network with other students in the country who can become your business partners.

#7. Get a chance to work in the country after your internship.

How to apply for an internship in the USA

International students who want to intern in the USA must begin on time to prepare. Otherwise, they may not land their dream job. You can begin as early as January to start your preparation. Check out to know open positions and the required skills. Plus, the requirements for each post. In addition, you must look for jobs related to your field of study and interest. All these will help you prepare for your summer internship. 

If you are outside of the USA, you must apply for a visa to travel to the country. Thus, you must meet the requirements for a work visa in the USA.

You can apply for any scholarship using the company’s website. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity. 

Steps to apply for training jobs as a student in the USA

Use the steps below to apply for a student job in the USA this year. They include:

Step 1. What kind of position do you want? 

Step 2. Search programs by job type

Step 3. Check if you meet the requirements

Step 4. Apply for the program if you meet the requirements

Step 5. Apply for a visa to move to the USA

How to find potential companies for an internship in the USA

Applicants for internships in the USA can use the following websites to look for opportunities. They include:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great place to find internships with significant companies. Many big organizations post open jobs on the platform. LinkedIn is the current king of professional networking websites. International students in the United States can use this search website to look for positions across America. offers thousands of open positions, advice, and templates for cover letters, resumes, and job interviews for international students. It is a worldwide job search website.

Facebook: Many companies also post internships on Facebook. Thus, students can visit the company’s page to look for vacancies.

The company’s website: You can also go to the company website when looking for internships in the USA for international students. Many companies post vacancies for internships and the requirements on their website. 

Tips for applying for an internship in the USA

You can use the tips below to speed up your search for internships in the USA for international students. They include:

#1. Tailor your application to the job

#2. Research the industry, company, and position you want to occupy. 

#3. Write a good resume and cover letter. 

#4. Network with former interns. 

#5. Learn new skills and improve your English.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international Students do internships in the USA?

International students in the USA can apply for internships in the country. However, they must apply for a work or internship visa. Otherwise, they will not be eligible for any program. In addition, they must enroll in an academic degree to qualify for a student job in the United States. 

Are there any paid internships in the USA?

Most internships in the United States are paid. However, there are unpaid internships offered by a few companies. Students can apply for any student job for the experience they will gain. Plus, it will be their first professional experience in the industry. Thus, they can list it in their resume when looking for employment. 

The average internship salary for international students in the USA is $33,150 per year or $15.94 per hour. Entry-level interns make around $28,497 annually. 

How long are internships in the USA?

Internships in the USA for International Students last three to six months during the summer or winter holidays. Some can last for up to one year, depending on the company. Students will use this as an opportunity to increase their employability. Plus, they will learn the skills to become experts in the profession.

Regardless of how long your internship in the USA lasts, it will look great on your resume and set you up for future success.


An internship in the USA for international students gives you your first experience as a professional. You will get some knowledge different from what you learn in the classroom. Plus, it will expose you to various career opportunities to skyrocket your career. 

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