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How to Apply for Internship In The UK

Internships are essential for your career growth in any field or country. It allows you to gain experience as a student in your career path. More importantly, you will learn the necessary skills to excel. Plus, it will expose you to professional opportunities in your discipline as a student. For international students getting an internship in the UK is challenging. However, it is achievable. 

Internship in the UK

An internship in the UK is an opportunity for local and international students without experience can engage in work in other fields. It allows students in various levels and academic disciplines to gain practical experience working with leading professionals in their area. It is a career-development opportunity for international students in British universities. Students use internships as a grounding in many aspects of a company. And it offers them pre-hand knowledge about various industries and sectors.

The United Kingdom is among the best places for international students to intern. It boasts a multicultural education system that offers a welcoming environment for many students to find internships. Therefore, each year students apply for internships available to international students nationwide.

Top industries for an internship in the UK

  1. Business Development
  2. Technology
  3. Finance
  4. Design
  5. Non-profit & NGO
  6. Government
  7. Journalism

Best cities for internship in the UK

  1. Manchester
  2. Birmingham
  3. Leicester
  4. Bristol
  5. Loughborough
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Leeds
  8. Glasgow

Top UK companies for an internship for international students

  1. Goldman Sachs Summer Internship Program.
  2. Amazon Future Engineer Internship.
  3. Google Summer Internship Program.
  4. Deloitte Summer Internship Program.
  5. PwC Summer Internship Program.
  6. McKinsey & Company Summer Internship Program.
  7. Microsoft Internship Program.
  8. KPMG Summer Internship Program.

Best internship jobs in the UK

  1. Software Engineering Intern
  2. PR and Marketing Intern
  3. Data Scientist Intern
  4. Business Operations Intern
  5. Venture Capital Visiting Analyst
  6. Research Intern
  7. Legal Intern
  8. Quantitative Trading Intern 

Benefits of an internship in the UK

There are many reasons international students prefer an internship in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the befits of interning in a UK company. They include:

#1. Work in a multicultural environment

The first reason you prefer to intern in the UK is the multicultural environment conducive to your career growth. In addition, it will allow you to learn as n intern. Many UK companies employ workers from different backgrounds, irrespective of the r race, color, nationality, religion, or culture. Thus, you will learn and work in a multicultural atmosphere.

#2. Work with leading professionals and experts in your field

As an intern in a UK company, you will work with the best in your field. The UK attracts leading professionals and experts in many areas and industries. Thus, international students prefer the country to work directly with these people. Plus, they can network with them and learn from them. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your career with the best.

#3. Gain international work experience

Of course, you will gain experience as an intern in a UK company. The primary reason for internships is to gain real-world experience working in the field. Thus, you will learn many things you may not know in the classroom. Moreover, you will carry out real projects related to your career. All these will add to your experience in the industry.

#4. Build your resume

Another benefit of an internship in the UK is that you can add the experience to your resume. International students include their internship experience in their resumes to increase their employability. Doing this will make your future employer know you have the required knowledge and skills to excel in the industry.

#5. Career development opportunities

Many UK companies offer interns programs, events, field trips, and seminars that aid them in their career development. These activities will not only increase your skills, but they will also help you to gain more exposure to professional opportunities in your career. Moreover, it is an avenue to network with others in your field. 

How to apply for an internship in the UK

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for internships in the UK, provided they meet the requirements for each job they want. In addition, they will need to provide their resumes and cover letters. Plus, they must have the necessary skills and experience for each position they want at the company.

Once you have these documents, you can apply for any scholarship using the company’s website. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

Steps to apply for training jobs as a student in the UK

Getting an internship in a UK company is hard. It is accurate, but it will become easy with the proper guidance and steps. We have provided the simple steps to get one if you follow them. They include:

Step 1. Identify your focus area and field

Step 2. Find out open positions

Step 3. Check if you meet the requirements

Step 4. Apply for the program if you meet the requirements

Step 5. Apply for a visa to move o the United Kingdom

How to find potential companies for an internship in the UK

Many international students need help getting a company for their internship in the UK. However, with simple solutions, you can land a great company to intern and earn a respectful position. Thus, the following websites should be on every student’s mind when for an internship in the UK as an international student. They include:

1. Milkround


3. Student Circus

4. Target Jobs

5. Rate My Placement

6. Facebook

7. LinkedIn


Frequently Asked Questions

Can international Students do internships in the UK?

Yes, international students can intern in the UK. For many students, the reason for applying for internships in UK companies is because of the salary. For them, paid internships motivate them to perform their tasks well. More importantly, it helps them to learn the professional and communication skills required for their jobs.

Are There Any Paid Internships?

Interestingly, many UK companies offer paid internships to international students. Many international students work part-time jobs or internships that pay them hourly. However, there can be unpaid internships in the United Kingdom. Therefore, international students should be ready to get either paid or unpaid internships. 

Many universities and colleges in the UK, such as UCL and Imperial College London, provide internship openings and vacancies to international students. Therefore, we advise you to find nearby amenities, including student help desks. Moreover, you can book affordable off-campus accommodation near UCL to ensure you know of any available job opportunities.

What is a British council internship?

The British Council offers students and recent graduates a chance to gain hands-on experience through an internship program. The practical skills and knowledge gained through the internship will complement the theoretical knowledge gained in their studies and increase their employability.

How long are internships in the UK?

Usually, internships last three to six months, especially in the summer, including in the UK. However, you can find some shorter or longer opportunities. You can’t extend your visa after your internship. However, you could return to your home country to re-apply.

Regardless of how long your internship in the UK lasts, it will look great on your resume and set you up for future success.


The UK offers international students the best internship programs for their career development. However, you must meet the requirements for each program you want. Plus, you must apply for programs related to your discipline. These internships allow students and fresh graduates to gain real-world experience working on real projects. 

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