Internship Opportunities in Kenya
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Internship Opportunities in Kenya

There are many internship opportunities for students in Kenya. You can use these jobs to gather the experience you need to practice your profession. In addition, you can list the knowledge you gained during your internship in your resume. 

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Internship in Kenya

Internship opportunities in Kenya are student jobs, especially for penultimate and final-year students. They are also open to fresh graduates who have no work experience. It allows candidates to gain practical work experience they can include in their resume for future employment. During this period, students learn directly from leading professionals and experts in their fields and industry. They also get mentorship from these people. Thus, they know the best international practice to excel in their career. 

Candidates can apply for summer, winter, spring, or all-year-round internships in Kenya. These internships can be paid or unpaid. Do not mind if they’re paid because it is an opportunity to kickstart a successful career without experience.¬†

Top industries for an internship in Kenya

Students can apply for internships in the following industries and sectors in Kenya. However, there are other areas, but more opportunities come in these fields. They include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Administration
  3. Banking
  4. Customer Service
  5. Driving
  6. Engineering
  7. HR
  8. IT
  9. Legal
  10. NGO
  11. Nursing
  12. Security
  13. Teaching
  14. UN Jobs
Other industries include
  • Agricultural
  • Airline
  • Audit
  • Communication
  • Credit Control
  • Data Entry
  • Finance
  • Graduate Trainee
  • Graphics Designer
  • Health & Safety
  • Hotel
  • Insurance
  • Interior Design
  • Management Trainee
  • Media
  • Nursing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Librarian
  • Logistics
  • Nutrition
  • Parastatal
  • Public Health
  • Public Relations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Social Work
  • Stores
  • Supply Chain
  • Tours Travel

Best cities for internship in Kenya

The best cities for to get internship opportunities in Kenya include the following:

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Migori

Top internship programs in Kenya 

Among internship opportunities in Kenya, the following offers the best experience to local and international students. They include:

  • African Development Bank Internships
  • African Development Bank Young Professionals Program
  • ADB Internship Program
  • Administration Internship
  • Africa Action Internship Opportunities
  • British Council Future Journalists Scholarships
  • African Union Internships
  • AIC Kijabe Hospital Internships
  • AIESEC International Internships
  • Ashoka Internship Opportunities
  • Bank Internships in Kenya
  • BBC Work Experience Attachments
  • Central Bank of Kenya Internship Program
  • Computer Science & Computer Engineering Internships
  • Concerned for Working Children Internships
  • Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP) – Kenya Internships
  • Davis & Shirtliff Industrial Attachments in Kenya – Attachment Vacancies in Kenya
  • Deloitte East Africa Graduate Recruitment for Young Graduates
  • Davis & Shirtliff Industrial Training Programme in Kenya
  • European Commission Paid Traineeships
  • e8 Internship Program
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Paid Internships for Students and Recent Graduates¬†
  • Frank Jennings Internship
  • Google Internship Opportunities
  • Goldman Sachs Internships
  • Human Rights Watch Internships
  • ICARDA Internship
  • IDEP Internships
  • IDRC Internship Award
  • IFAD Internship Programme
  • IHS Journalism Internship
  • IHS Production Internships
  • ILO Internships
  • IMF Fund Internship Program
  • Internship at African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights
  • Internships at Global Policy Forum in New York
  • Training for Human Rights Postgraduate Students
  • International Law Institute Internships
  • Internship Positions at the European Centre for Minority Issues – Flensburg, Germany
  • Kenya Airways Internship for Undergraduate Students in Kenya (Degree and Diploma Students)
  • Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre Internships
  • Kenya Human Rights Commission Internships
  • Kenya Power Industrial Attachments – Paid Industrial Attachments in Kenya
  • Kenya Power Internships – Paid Kenya Internships
  • Kenya Revenue Authority Internships
  • Kenya Scholarships for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students

Other internship opportunities in Kenya include the following:

  • KPMG East Africa Graduate Recruitment for Young Graduates
  • KRA Internships in Kenya – Revenue Authority Internships Kenya
  • MasterCard Youth Think Tank Jobs for Young Africans
  • MBA Internship and Software Development Internship
  • NHIF Internships in Kenya – National Hospital Insurance Fund
  • NIC Bank University Internship Program
  • NIC Bank Internship Program
  • Nzoia Sugar Company Industrial Attachments & Internships
  • OHCHR Internships
  • Pharmacy Internships – South Africa
  • Psychosocial Intern
  • Red Cross Volunteers
  • Research Internships Scheme KEMRI
  • SAB Graduate Trainee Program
  • Safaricom Internship – Find Internships and Intern Jobs at Safaricom
  • Scripps Howard Semester in Washington Internship Program
  • Shell Postgraduate Student Internships
  • Summer Internship in Kenya for International students
  • The Technical University of Munich Scholarships for African Students
  • The Carter Center Graduate Assistant Program
  • Transparency International Internship in Kenya
  • Tuskys Internships in Kenya (Paid Kenya Internships)
  • TWN Africa Internship Program
  • UNAIDS Internship for University Students
  • UNDP Kenya Internship Program
  • UNECE Internship Program
  • UNESCO-APCEIU Youth Leadership Workshop Scholarships
  • UNESCO Internship
  • UNFCCC Internships
  • UNFPA Internship Program
  • UNICEF Internships
  • UNIFEM Internships
  • UN-HABITAT Internships
  • U.N. Internship Programme
  • UN Young Professionals Programme
  • United Nations Internships
  • WCC Youth Internship Program
  • WFP Internships
  • Work Experience Placements in the U.K.
  • World Agroforestry Centre Internships
  • World Bank Internships
  • World Bank Internship Program
  • World Health Organization Internships
  • World Health Organization Internship Program
  • Worldwide Work Experience Placements
  • WTO Internships
  • YALI East Africa – Young African Leadership Initiative Fellowships

Best internship jobs in Kenya for International Students

Interns in Kenya can apply for the following positions. They include:

  1. Communications Intern
  2. Administrative Intern
  3. Project Management Intern
  4. Accounting Intern
  5. Social Media Marketing Intern
  6. English Teacher
  7. PR and Marketing Intern
  8. Engineering Intern
  9. Data Scientist Intern
  10. Animation intern
  11. Venture Capital Visiting Analyst
  12. Research Intern
  13. Legal Intern
  14. Quantitative Trading Intern 
  15. Sports Intern

Benefits of an internship in Kenya

There are many reasons international students prefer training in Kenya. Here are some of the befits of interning in a U.K. company. They include:

#1. Intern in a multicultural environment 

#2. Learn and work with leading professionals and experts 

#3. Gain international work experience in a serene atmosphere

#4. Build your resume and improve your employability 

#5. Engage in career development programs like seminars, field trips, events, conferences, and projects.

 #6. Network with other students in the country 

#7. Get a chance to work in the country after your internship.

How to apply for an internship in Kenya

Applicants for internships in Kenya can apply using the company’s website. In addition, you can use our internship guide to learn¬†how to apply for internships in big firms, even¬†without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity. Our¬†Internship Cover Letter Guide¬†can be helpful here.

How to find potential companies for an internship in Kenya

Applicants for internships in Kenya can use the following websites to look for opportunities. They include:

LinkedIn: One of the best platforms to look for internship opportunities in Kenya is LikedIn. Most companies in the country post vacancies on this site. Moreover, LinkedIn is the current king of professional networking websites. International students in Kenya can use this search website to look for positions across the country. Another website to visit for your internship is It offers thousands of open positions, advice, and templates for cover letters, resumes, and job interviews for international students. It is a worldwide job search website.

Facebook: You can also visit the Facebook page of any company you want to intern in. You can see vital information about open jobs there.

The company’s website: Another place you can see opportunities for internships in Kenya is the company’s website. You will get the skills, requirements, and academic qualifications for your desired job. More importantly, you will find the keywords to include in your application there.

Tips for applying for an internship in Kenya

The following tips will be helpful when looking for internship opportunities in Kenya. They include:

#1. Tailor your application to the job by highlighting your skills, strengths, and abilities.

#2. Research the industry, company, and position you want to occupy to the keywords to use in your application.

#3. Write a good resume and cover letter that contains your qualifications, skills, experience, unique qualities, and why you are the best for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international Students do internships in Kenya?

Yes, international students can apply for internships in Kenya. They can get paid or unpaid jobs. However, the most crucial aspect is the experience they will get. Thus, they will increase their employability by listing the internship experience in their resumes.

Are there any paid internships in Kenya?

Most companies in Kenya pay their interns. For many interns, compensation is one of the biggest reasons for looking for an internship. The average salary of interns in Kenya is $16000 per year.

How long are internships in Kenya?

The duration of internships in Kenya is between there and six months. However, some companies offer six to twelve weeks programs, especially in the summer. Students can also apply for programs outside of summer, which can last for the whole year.


In summary, you can use the internship opportunities in Kenya to increase your employability in the future. Thus, you can list the experience in your resume so your employers know you have the skills and knowledge to excel in your job. More importantly, as an intern, you will work in a conducive environment to engage in career development activities and events. 

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