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Top 10 Internships in Sweden

Are you ready to get international experience in a foreign country? Then, consider participating in an internship in Sweden, as they are one of the best you can ever find in the European Union member states. Sweden is among the world’s wealthiest countries. It is also a nation known for its excellent job market and high standard of living. Hence, Sweden is recommendable for your internship, as it offers a golden opportunity to advance your career, preparing you for the job market. Doing your internship in Sweden will also let you have an exciting adventure experience as you explore a different culture, learn a foreign language, and visit many fun places. Therefore, this article will explain why interning in Sweden is your best bet and will highlight the best internship opportunities available in this country.

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Few Things to Note about Internships in Sweden

  • Internships in Sweden run for 6 weeks to 12 months.
  • Sweden-based internship programs are open to students and graduates from various regions of the world.
  • You must procure a visa to intern as a foreigner anywhere in Sweden.
  • There are more paid internships in Sweden than unpaid internship opportunities.
  • You can attend festivals and other cultural events as an intern.
  • Even the Government of Sweden hires interns, offering numerous internship positions for students and graduates.

Why Intern in Sweden?

There are many reasons to choose a Sweden-based internship program over the internships available in other countries.

The following are some reasons why we recommend doing your internship in Sweden.

Cultural exploration benefits

Interning in Sweden will let you understand Swedish culture and traditions. You’ll also get the chance to attend several cultural events. These include ReOrient Festival, Summerburst Festival, Walpurgisnacht Festival, Kivik Apple Market Festival, Stockholm Folk Festival, and Peace & Love Festival.

Moreover, there’s an opportunity for you to make friends with the Swedish people, as they are friendly to all nationals. You will also learn Swedish and other minority languages in Sweden.

Interning in Sweden always gets interesting due to its numerous tourist attractions.

While working as an intern in Sweden, you can visit many places exhibiting history, nature, and cultural values. These places are best to spend your leisure moments. Tourist attractions in Sweden include ABBA The Museum, Drottningholm Palace, Vasa Museum, Skansen, Abisko National Park, Nobel Prize Museum, Sarek National Park, Air Force Museum, Folkets Park, Stockholm Medieval Museum, Millesgården Museum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Kolmården Zoo, Tiveden National Park, Liseberg Park, and Liseberg Park.

Advance your career

Doing your internship in Sweden is also recommendable to help you grow your career in any industry. It’ll enable you to gather relevant experience working temporarily for a multinational corporation, private company, and government agency. These include Scania Group, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Skansha, and H&M. You will also gain the opportunity to expand your skill set, make professional contacts, and build a strong resume.

Financial rewards

Each individual working as an intern in a Sweden-based establishment is entitled to receive a monthly stipend. As such, you can expect a monthly salary of about 17,000 SEK.

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Top Ten (10) Internship Programs in Sweden

See below to know our handpicked internships for students and graduates of all nationalities in Sweden.

#1. Ericsson Internship Programs

The first internship program we recommend is the Ericsson Internship Program, which runs for three months. They are open to students from all countries, with opportunities to become a permanent full-time employee, depending on how you performed during your internship. Even though Ericsson offers internships across various fields, its internship programs are best for students passionate about technology.

#2. CERN Short-Term Internships

If you are an undergraduate student at least 18 years old, you may qualify to work as an intern with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). You can intern for one to six months at CERN, getting a chance to hasten your professional development. However, part-time students in any college or university are not eligible to participate in CERN Short-Term Internship Program.

#3. Coca-Cola Internship Program

The Coca-Cola Company also provides one of the best internship opportunities in Sweden. That means interning with Coca-Cola will positively impact your career advancement, regardless of your subject area. Without a doubt, the company has vast operations, with opportunities for students to assume various intern roles as well.

#4. PUMA Internship Program

Another multinational company recommended for your internship in Sweden is Puma SE. Being part of this Internship Program will allow you to collaborate in completing ad hoc tasks, as well as build relationships within and outside the company. Internships at PUMA may last up to 12 months, requiring Fluency in English and Swedish. You must also be able to work using MS Office programs, especially Microsoft Excel.

#5. BOSCH Group Internships

This six-month internship is open to students pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees anywhere worldwide. You must have excellent communication, autonomy, and analytical skills to apply for an intern position at BOSCH Group. Interning with BOSCH will enable you to learn about software development, present in meetings, and carry out project management activities.

#6. MasterCard Internship Program

Various full-time intern positions are available to undergraduate and master’s students at MasterCard’s office in Sweden during summer. Through MasterCard Summer Internship Program, you’ll have the chance to propel your career in almost any field. To qualify for this internship program, your field of study must relate to business, management, or economics.

#7. Cisco Internships

As one of the best internship programs in Sweden, Cisco Internships will allow you to carry out meaningful work and gain exposure to the company’s operations. You’ll also have the chance to acquire work experience, make professional contacts, and learn from industry leaders within the company. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can assume intern roles at Cisco Systems, Inc.

#8. PayPal Internship Programs

If you are eager to start a career in the financial services industry, consider interning at PayPal, a multinational fintech company with an office in Sweden. To qualify for an intern role with PayPal, you must be a student or recent graduate with good multitasking and communication skills.

#9. Huawei Internship Programs

You can also intern at Huawei’s office in Kista, Sweden. Huawei is one of the world’s leading technology companies specializing in manufacturing smartphones and other Wi-Fi-enabled products. The company offers a range of full-time intern positions, mostly open to fresh graduates. Internships at Huawei’s office in Sweden run for six months and are best for persons passionate about user experience and product design.

#10. Spotify Internship Programs

The internship programs hosted by Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden, are open to students from different world regions, provided they can enter the country legally. Spotify, a Swedish online music streaming service provider, offers a variety of in-office and remote intern roles to influence professional development for students and graduates. Internships at Spotify typically run for 12 weeks.

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FAQs about the Internship Programs in Sweden

How much is an intern paid in Sweden?

The average monthly salary of interns in Sweden is about 28,800 Swedish Krona before tax deductions. Therefore, you will have approximately 17,000 SEK to yourself upon taxes.

Can foreigners intern in Sweden?

Yes, foreigners from non-EU member states can work as an intern in the Kingdom of Sweden but must hold a visa issued by the Swedish embassy or consulate in their current country.

How long are internships in Sweden?

The internship programs hosted by Sweden-based establishments vary in duration. Hence, they run for at least six weeks and may last up to 12 months.

Do you need a visa to intern in Sweden?

Yes. As a foreigner, you must visit the nearest Swedish diplomatic mission to obtain a visa to enter Sweden to start your internship.

What are the requirements for internships in Sweden?

To qualify for an intern role in a Sweden-based company, you must currently be a student of an accredited higher education institution or a university graduate. You must also possess essential skills and be fluent in speaking English.


The internship programs hosted in Sweden are among the best if you plan to get international experience overseas. You’ll be able to explore the country and catch immense fun while gathering industry-related work experience all at the same time. In addition, you can also look forward to your career advancement in the next few weeks or months. Also, people in Sweden are nice and accommodating, meaning that you will make new friends apart from your professional contacts.

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