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Top 10 Paid Internship Programs in Spain

Are you thinking of doing your internship in Spain? If so, this article will enlighten you on the benefits of working as an intern in a Spain-based company, as well as give insights into some of the best internship opportunities available to students and graduates in the country. Spain is no doubt one of the best countries for internships in Europe. It boasts of its rich, long-established culture and is well known for its Flamenco music, architecture, and unique attractions. Aside from that, interning in Spain appropriately suits its purpose, i.e., it significantly impacts career advancement. Irrespective of what you seek to gain from your internship, Spain can give it all without exception.

Let’s get rolling.

Why Intern in Spain?

There are many reasons to consider taking an intern role in a Spain-based establishment. Some of these reasons are as follows.

Cultural exploration opportunity

A Spanish Internship Program will allow you to immerse yourself in the country’s vibrant culture. As interns have no movement or participation restriction in Spain, you will be able to attend various cultural events and festivals. Some of the festivals celebrated yearly in Spain include Semana Santa (Holy Week), Fiesta de San Isidro, Sitges Carnival, La Tamborrada (Drum Festival), Semana Grande, La Tomatina, Las Fallas De Valencia, Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair), and Haro Wine Festival.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn Spanish, the official language in Spain.

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It’s an easier way to facilitate your career growth.

An internship in Spain is also recommendable for its professional development opportunities. Therefore, you’ll be able to acquire more knowledge, upgrade your skills, and make contacts with professionals in your preferred industry. You’ll also learn from industry experts through mentorship programs and as your work on projects with them.

Furthermore, you will gain relevant work experience from companies listed in the Global 500 Corporations of Fortune magazine and Forbes Global 2000 companies.

Internships in Spain never get boring.

Another reason to work as an intern in Spain is that you’ll be opportune to visit many tourist attractions, such as art & culture exhibits, amusement parks, and museums. These include Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Picasso Museum, Park Güell, Prado National Museum, El Retiro Park, the City of Arts and Sciences, Spotify Camp Nou, and Mount Teide.

Nighttime is also fun in Spain, and you’ll have an incredible experience. In addition, the country is home to many football stadiums, such as Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. This stadium is renowned for its usage by the Real Madrid Football Club.

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Financial rewards

Being part of an internship program in Spain can also come with financial benefits, depending on the company where you are interning. As such, expect to earn a monthly salary of €1,250.

Best Ten (10) Internships in Spain

We recommend the following internship programs for students and graduates planning to intern in Spain. 

#1. Goldman Sachs Internship Program

If you are pursuing your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you may qualify for the Goldman Sachs Summer Internship Program in Spain. However, you must meet other requirements, including being in your second or penultimate year of studies in an accredited higher education institution. Goldman Sachs’ major internship programs include the Summer Associate and Summer Analyst programs.

#2. HP Summer Internships

Another recommendable internship program in Spain is the HP Summer Internship, which runs for up to 12 months. Whether you are currently a student or a recent graduate, you can participate in this internship program, provided you satisfy all requirements.

Available positions for interns at HP Inc. include collections analyst, data science intern, sales intern, business analysis intern, data privacy intern, etc.

#3. CERN Short-Term Internships

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) also offers one of the top internship programs in Spain. CERN Short-Term Internship Programs run for varying periods, which range from one to six months. They are open to undergraduates from all world regions, providing a monthly stipend and other exciting perks.

#4. EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) Internship Program

We also recommend EY GDS Internship Program to fast learners wanting to jumpstart a career in the financial sector. As such, you can work as an intern in GDS office in Malaga, Spain, if you have good communication, autonomy, innovation, and teamwork skills.

#5. BlackRock Summer Internships

This internship program is open to bachelor’s and master’s students in their penultimate year of study. You can apply for up to two intern roles in BlackRock’s Summer Internship Program. Being among the top ten internships in Spain, interning with BlackRock, Inc., is a great way to get on-the-job training, access mentorships, and grow a professional network throughout your summer break.

#6. Dell Internship Program

If you are an undergraduate in your penultimate year of study, consider joining Dell Technologies’ professional services team through an internship program. The team collaborates with the company’s customers, sales team, and customer service team, which aids your internship experience and career advancement.

#7. AECOM Internship Program

AECOM is a leading infrastructure consulting firm that offers a wide range of professional services to facilitate engineering projects. As one of Spain’s top ten internship opportunities, AECOM provides various professional development resources to help you advance your career, with a competitive salary to motivate you throughout your internship.

#8. BAT Internship Program

If you are okay with interning in a cigarette company, consider the internship program provided by British American Tobacco company, as they are one of the best in Madrid, Spain. This program offers a unique internship experience and will enable you to achieve your career goals quickly. No matter your country of origin, BAT will be eager to accept you as an intern.

#9. Wood Internship Program

This internship program is ideal for students who want to explore the downstream, midstream, and upstream of the oil and gas sector. You can intern in Wood’s Madrid office, holding a temporary position in one of its departments. Internships at Wood Plc. are under the mentorship of a more experienced employee, meaning that you’ll get career advice and guidance throughout your internship.

#10. Unilever Internship Program

You can also make good progress in your career by participating in Unilever Internship. Of course, the program will allow you to learn from industry experts working in a dynamic environment.

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FAQs about the Internship Programs in Spain

Can I do an internship in Spain as a foreigner?

Yes, you can intern in most Spain-based establishments and companies only if you meet the requirements for a specific internship program as an international student.

What do I need for an internship in Spain?

To work as an intern in the Kingdom of Spain, you must be a student or fresh graduate with good academic standing, a valid passport, and Spanish work authorization.

Do interns get paid in Spain?

Yes, only a few interns receive salaries while interning in Spain. However, the average monthly salary of interns in Spain is €1,250.

Can I do an internship in Spain without a visa?

No, you must hold a valid Spanish visa to work as an intern in a Spain-based company or establishment. The visa is obtainable at a Spanish embassy or consulate. It typically lasts for a maximum of six months except if you are on a trainee contract. In that case, you’ll get a one-year visa.

How long does it take to process an internship visa for Spain?

It takes one to four months to obtain an internship visa at a Spanish diplomatic mission. Therefore, we advise you to begin the application process quickly.


Interning in Spain is uniquely explorative and will facilitate your career advancement, as it attracts massive opportunities. Hence, you’ll discover a better way to gather work experience, improve your skill set, and create a professional network. Not only will you explore the Spanish culture, enjoy its cuisine, and learn a foreign language, but you’ll also get the chance to grow your career. So take this professional development opportunity by applying for an internship in Spain now, of which you’ll see no regrets.

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