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Best 7 Internship Sectors in Kenya

Are you looking for a way to advance your career and journey into a bright future? If yes, an internship in Kenya is your opportunity.

With experienced professionals and a wide range of industries, interning in Kenya provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and make meaningful contacts.

Whether you’re interested in joining the booming technology industry or trying your hand at the banking sector, Kenyan internships can offer the perfect start. This article will enlighten you on how internships in Kenya can benefit your career development.

About Kenya

Kenya is a vibrant country located in East Africa. It has a rich culture and history, beautiful landscapes, and diverse wildlife.

There are many internship opportunities available in the country. The internship will allow you to experience the culture and work with people from different backgrounds and experiences. You may have the chance to work with local businesses or NGOs or even get involved in conservation efforts.

Your experience in the country may increase your valuable skills, such as project management, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving, that can help you stand out in your future career.

Benefits of Interning in Kenya

Interning in Kenya can be a great way to gain real-world experience and build your professional network. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from interning in Kenya:

Develop Professional Skills

  • You will learn valuable skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, which are essential for success in the workplace. Also, you will get hands-on experience working on projects with experienced professionals.

Make Connections

  • Working in Kenya offers a unique opportunity to network with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This can open up new opportunities for future career growth and development.

Immerse Yourself in a Different Culture

  • Interning in Kenya is also a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture and gain insight into Kenyan society and customs. This can be an invaluable learning experience that will stay with you long after your internship has ended.

Language skills

  • The internship can allow you to learn or improve your language skills. Kenya has two official languages, English and Swahili; hence interning in the country can help you improve your fluency in these languages, which can be valuable in personal and professional contexts.

Personal growth

  • Interning in Kenya can be a transformative experience, helping you to develop a greater sense of independence, resilience, and adaptability. Living and working in a new environment can also provide personal reflection and growth opportunities.

Best 7 Internship Sectors in Kenya

There are various internship sectors in Kenya. However, we have the top 7 picks for you below.

#1. Business and Finance

Kenya’s business and finance sector is rapidly growing, with many opportunities for those seeking experience. Various internships are available in this field, from investment banking to financial analysis. These internships can provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of the Kenyan economy and give you a chance to develop your skills while gaining hands-on experience.

#2. Technology

The technology sector in Kenya is rapidly growing and becoming an increasingly important part of the country’s economy. With a young and tech-savvy population, Kenya has seen an influx of tech startups, venture capital investments, and new products and services being developed. As a result, there are numerous opportunities for interns looking to gain experience in this exciting field.

#3. Agriculture

The agriculture sector in Kenya is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, accounting for around 24% of the GDP and employing about 70% of the population. The sector is also an essential source of foreign exchange earnings and provides food security for the country’s citizens.

Internships are widely available in this sector, including farming, agribusiness, agricultural research, and other agriculture-related fields.

#4. Media and Communications

Kenya’s media and communications sector is a vibrant and rapidly growing one. It has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, with the introduction of new technologies and increased access to digital media platforms.

Internships in Kenya’s media and communications sector offer a great way to gain valuable experience while learning about the industry. You can expect to gain hands-on experience in content creation, social media management, research, market analysis, public relations, journalism, and more. You will also get the chance to network with professionals within the industry and build your professional skill sets.

#5. Education

The education sector in Kenya is rapidly evolving. Kenya has made strides in recent years to improve the quality of its education system, with initiatives such as the free primary school program and increased investment in teacher training. It presents an excellent opportunity for interns seeking experience in this field.

As an intern, you could gain exposure to the various aspects of the Kenyan educational system, from policy-making to implementation on the ground. You could also get involved with research projects or support initiatives to improve students’ access and quality of education nationwide.

#6. Government

The government sector in Kenya is an excellent place to pursue an internship. Kenya’s well-developed public sector includes various ministries, departments, and agencies. These organizations offer a variety of opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience working in the government. You can work on projects related to policy research, public administration, economic development, international relations, or other areas of interest.

#7. Hospitality and Tourism

Kenya’s hospitality and tourism sector is increasing, welcoming more than 2 million visitors annually. This growth has created many opportunities for those seeking industry experience through internships.

As an intern, you can work in a hotel or resort to help at a tourist attraction or event. Many internships also involve assisting with marketing, promotions, and customer service. 

Tips to successfully apply for the Kenya Internships

Applying for internships in Kenya can be daunting, but there are some tips you can use to make the process easier. 

#1. Do your research

Firstly, make sure to research the organization and the internship opportunity thoroughly. This will help you craft an application that will stand out from other applicants.

#2. Network

Ensure to network with professionals in your field. Use online platforms like LinkedIn or attend industry events to connect with people who work at companies where you want to intern. This is a great way to get insider information about potential opportunities and increase your chances of getting noticed by employers. It also helps build relationships with key contacts who could be valuable resources during your job search.

#3. Tailor your resume accordingly

Highlight relevant skills or experience to show the employer why you are the best candidate. Also, ensure your resume is current and tailored to the internship you are applying for. And yes, ensure that all contact information is accurate and present so that employers can easily reach out to you if they wish to do so.

#4. Practice for interviews

Likewise, practice for interviews beforehand to feel prepared when applying for internships in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the Nairobi interns paid?

The pay for interns in Nairobi varies depending on the company and the position. Generally, most internships are unpaid or offer a stipend to cover basic living expenses. However, some internships may provide a salary, depending on the organization’s budget and your experience level.

How much does Deloitte Kenya pay interns?

Deloitte Kenya pays its interns competitively. The exact amount depends on your qualifications, experience, and specific role. Generally speaking, interns expect to receive a salary commensurate with their skills and expertise.

Are interns entitled to leave in Kenya?

Yes, interns in Kenya are entitled to leave. Kenyan labor law requires employers to provide at least one day of paid leave for every 20 days worked. This applies to all employees, including interns.

What’s the minimum wage in Kenya?

The minimum wage in Kenya is currently set at Ksh—15,120 per month for all employees. The minimum wage is the same regardless of your sector or industry, so everyone is guaranteed fair compensation.

What is the most common job in Kenya?

Agriculture is the most common job in Kenya. This sector employs about 75% of the population and is integral to the country’s economy. Small-scale farming is a significant source of income for many families. They grow crops like maize, beans, and cassava to sell at the local markets or use for their consumption.


An internship in Kenya is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of Kenyan culture and tap into the country’s immense potential. You can develop professional skills and build meaningful relationships with locals.

With the proper application, you can easily find and kickstart your career and reach your goals. So, take the plunge and explore Kenyan training today.

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