International internships for undergraduates

Best 12 International Internships for Undergraduates

If you are looking for international internships for undergraduates, this article will give you insights into many of these opportunities, provided you are ready to travel overseas and hold a valid passport. One of the proven ways for undergraduate students to enhance their career prospects is to intern before graduation. Hence, it would be best to consider traveling abroad to gain international experience, especially from a multinational company.

An international internship will enable you to integrate with people of different cultures, create a professional network, and expand your skill set. Undeniably, international internship programs provide a wide range of opportunities to enable you to jump-start your career in any field. No matter your interest or the industry you want to explore, you’ll find an intern position currently open to allow you to make good progress in your career.

Let’s get rolling.

What are International Internships?

International internships are opportunities for students to work as an intern in another country. They are similar to internships hosted in your country but offer more benefits. These internships vary in duration, ranging from four weeks to one year. Most companies provide international internships, as they are willing are hire students of different nationalities.

Reasons to Intern in a Foreign Country

There are vast reasons undergraduate students need to intern overseas rather than in their current country.

Here are the main reasons to consider an international internship program as an undergraduate student.

Get international experience and kick-start your future career

  • Choosing an international internship for undergraduates will enable you to advance your career in your preferred industry. You will also be able to gather work experience, learn new skills, and acquire more industry-related knowledge from one of the world’s leading companies.

Moreover, it will positively impact your career goals, expanding your knowledge in redefining it.

Immerse in a foreign culture

  • Interning in another country facilitates cultural immersion as you meet new people, learn foreign languages, and experience a different culture. Depending on the country, you will also have the chance to experience at least one festival.

Set yourself apart

  • Being part of an internship program in another country will allow you to stand out among your peers in school, as well as in the labor market after graduation.

Develop a professional network overseas.

  • Doing your internship overseas will help you build valuable relationships with people with similar interests. These include fellow interns and experienced individuals within the workplace.

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Top Twelve (12) International Internships for Undergraduates

#1. Google Internships

Several roles are open to students who want to gain international experience through internships at Google LLC, one of the most popular technology companies for its search engine. The company has intern roles in business, engineering, and technology fields. Besides, you can intern with Google in the United States, Canada, Israel, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.

The estimated salary of Google interns in the US is $6,400.

#2. Microsoft Internship Program

Another recommendable international internship for undergraduate students is the Microsoft Internship Program. It allows students to hold various intern positions in numerous countries, including the United States and Canada. Besides, this internship opportunity is open to students from different world regions, provided they have good academic standing pursuing their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees.

The average salary of Microsoft interns in the US is $5,900 per month, depending on the intern position.

#3. Electronic Arts Internships

EA Games Internship Programs consist of many internship opportunities for students who want to promote their careers in marketing, software engineering, etc. The company hires undergraduates of diverse nationalities as interns for varying periods, ranging from a few weeks to some months. EA pays about $5,200 monthly to each intern as a financial reward.

To be eligible for internships at EA Games, you must be a graduate student or recent graduate with excellent communication skills.

#4. IBM Internships

The International Business Machines Corporation has a range of summer internship programs open to undergraduate students from various corners of the world. Being part of this program offers a monthly stipend of $5,000. Moreover, it will enable you to gain relevant experience collaborating on projects.

To qualify for IBM Summer Internship, you must be studying toward obtaining a degree at an accredited higher education institution. Of course, the academic degree should relate to engineering, computer science, business, or economics.

#5. HP Internship Programs

There are more than 50 positions open to students searching for internship opportunities at HP Inc. Therefore, you can intern at HP if you are pursuing a career in computer science, business management, electrical engineering, cloud service development, corporate affairs, sales, business analysis, cloud engineering, data privacy, etc. As one of the best international internships for undergraduate students, HP has intern roles in many countries, including the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Chile, France, Spain, Colombia, India, Singapore, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and China.

HP interns receive a salary of about $4,700 per month.

#6. KAUST International Internship Program

This internship is best for undergraduate students looking forward to starting a career in science, engineering, and technology fields. Its host is the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. Student application for KAUST International Internships is open year-round.

The average monthly salary of KAUST interns is SAR 4,000. Apart from this reward, you can also expect visa support, housing, medical insurance, and access to community resources.

#7. RIPS Summer Internships

The Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Program is one of the international internships exclusively for undergraduates. As such, we recommend that you consider this internship program to gain hands-on experience during your summer break. The internship occurs at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), a US-based mathematics institute located on the University of California, LA campus.

RIPS Summer Internship Programs run for nine weeks and are financially rewarding to each undergraduate student. Hence, you can earn about $3,250 per month.

#8. Tesla Internship Programs

One of the world’s most renowned automotive companies, Tesla, also provides one of the best internships for international undergraduate students. Its intern positions offer financial compensation and are open to students across various disciplines, including business and engineering.

Tesla interns make about $3,400 monthly as compensation. To qualify for an intern role at Tesla, Inc., you must possess superb academic achievements, strong communication, and teamwork skills. Moreover, you have to be willing to handle challenging tasks.

#9. UNICEF Internship Programs

These internship programs are open to students and fresh graduates of accredited institutions of higher learning. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can seize this opportunity to propel their careers, gain new skills, and create a professional network. You can apply for UNICEF Internships any time in the year, as there is no deadline.

UNICEF interns receive a monthly salary of about $2,800. In addition, you will benefit from visa support and get coverage for your travel costs.

#10. World Health Organization (WHO) Internships

If you seek international internships for undergraduates and one of the best internships in the healthcare sector, apply for WHO Internship Programs now, as the organization accepts applications at all times of the year. Interning with the World Health Organization will allow you to undertake challenging projects, facilitating your career growth.

As an intern with WHO, you qualify for a monthly salary of about $2,700.

#11. Apple Inc.

As one of the international internships for undergraduates, Apple hires students in many of its global offices. These include its offices in the United States, the UK, Japan, China, Ireland, South Korea, Singapore, and Germany. Undoubtedly, Apple has various intern roles open to undergraduate students, which include enclosure GSM intern, system engineer intern, finance intern, events & communications intern, Apple Maps intern, sales intern, and Beats Brand intern.

The average salary of Apple interns is $2,000 per month.

#12. CERN Short-Term Internship Program

This internship program lasts one to six months, allowing bachelor’s and master’s students to intern in Switzerland. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, abbreviated as CERN in English, is one of the most distinguished research institutes in the world. That means choosing its internship programs will help improve your research skills and contribute to research.

CERN interns receive a monthly salary estimated at CHF 1,500, no matter their role in the organization.

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FAQs about International Internships for Undergraduates

Can you get international internships?

Yes, you can apply for internship opportunities hosted abroad to explore an actual workplace, gather industry-related work experience, and enhance your skill set. In fact, most interns in the United States are from outside the country.

Is it hard to get an internship for international students?

Yes, getting an intern position is quite challenging for international students, except if they stand out by possessing impressive academic achievements and relevant work experience. On the contrary, they may face language barriers, depending on the country.

Do I need a visa to get an intern position overseas?

Yes, you must hold a relevant visa to enter the country where your internship would take place.

Do I need visa sponsorship for an internship?

No. As an international student, you do not need sponsorship from your employer to obtain a visa from the embassy or consulate in your home country. The visa application process for internships in most countries is relatively easy. You can apply through the country’s diplomatic mission in your country of residence.

Do international interns get paid?

Yes, students who are interning overseas are also entitled to receive salaries like other interns in the company. However, some international internships are unpaid, especially those hosted by non-governmental organizations.


Doing your internship overseas would be more beneficial than interning in your current country. It will allow you to explore other cultures, work with one of the world’s top companies, and make contacts with foreign professionals. Most importantly, you can launch your career immediately after you complete your undergraduate studies and secure better jobs than starting as an entry-level worker. So wait no more and start looking for international internships to ensure that you have a successful career.

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