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Are you looking for one of the best financial services internships? If so, we recommend the International Finance Corporation (IFC) internship only if you are pursuing a Master’s degree from a recognized higher education institution in any country. The internship program offers an incredible chance to work with professionals in the industry, make new contacts, build your skill set, and gain valuable experience. IFC’s Global Internship Programs will also facilitate your professional development at no cost, meaning that the opportunity is open to eligible students, no matter their income. Hence, this article will comprehensively overview IFC Internship Programs, including their benefits, requirements, and application procedures.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of IFC Internships

The International Finance Corporation offers a range of Global Internship Programs for U.S. and international students pursuing their master’s degrees anywhere in the world. The company receives over 3,000 applications yearly from students who want to assume intern positions in its headquarters and other offices abroad.

6 Things to Note about the International Finance Corporation Internships

  • IFC has over 40 in-office and virtual intern positions.
  • You can choose your preferred office to intern at the International Finance Corporation. Of course, this could be in the United States and overseas in countries such as India, Colombia, Cameroon, Madagascar, Singapore, Ghana, Senegal, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.
  • Global Internships at the International Finance Corporation are financially rewarding, regardless of your office and intern role.
  • Depending on your location, you can intern in almost any language at IFC. These languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa, Bangla, Chinese, Azerbaijani, German, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi.
  • IFC’s global internships last for four weeks at a minimum.
  • You must obtain a relevant visa to intern in a foreign office of the International Finance Corporation.

About the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

IFC is a development finance institution established in 1956 and affiliated with the World Bank Group. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA, the International Finance Corporation positively impacts private sector development in less developed countries by providing asset management, investment, and advisory services. Its purpose is to allow people to alleviate poverty and have a better living standard.

Global Internship Program Opportunities available at IFC

The following are some internship opportunities for master’s students at the International Finance Corporation.

  • LAC Business Mapping and Strategy Development Internship
  • Madagascar Country Team Internship
  • Business Development Prospect Analysis Internship
  • Global Manufacturing Internship
  • CAF Portfolio & Market Analysis Internship
  • ESG Innovation Internship
  • ESG Data Science Internship
  • Financial Institutions Group Internship
  • Senegal Business Analysis Internship
  • The Blended Finance Internship
  • Graphic Design MCT & Europe Internship
  • IT Business Architecture Internship
  • Health Sector Economics Internship
  • Development Impact Assessment Internship
  • Climate Finance Gap Internship
  • Digital Inclusion Internship
  • MAS Portfolio and Investment Internship
  • Recruitment and Talent Outreach Internship
  • Profitability Data Analysis Internship
  • Agribusiness Development Impact Internship
  • Data Models and Integrations Internship
  • User Experience Architecture Internship
  • Application Architecture and Design Internship
  • Trade Finance Internship
  • Trust Fund Management Internship

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Duties and Responsibilities of IFC Interns

The duties of students interning at the International Finance Corporation are numerous, mainly consisting of operational tasks like reviewing investment proposals, handling portfolio management, participating in sector-specific market mapping, and aiding in providing advisory services.

Why Intern with the International Finance Corporation?

There are many benefits of interning with IFC. You may consider choosing one of the company’s Global Internship Programs for this.

Get career advancement opportunities.

  • Interning at the International Finance Corporation offers an opportunity to attend frequent learning events and corporate orientation. Besides, you’ll undergo skills training and gain relevant experience, facilitating your professional development. In addition, you will acquire hands-on experience as you work on discrete projects.

Financial rewards and other forms of perks

  • As an intern at the International Finance Corporation, you will receive a reasonable salary of about $6,300. You’ll also get limited health insurance to cover you throughout your internship.

Develop a professional network.

  • You can also expect your internship with the International Finance Corporation to enable you to create new relationships with people of different categories within the workplace. These include top-level managers who can act as your references when applying for a job in the future.

Increase your employability

  • As the International Finance Corporation Internship Program facilitates professional development, you will be able to enhance your employability.

Before you can gain from these benefits, consider satisfying the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for IFC Internship Program

To qualify for the International Finance Corporation’s Global Internship Program, you must meet a few requirements, as noted below.

  • Must currently be studying toward earning a Master’s degree at an accredited university
  • Have not less than three years of professional experience in a relevant field
  • Must possess good Microsoft Office skills
  • Should have impressive synthesizing and analytical skills
  • Must be fluent in communicating in English, and the foreign languages of your internship country

After fulfilling the above requirements, feel free to take the steps hereafter in applying for the International Finance Corporation Internship program.

How to Apply for an IFC Internship Program

You must prepare a web-enabled mobile device or computer to express interest in any intern position at the International Finance Corporation. Then, use it to visit IFC’s careers webpage to access the currently available intern roles.

After finding your desired intern position, click the Apply here button for expanded information about the role. Once the new page loads, click the Apply Now button at the top-left corner to start your online application. Be aware that you can apply for up to three internship opportunities. Upon selection, you will receive an email from the department inviting you for an internship interview on a specified date.

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Document Requirements for IFC Internships

Curriculum Vitae

  • The online application process for IFC Internships will require you to upload an electronic copy of your Curriculum Vitae highlighting your educational background, professional experiences, and other essential features.

Cover letter

  • You must also upload an engaging cover letter in electronic formats, such as .pdf, .doc., .docx, etc. The cover letter should indicate why you chose the IFC Internships over others. Moreover, it needs to discuss how your skills and professional experience correlate to the intern position.

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FAQs about the International Finance Corporation Internship Programs

Is IFC a good place to intern?

Yes, the International Finance Corporation is one of the best places for master’s students to intern in the US. Its Global Internship Program is highly recommendable to students of all nationalities toward gaining relevant experience, expanding their skills, and creating professional networks.

How much does International Finance Corporation pay interns?

The average salary of students working as interns at the International Finance Corporation’s numerous offices is $6,300 monthly. Each student part of the company’s Global Internship Program is entitled to receive this financial reward.

Are undergraduate students eligible for IFC’s Internship Programs?

No, students pursuing their undergraduate degrees cannot intern in any of the International Finance Corporation’s country or regional offices. Hence, you must currently possess postgraduate enrollment for a Master’s degree to qualify for IFC’s Internship Programs.

How long do IFC Internships last?

Global internships at the International Finance Corporation run for at least four weeks and may last several months.

Can foreigners intern with the International Finance Corporation?

Yes, international master’s students can apply for IFC’s Global Internship Programs, provided they have at least three years of relevant professional experience. As such, you must procure an appropriate visa for the country where you want to intern.


Interning with the International Finance Corporation via its Global Internship Program is one of the best possible ways to jumpstart your career in the financial services industry. The program offers vast opportunities for professional development. Hence, you should participate to gain industry knowledge, develop your skills, and acquire hands-on experience. So why not join now, as these programs open various doors to help you launch or make good progress in your career?