Institute of development studies scholarships

Institute of Development Studies Scholarships: Detailed Guide

Just like the Institute of Development Studies scholarships, some scholarships are meant to be specifically discussed. The highly competitive scholarships in this institute are slated to provide students with the wherewithal to comfortably study in the institution full-time and graduate into exceptional pacesetters in their chosen careers. Furthermore, the scholarships are for students reaching for doctorate and postgraduate degrees. Students in various academic fields can qualify for the scholarship if they have what it takes to win. What it takes to win includes meeting various requirements like demography, past academic achievements, choice of field of study, and other criteria.

About the institute of development studies

This is a research institute that has affiliations with the University of Sussex. If you refer to the Institute of Development Studies as a think tank, you are also right, for they carry out research in development-based areas of study. Established in 1966 and began teaching in 1973, the institute has done so well that in 2019 it ranked as the first internationally recognized development think tank. Also, through its excellent postgraduate and doctorate teaching, the Institute of Development Studies gained another recognition and became accredited by the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI). 

The courses offered at the Institute of Development Studies Sussex, United Kingdom, include nine master’s degree courses and two Ph.D. courses which are

  • Governance, Development and Public Policy
  • Development Studies
  • Climate Change, Development, and Policy
  • Gender and Development
  • Poverty and Development
  • Globalization, Business, and Development
  • Food and Development
  • Participation, Power, and Social Change
  • Sustainable Development

 For PhD

  • Research
  • Published work

Scholarships available at the Institute of Development Studies

Scholarships are intentional financial help given out to students by a school, individual, or group to support academic growth and inclusion. The reasons for the IDS scholarships are not far-fetched, from supporting educational inclusiveness, development, and excellence among students from various backgrounds and demography.

Commonwealth shared scholarship

In accordance with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Institute of Development Studies is giving out the Commonwealth shared scholarship to three bright international students to study at any university in the UK. The scholarship gets its funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and targets master’s students in courses that are related to technological, economic, and social development. And after completing the degree, the students will return to their country of origin to carry out developmental activities that will benefit the country.

World Bank Scholarships

The World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, in conjunction with Joint Japan (JJ/WBGSP) is giving out this scholarship to master’s degree students from developing countries with a history of supporting and encouraging their countries in different forms of development. All applicants must apply for courses such as MA in Food and development, MSc in Climate Change, and development and policy.

National Postgraduate Loans

The student loans company offers loans to students from the United Kingdom or the European Countries (EU). The applicants must be studying for a master’s degree. Also, citizens of the United Kingdom who are at the Ph.D. level can be eligible for a loan of up to 25,700 pounds.

Alternative funding sources

Postgraduate students are lucky because many individuals and charity organizations give these students alternative funding to study. Applicants can apply for any course of their choice and come from any location worldwide, and applicants can assess the various alternative funding opportunities online.

Scholarship Benefits

This scholarship is for international students from lower and least-developed Commonwealth countries who can not afford to pay for their education in the UK.

Applicable Courses

  • Science and technology for development studies
  • Strengthening resilience and response to crises
  • Access, inclusion, and opportunity
  • Strengthening health system and capacity
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Strengthening global peace, security, and development

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates are master’s degree students who must be willing to study under any of the developmental courses in the United Kingdom. 

Fees & Funding

What job opportunities can you get with the development studies degree?

There are more than enough career opportunities to choose from for anyone with a degree in developmental studies. Such career opportunities include

Development planning managers or officers

Development consultants

Monitoring and evaluation specialists

Development planners

Marketing and also Socioeconomic researchers

Is a degree in development studies helpful?

Many students worry if the certificate from a development study can fetch them anything career-wise. Your degree in development studies will not only make you relevant at the national level but also in the international space. Organizations like the World Health Organization and its like, look out for graduates in this field to appoint as leaders in various offices.

Why do students decide to study development studies?

Students go into this study area because of its relevance and importance worldwide. People with this degree help to find solutions to global issues that will better the lives of citizens in developing countries.

Where can students study development study courses?

The institute of development studies in Sussex is a great place to study these vital courses. Also, there are other institutions that are accredited to offer this discipline, like the University of Cape Town. The UCT is another institution on the global list for development studies.

Application Procedure

Applicants must only apply from the Commonwealth shared scholarship scheme.

Applicants can apply for two courses or more but will accept just one offer regardless of if they got more than one offer.

Applicants must apply to the University of Sussex.