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Innovation and creativity are powerhouses propelling science and technology, which is what the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp promotes. For students spurred by innovative ideas, this program taps into their creative domains.

But how can one participate in this internship with promising benefits? By submitting a flawlessly excellent application. In this article, you will learn how to apply for the Inspire Internship Science Camp. You will also get answers to some questions. Start by finding out about INSPIRE.

About INSPIRE: Objectives and goals

INSPIRE, the Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research is an innovative program promoting science and technology in India. This program is one of the Department of Science & Technology programs to attract talent to science.

The primary objective of INSPIRE is building the crucial human resource pool needed for bolstering and extending the nation’s R&D base and science and technology infrastructure. To this effect, this program aims to identify students of higher creative talent within a specific age range and communicate the excitement of the creative pursuit of science to them.

It hopes to achieve these goals through the following three components;

1. Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents (SEATs);
2. Scholarship for higher education(SHE); and
3. Assured Opportunity for Research Careers (AORC).

With the help of this initiative, India’s innovation infrastructure will be pre-conditioned to include the development and sustenance of the pool of human resources capable of using and furthering first principles in science.

Overview INSPIRE Internship Science Camp

INSPIRE Internship Science Camp is a 5-days program that provides exposure to scientific knowledge to the top 1% of students at the Class X Board level in India. It gives this exposure through the organization of Science Camps during summer or winter every year.

During the Internship, these students have ample time and opportunity to interact with Science icons from India and abroad, including Nobel Laureates, and experience the joy of scientific pursuit. This program targets students at the early age of 16- 17 years, unlike the typical internships that target students above 18.

Meanwhile, this internship, a component of the “Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science (SEATS)” under the INSPIRE Program, is in the enrollment increasing phase. In this component of SEATS, students would be selected for summer/ winter camps on an annual basis to provide an opportunity for interaction with global Leaders in science annually. In addition, about 50,000 students who are among the top one percent in their X Board Examination and pursuing science in standard XI will benefit from this annual summer/ winter camp.

Benefits of the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp

Below are some of the benefits of INSPIRE Internship Science Camp;

  • During the science camp, interns work with some of the passionate and talented members.
  • They also receive mentorship and training in science and technology.
  • During the internship, interns will interact with highly intellectual members and organizers. They also have the privilege to ask questions about anything they need clarity on.
  • Despite the short period the science camp lasts, interns will participate in various activities and workshop events.
  • Furthermore, interns get access to top-level executives and employees through various tasks during the internship.

Expected Salary of an intern at AP Global News Internship Program

The INSPIRE Internship Science Camp is a short training course and discussion program that lasts for barely one week. Therefore, participants do not receive payment; they receive full financial support for the entire program. The program, however, pays the sponsorship for mentors who meet some stipulated requirements.

Eligibility and Requirements for participating in the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp

For all intending applicants, below are the eligibility requirements you must meet to apply.

  • Must be top one percent ranking in their X Board Examination
  • They should be pursuing science in standard XI
  • Similarly, applicants should not have attended a similar camp earlier
  • In addition, participating students shall be within the same state or UT

Suppose the number of the top 1% of students who qualify for the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp exceeds the ideal number of students for the program; the company will select top-ranking students provided they applied.

Applying for the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp

Below is a step-by-step procedure to apply for the INSPIRE Internship;

1. Check the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp website for an available opening
2. Check for your eligibility. Mind you. This Internship Camp does not require you to submit a cover letter or curriculum vitae.
3. Indicate your interest through your school of study.
4. Await the decision of the organizing committee. They will contact you through your institution for further steps to follow.

Application Deadline for the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp

The deadline for the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp is not constant, as the organizing institution decides when it is fit for them to hold the program. So, if you intend to participate after checking the INSPIRE internship webpage for eligibility, contact the body in charge of organizing the camp at your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the infrastructural requirement for organizing the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp?

The infrastructural requirements for the science camp include Lab infrastructure in Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Earth Sciences, and Mathematical Sciences, an auditorium with a sound system, a guest house, and dorm rooms.

When will the organization issue the grant following the approval of the INSPIRE Internship Science Camp?

INSPIRE will disburse the initial grant following the usual approval procedure within two months of the program’s start date. The organization will make the last payment when it receives the Internship Science camp end report.

How much does it cost to put on INSPIRE Summer Science Camp?

The highest funding for a science camp is approximately Rs. 6500 per student, depending on the number of students participating. This cost includes all expenses. The organization will sanction no extra grant beyond the norm.

What are the internship’s minimum and maximum enrollments?

There is no INSPIRE Internship Science Camp minimum or highest limit. The size of campers enrolled for the internship on the organizing institute’s infrastructure capabilities. But 150 students is the ideal number of campers.

Does INSPIRE hire students after finishing their Science Internship Camp?

The internship does not hire students after the camp. Although the reason is that the internship is a five-day program that mentors students in science and technology without practical experience, it does this mentorship in line with its aim of starting communication in science and technology.
In addition, unlike other internships, the students’ institution organizes the program and seeks funding from INSPIRE.


The INSPIRE Internship Science Camp is unsuitable for anyone seeking internship opportunities to help strengthen them in real-time in a specific discipline in India. However, you can check out other discipline-specific internships or may need to research paid internships. Therefore, INSPIRE Internship Science Camp is the best option if you need introductory knowledge of innovation in science and research.