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One would argue that the Insight Sourcing Group Internship is for students with experience in consulting. While your experience level is necessary during the application review, it is not the basis for recruitment.

This article discusses the Insight Sourcing Group Internship, the eligibility requirements, and how to apply. Are you an undergraduate student seeking professional experience and developing critical leadership competencies in a global workplace? Take your time to discover what you need to make the perfect internship application.

About Insight Sourcing Group

You can not discuss the Insight Sourcing Group Internship without exploring what the company is all about. Therefore, Insight Sourcing Group is a leading boutique consulting firm that offers exclusive services related to Strategic Sourcing savings, increased Spend Visibility, and procurement best practices.

This North American country, founded in 2002, identifies senior executives and procurement leaders across all industries and works with them to provide targeted cost optimization and procurement-related services. In addition, it utilizes custom procurement analytics solutions to provide ongoing, crystal-clear spend visibility and ensure measurable cost reduction and performance improvement.

Among its services includes engagement with its clients from the retail, manufacturing, private equity, colocation, financial services, and healthcare Industries in a way that works for them to guarantee results.


Insight Sourcing Group Internship is specifically for high-potential undergraduate students with demonstrated leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills. The company recruits these students every fall to join its team as analysts.

These students will work with Insight Sourcing Group’s experienced consulting managers and executives during the internship on clients’ projects. Despite these interns playing critical roles in data analytics, presentation development and delivery, and client and supplier interaction, they still need supervision to lead these projects.

The Insight Sourcing Group Internship offers the interns tremendous benefits, including variety, frequent new challenges, and the opportunity to work with diverse clients and a proven leadership team. However, only students above the age of interns legally authorized to work in America can apply for this internship.

Why you should opt in for the Insight Sourcing Group Internship

Undergrads choose the Insight Sourcing Group Internship over other internships due to the following reasons:


Due to its global reach and team of experienced members, Insight Sourcing Group is the right place where interns can build meaningful connections and interactions.


Also, interning at the firm gives you direct access to members and staff. You will work directly with senior leadership and colleagues on projects and learn from them.


Additionally, internships at Insight Sourcing Group impact your skill level as you begin to engage in projects from day one of training.


Employers always seek individuals with internship experiences for most firm entry roles. Insight Sourcing Group is renowned for its fit in consultancy and analytics projects. Hence, individuals who pass through its internship program have the privilege of priority.


With the firm’s intelligent travel model, interns have the flexibility to pursue personal interests. Moreover, it provides a hybrid working system for interns to balance work and personal pursuits.

Work Culture:

Due to the influence of work culture on productivity, Insight Sourcing Group creates a comfortable working environment and culture for its staff. Therefore, interns must work in a collaborative, collegial, and spirited environment focusing on rigor and results throughout their internship.

Expected Salary of an intern at Insight Sourcing Group Internship

Going through the Insight Sourcing Group Internship page, you will discover that, although the internship pays interns, there is no indication of the specific amount for the salary. Instead, applicants will only know their salary upon an interview with the hiring manager.

Not only will they get to know the amount for salary, but this amount is also negotiable. However, this secret is important to you: you should look at the opportunities and benefits the internship offers more than you would the salary.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Insight Sourcing Group Internship

To qualify for Insight Sourcing Group Internship, you must meet the following eligibility criteria;

  • Pursuing a degree in business, software engineering, data analytics, or any related discipline.
  • Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • A resume. Applicants should also include their projected graduation date (if applicable).
  • Reference letter
  • Cover letter
  • They must be able to develop and interpret complex analytical models and reports.
  • A solid experience with Microsoft Office applications, including Excel and PowerPoint, is required.
  • They must have time management and organizational skills.
  • They must also demonstrate the ability to take direction and work well with little or no supervision.
  • In addition, undaunting attention to detail in effectively branding or marketing open positions is a plus.


International applicants are eligible to apply. However, Insight Sourcing Group will not provide visas or sponsorship to those who require support immediately upon graduation or at any point.

How to apply for the Insight Sourcing Group Internship

Applicants should follow the below steps to submit their internship application.

1. Visit the Insight Sourcing Group Internship web page to discover available internship opportunities.
2. Find the job description and requirements of a role of choice by clicking on it.
3. Enter the required information in the correct order on the form.
4. Upload all required documents. As a tip, make sure all uploaded documents bear the same information as the information on the application form. Additionally, submit a well-crafted resume and cover letter.
5. Add other information as required by the application. This information may include LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media you handle.
6. Review your application. Check for grammatical and spelling errors before hitting the submit button. Mind you, your application is not reviewable after submission.
7. After reviewing your application, click the submit button.
8. Await the company to reach out to you. As you wait, be ready to send in additional information should ISG request it.

Insight Sourcing Group Internship Recruitment Timing and Deadlines

Applications are officially open for Insight Sourcing Group Internship for 2023. However, the company did not indicate a closing timeline.

If you intend to apply for an internship, kindly submit your application to the Insight Sourcing Group Internship website. Also, knowing that the internship occurs on a rolling basis is important. Therefore, if you miss out on the current application, you can keep in touch with the company for the coming internship opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is including references in one’s Insight Sourcing Group Internship application mandatory?

Yes, it is. The ISG application form asks for the contact details of two referees. Ensure you provide the correct contact details and define your relationship with the referee. Also, endeavor to inform these referees beforehand so they know the possibility of IGS calling them.

How should I contact the Insight Sourcing Group if I have additional questions about the internship?

Applicants should direct all inquiries to the Insight Sourcing Group Internship hiring department through the contact below;

How does one choose the right internship for them?

Due to the variety of available internships, one might need help choosing the best internship for them. You should not settle for just any internship or internship position. Instead, pick an internship that best fits your personality and interests. For example, if you have an interest in a software engineering internship, do the following;

  • Identify the reason you want to embark on a software engineering internship. For example, is it to have an experience in analytics or software creation?
  • Once you identify the reason for the internship, find the fields and available intern projects that will satisfy your reason for the internship.
  • The next right thing is to research the industries offering the internship. The reason is to ensure you get the desired experience and compensation equalling the time spent on the internship.

In this regard, consider inquiring and speaking to former interns about the company and the internship position.

What are the expectations concerning working hours as an intern at Insight Sourcing Group?

The internship at Insight Sourcing Group requires the intern to work every week, from Monday to Friday, at least 8 hours per day. Interns may also have to work on weekends, nights, and holidays. However, discussing the working hour with the hiring manager during your interview is advisable.

How long does it take you to know the status of your Insight Internship application?

After reviewing all applications, the company will notify you through email about your application status immediately. After that, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for the recruiting manager to review your application and reply.

However, if you do not receive any emails or calls after two months of applying, apply for other internship opportunities.


If you want to equip yourself with practical experience and a network of people in your industry, go for internships. Then, if you are interested in learning practical applications of data analytics and consulting, Insight Sourcing Group Internship is your best option.