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There is no doubt that Insight 360 Internships provides the best career practices for knowledge expansion and life and business skills. However, applying for the internship is not a walk in the Park.

Why? Because it is a very competitive internship. Alongside a unique opportunity to accrue the needed experiences, the likeliness of transitioning from internship to full-time staff in the company is higher for interns than for job applicants.

Are you looking for new revenue streams? Do you need to push the limits of your creativity? Then, you are good to go with Insight Internships. Read through this article to discover more.

About Insight360

Insight 360 is an innovative data analytics company aiming to provide intelligent insights to decision-makers. Since 2012, the company has completed over 100 projects in various industries and nations. It has also created a framework for integrating data analytics with company strategy and goals.

Similarly, this SaaS-based business intelligence technology platform collaborates with businesses to improve profitability and revenue. They accomplish this by unlocking hidden insights inside data and information assets.

Insight360 provides five real-time solutions: Customer Data Platform, Analytics, Sales Rep Insight360, Prospecting Insight360, and Search Insight360. Furthermore, its technology combines data generally challenging to integrate, such as log files, customer files, billing databases, and CRM data, to provide unique multi-dimensional analysis and visualization for its clients.

Overview Insight Internships

Insight Internships are 6 to 12 weeks full-time paid internship programs designed for students in the penultimate year of their academic programs. It offers a remote and in-person hybrid internship approach.

Students in the following disciplines; Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Logistics, can apply for an internship. As can be seen, Insight 360 internship program encourages diversity and is available for students worldwide.

However, unlike other internships, it has limited available openings. Aside from the limited job openings, Insight Internships nurture its interns to cultivate deep expertise and leadership skills. It also provides an excellent platform to explore their career aspirations while delivering tangible benefits throughout the trading business.

Why should you participate in Insight Internships?

Internships are an excellent way to kick off your career and engage in a first-hand practical application of your discipline. However, each internship has a unique benefit it offers prospective interns.

For example, the unique benefit of Insight Internship is the opportunity to transition from an internship into a full-time staff if you prove yourself monumental. But that notwithstanding, there are other reasons you should consider interning at this company.

  • An internship at Insight360 entitles you to seminars and workshops. Interns also receive training on manipulating the latest technology and software.
  • In addition, they can take courses in aspects of the work. However, it would be best to utilize this time to earn professional training requirements.
  • If you create a good impression during the internship, you will get recommendations/ referencing. Moreover, recommendations from such a renowned company will help your application if you apply to a different firm.
  • Also, you will learn new skills and knowledge as an Insight staff. And with this knowledge and skill, you can relate what you have learned to your studies and vice versa.
  • Through Insight Internships, you can build up a network of contacts who can offer you work or provide references in the future.

Expected Salary of an intern at Insight Internships

Insight 360 pays its interns competitive hourly wages. In line with the companyā€™s financial policy, Insight 360 pays interns $16 an hour. However, internsā€™ salaries will vary depending on the internship position and department.

Eligibility and Requirements for Insight Internships

If you are intentional about applying for the Insight Internships, here are the eligibility requirements you should meet.

  • Applicants must be in the penultimate year of academic programs at any university worldwide.
  • Additionally, students must demonstrate proficiency and writing in English.
  • Similarly, intending interns must have confident experience and relevant Excel, Word, and PowerPoint training.
  • At the same time, applicants must be over 18 years to apply.
  • Also, they must be intensely interested in driving growth in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) businesses.
  • A curious mind.
  • A resume. Applicants should also include their projected graduation date.
  • Reference letter
  • Motivation letter
  • Cover letter
  • Applicants must be college freshmen, sophomores, graduates, or business school students.
  • Finally, they must have good writing skills and recognize grammatical and factual errors.

How to apply for Insight Internships

Are you ready to apply for Insight Internships after reading through the article? The following procedure will guide you through your application.

1. Visit the Insight internships website and check the career page for an available internship opening.
2. Insert 360 Intern in the search box. Current open internship roles will appear on the screen.
3. Scroll through from top to bottom to select the internship role of choice.
4. Click on the internship to see the requirements and eligibility criteria.
5. Register your application and complete the application form.
6. Upload your well-written resume, cover letter, andĀ other documents.
7. Submit your application.
8. Await a response from the recruitment office.

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Application Deadline for Insight Internships

The application deadline for the Insight Internships is on the 30th of March of every year. Therefore, if you wish to apply, you better start now!

Duties of interns at Insight Internships

  • Assist in the management of day-to-day operations.
  • Understand campaign offerings, how marketing works with various departments at Insight, and how the company aligns with and supports its partners
  • Learn how to pull reporting of campaigns, understand how to interpret data, recommendations to make, and how this affects the overall campaign.
  • Lead specific projects from start to finish under supervision.
  • Support multiple partners that invest in marketing campaigns and gain an understanding of various partner offerings.
  • Gain an understanding of various teams within marketing: campaigns, digital, content, web, events, analytics, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insight Internships require shortlisted candidates to write an entrance test?

The internship does not require shortlisted candidates to write an entrance test. However, they will participate in a telephonic or physical interview, as the case may be.

Mind you that the resume, cover letter, reference, and personal statement you submitted during your application will form part of your entrance test. Hence, the reason you should craft these documents exceptionally. Your telephone interview with the hiring manager also serves as an entrance test. The company will notify you if they need additional documents.

What department or unit can I apply to at Insight 360?

Insight Internships are available across the different units at Insight 360. Applicants should apply to the department they are interested in undertaking their internship and have the willingness to engage within a range of programmatic activities and support functions. But before you start with your application, ensure you are eligible and that the Internship position is available.

Is previous work experience mandatory for Insight Internships?

Although previous work experience is desirable, and expertise is also necessary, it is optional and, therefore, not a pre-requisite for an internship with Insight 360. Applicants still studying or recently graduated are considered for internships should their interests and capabilities match the Organisationā€™s needs.

Will the company notify me if I am not selected?

Insight 360 does not notify you if you did not make the shortlist. Unfortunately, given that the company typically receives tons of applications each year, it can only acknowledge the reception of your application.
You should only receive an automatic response verifying that Insight 360 has received your resume.

If you have applied online, this acknowledgment is forwarded to you as soon as your application is successfully transmitted. However, if you do not receive any selection notification two months after the deadline, you cannot attend the internship.

Does Insight 360 retain students after completing their internship?

Yes! The company retains interns. The company retaining interns is one of the unique benefits of interning at Insight 360. It takes in more interns for full-time employment as staff.
However, you cannot guarantee this process for every internship program. Moreover, only outstanding interns stand a higher chance of the company employing them as staff.


Experience provides the best practices and skills for career knowledge and business life. However, if you want to hone your skills, build collaboration across your discipline and beyond and increase your employability rate, you should not think twice about internships.
As for Insight Internships, visit the company page for testimonials from the previous intern. Insight Internships is an opportunity you should not joke around with or even conceive of missing.