Infrastructure university kuala lumpur scholarships

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Scholarships: Guide

International and domestic students studying undergraduate and graduate degrees at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur are eligible for the scholarships offered by the institution. The scholarship allows enrollment in undergraduate, master’s, or diploma-level programs in any of the university’s academic departments.

Upon academic entrance, students will receive a rebate of RM1,500, and as they advance to the next level, they will receive an additional 30%, 40%, or 50% grant. Most scholarships offered by the Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur are specialized. 

There are scholarships available to Malaysian students and scholarships available only to students from other countries. There are scholarships that Malaysian and non-Malaysian students can apply for.

Overview of the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur is a Malaysian university in Kajang, Selangor. Although formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College, the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur is the first dedicated to infrastructure in Malaysia. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the education sector, it offers top-notch professional services in different sectors.

The Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur believes that “infrastructure” encompasses not only physical “infrastructure” such as buildings, construction, and technologies but also soft “infrastructure” such as language, communication, and information technology abilities. Its idea that everyone should have access to education encouraged the creation of numerous scholarships to help deserving students succeed in the classroom.

Who sponsors Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Scholarships? 

The Infrastructure University sponsors the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Scholarships. The government and some non-governmental organizations also finance the scholarships. 

Overview of Malaysia 

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country comprising Thirteen states and three federal territories. The South China Sea divided it into Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo’s East Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are roughly 33 million people.

Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital, is the biggest city. Official languages of the country include Malay, English, Tamil, and Chinese (Cantonese). Islam is the country’s official religion. About 60% of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, and 20% practice Buddhism. 

Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at the German Aerospace Center 

Below are the different funding opportunities available at the German Aerospace Center.

1. IUKL scholarships

Students with excellent performance in their previous academic institutions are eligible for IUKL scholarships. Depending on the applicant’s academic record, it grants full and partial scholarships. The scholarship covers only the first semester of the academic year.

However, the Infrastructure University Scholarships are for students who are Malaysian citizens.

2. Media Education Fund Scholarship

The infrastructure University and two predominant education funds in Malaysia provide students with academic funds. Only Malaysian students can access these scholarships.

The two leading media education funds are;

a). The Star Education Fund

The Star Education Fund scholarship is made available as part of a partnership between Star Media Group and some of Malaysia’s top educational institutions to give deserving young Malaysians access to higher education.

b). Sin Chew Education Fund

Every year, the University donates several scholarships through the Sin Chew Daily Education Fund for undergraduate programs of study. This scholarship is exclusively available to students from Malaysia.


The worth of scholarships ranges from RM120,300 for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) to RM201,600 for the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE).

3. Sports Excellence Scholar. 

The Sports Excellence Scholarship is available to student-athletes with outstanding academic results. Students will get either a 50% or a 100% scholarship relative to the availability of the scholarships.

The scholarship lasts three or four years relative to the program of study.

4. Scholarship for International Students

Infrastructure University offers 20% scholarships to international students. This scholarship does not apply to students from China. This scholarship helps to lessen the students’ financial burden and allows them to pursue and receive higher education at the IUKL.

Scholarship Benefits

Students who sign up for the scholarships will receive RM1,500, plus an extra 30%, 40%, or 50% when they advance to the following level.

Applicable Courses

The applicable courses that the funding covers include; 

  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural Science
  • Architecture Studies
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Geomatic
  • Information Technology
  • Language Studies
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Real Estate Management
  • Sports Management 
  • Technology.

Eligibility Criteria

For International students 
  • Students must have high marks in their A-Level, STPM, UEC, or other equivalency exams.
  • They must demonstrate financial needs.
  • Recipients of scholarships shall not be financially or otherwise obligated to receive benefits from other educational organizations or institutions.
  • Receive a letter of the unconditional offer.
For Malaysian students
  • Malaysian nationals who are under 25 years old
  • Not bound by any other educational institutions or organizations, nor receiving any financial help or rewards from them.
  • Hold a good SPM/UEC score or an equivalent.
  • Have reasonably good STPM/UEC results or comparable results (for Degree courses).
  • A CGPA of 3.00 or above 

General Requirements 

  • Academic transcript
  • Test scores result, such as O levels, IGCSE, SPM, Certificates and References attesting to your involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Financial data about the parents
  • An essay or a declaration of purpose
  • One or more recommendation letters
  • Certification of scholarship eligibility
  • Application Form
  • International Passport photocopies 
  • Passport-size images against a white backdrop
  • High school diploma certification
  • Certified Letter of Study Completion
  • Results of English proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS
  • X-ray and pre-medical report

Fees & Funding

Can I apply if I don’t yet have my formal certificate?

You might have to hold off on applying until you get the formal certificate. For the O’ level and A-level results, you can move forward with the application if the issue date is less than six months.

How soon can I travel to Malaysia after receiving an admission offer?

Once your visa has been granted and you receive your SEV, you can begin making travel arrangements for Malaysia. Before buying your ticket, kindly contact our international marketing office. Two weeks before the commencement of the semester, you may travel to Malaysia.

Can I transfer to IUKL with a different degree after finishing my first year at another nearby university?

You can, indeed! To make sure you satisfy the minimum criterion, we will need to review your prior academic performance.

How do I go through airport security?

If you arrive at KLIA, proceed to Immigration counters 55 and 56 and wait for the school’s representative to get there. Avoid clearing yourself.

Do I need to present a certificate of English proficiency since it was the language of teaching at my previous school?

You may not. However, when submitting your application, you might need to show us formal documentation from the school confirming that all teaching and learning took place in English.

Application Procedure

  • Make sure all of your application materials are complete.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • Include the necessary supporting documentation with your application.
  • Include only documentations that the scholarship sponsor requires
  • Check your application for errors and have someone else do the same.
  • Publish the files
  • Send in your application 
Contact Information 

Block 11, Infrastructure university Kuala Lumpur,

De Centrum City, Jalan Ikram-Uniten,

43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Malaysian Email: [email protected]

International Email: [email protected]