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How do you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants vying for an Infosys Internship? One way is to have a strong resume, cover letter, portfolio, and solid references.

Aside from that, applying at the right time within the deadline and completing your interview can also do wonders. Here is a simple and detailed guide to working you through the Infosys Internship application.

About Infosys

Infosys is an Indian multinational company that provides digital services and information technology-enabled solutions to its clients around the globe. Founded in Pune with a headquarter in Bangalore, Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company in business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services.

With extensive experience in digital management, this technology company enables businesses to navigate digital transformation. In addition, Infosys makes software development, maintenance, and independent validation services available to companies in finance, insurance, manufacturing, and other domains.

Through end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology, Infosys also provides business process management services to enable its clients to ideate and execute their plans on their journey to a digital future. Holding onto its founding principles of building and implementing great ideas that drive change, the company has an established presence worldwide.

Overview of Infosys Internship

Infosys Internship is an eight weeks internship available for students wired to think outside the box and ready to challenge the status quo in the technology industry. During the internship, students work with different teams on various projects ranging from application development to business consulting.

In contrast to other Information Technology Internships, Infosys Internship is specifically for bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. students who can critically provide tangible solutions to challenges across digital business management and IT. Besides its selection criteria, the company offers either full-time or part-time internships according to the convenience of applicants.

Due to the level of competition, candidates should apply for this internship program 3 to 4 months early before the period available for the internship. Also, candidates should ensure to list their experiences on their resumes and submit them alongside other respective documents to HR in the company.

Benefits of the Infosys Internship

What differentiates the Infosys Internship program should be why you should opt for the Infosys Internship program above all other internships. Are you curious? Here is why Infosys Internship is special and befitting of all students who love technology and innovation.

Taking up a fulfilling project:

Internships boost your portfolio, but what expands your portfolio are the projects carried out during the training. So, Infosys Internship offers its students the opportunity to take up fulfilling and value-adding projects, giving them first-hand experience and, in turn, a boost to their CV.

Exclusive access:

Internships are powerful. But internships that give you unlimited access to a world of practicable knowledge are gold mines.
One of the things to look out for when applying for an internship is what it offers you. For example, Vault Firsthand recognized the Infosys internship as the world’s best for five years. A single certification from this company gives you exclusive access to better-paying opportunities and people in your industry.

First-hand learning from executive leadership:

While Infosys Internship gives you the power to choose and work on projects you are passionate about, it gives you the privilege to learn from executive leaders on a first-hand level. At Infosys, interns get one-on-one tutoring from global leaders.

Access to global networks:

An internship at Infosys allows you to network with incredible minds worldwide and interact with them.

Expected Salary of an intern at Infosys Internship

Infosys pays interns Rs. 10,000 as a stipend every month. This stipend includes extra facilities such as accommodation, food, transportation, etc.
This amount only represents the smallest salary an intern can receive throughout the Infosys Internship program.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Infosys Internship application

If you read up to this point, you have decided to apply for Infosys Internship. The knowledge from this section will tell you if you can apply for this internship. Do not stop; read on to find out more!

Below are the requirements and eligibility criteria for Infosys Internship;


  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. in digital business management, information communication technology, and STEM-related disciplines (excluding medical and biological sciences).
  • For undergraduates, you need a strong CGPA and above.
  • Original mark sheets of 10,12, graduation. And also a set of photocopies of all the documents.
  • Passport-size photos
  • References. You do not need a recommendation letter.
  • A well-crafted resume
  • Cover letter
  • An original identification proof (Adhaar card, passport, voter id, etc.).
  • Additional certifications


  • Applicants must have proof of legal authorization to intern in India.
  • Additionally, they must demonstrate proficiency and writing in English. Also, they must have a basic understanding of any of India’s local languages.
  • Relevant experience in Information technology and data analytical tools.
  • No active backlogs are allowed at the time of the selection process.
  • There should be a difference of at least nine months between your past and present applications.

Responsibilities of Interns at Infosys

While some interns at Infosys perform minor tasks, others can take up challenging tasks or participate in a collaborative experiment. Whatever the case may be, interns execute the following responsibilities at Infosys;

  • Contribution to developing and managing the company’s marketing and digital learning platforms.
  • Participation in more comprehensive social media marketing.
  • Reviewing final report submissions from grantees and extrapolating data from the company’s events.
  • Extracting qualitative and quantitative insights summarized in a PowerPoint impact report.
  • Researching and identifying various interventions to improve human interactions with enterprise software applications through strategic design initiatives.
  • Studying its suitability to simulate advanced simulations, challenges, and opportunities.

Applying for the Infosys Internship

Application for Infosys Internship is an online process. Applicants should visit the Infosys internship website and follow the steps below to register their application.

  • Check for the available vacancies.
  • A screen will appear on the desktop; choose a project according to your interest.
  • As the current internship displays on the screen, read the description carefully.
  • Afterward, click on the apply button to proceed.
  • Enter all your details without mistakes.
  • Review the application one more time, and then submit it.
  • Print out your application form and suit it with other relevant documents to HR through the company’s email.
  • Wait for review and feedback from the company internship recruitment manager.
  • Prepare for a telephonic interview. Your performance at the interview will determine the next step to take.

Application Deadline for Infosys Internship

There is no specific deadline for applying for the Infosys Internship program, as the internship runs throughout the year. In that case, you should apply for an internship whenever you are sure there is a vacancy in your desired internship area. To this effect, you must submit your application early before your planned starting date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive an interview call after I submit the Infosys Internship application online?

If selected, depending on how well your profile matches available projects, interview waiting times can range from two weeks to several months.

Do I need a professor’s recommendation for an Infosys Internship application?

No! You do not need a professor’s recommendation to apply for Infosys Internship. However, references are essential. Whether professional or academic, reviewing your background and skills is paramount.
You must present at least two people who can attest to your identification and skills.

Is the Infosys Internship full-time?

Yes, internships at Infosys Internships are full-time. Therefore, interns must work for a specific hour throughout the week. However, weekdays are for rest. Also, you will get to discuss the working days and hours as part of the interview process.

Can students reapply for an Internship at Infosys if previously rejected?

Yes! Students can reapply for Infosys Internship nine months after their previous application. However, they must avoid every mistake that contributed to the rejection of their application. Also, students should learn new skill sets to boost their chances of an internship.

Will Infosys evaluate my performance at the end of an internship?

Performance evaluation is a requisite to ending your internship at Infosys. At the end of an internship, your supervisor will evaluate you. In addition, you might have to write a report about your internship. Infosys will electronically file your performance evaluation and report in their record.

They will also send a signed document to your institution indicating your internship’s termination and performance. Sometimes, this process can happen upon request by the school.


Infosys Internship allows students to complete world-renowned training and work on a project in their academic curriculum. During the internship, students work on various projects and earn a stipend. If, after reading the article, you are eligible to apply, click on the Infosys Internship website to begin your application.